Colorado ‘reproductive freedom’ bill would eliminate and prevent all abortion restrictions: critics

Think Progress says the bill “strengthen[s] the precedent that was established under Roe vs. Wade.”


Repeat abortions climb with increased contraceptive use: UK government stats

Contraception "doesn't reduce abortion, but promotes attitudes and sexual behaviour which increase the likelihood of children being conceived in unstable situations," says a pro-life leader.

Italian court throws out ban on sperm and ova donors for IVF

Italy's health minister says the ruling has "gutted" the nation's law on artificial procreation, which was one of the strongest in the world in protecting embryos from sale or experimentation.

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It’s time to protect religious liberty in the marriage debate

The redefinition of marriage and state policies on sexual orientation have created a climate of intolerance and intimidation for citizens who believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and that sexual relations are properly reserved for marriage.

Abortifacients, emergency contraception, and terminating pregnancy

Major medical organizations . . . as well as U.S. government policy, consider a pregnancy to have begun only when the entire process of conception is complete, which is to say after the fertilized egg has implanted in the lining of the uterus.

Better to be a criminal in China than a pregnant mother

Those who violate the one-child policy are more harshly punished than those who violate other laws.

Stop crying over Mozilla and start fighting back!

When you see a movement as unprincipled and ruthless as the gay lobby is, you must be clear that you have an enemy. The gay lobby is not your friend. Any friendliness from them is likely manipulation and subterfuge.

The logic of abortion and infanticide played out in Utah

As I read about a Utah woman charged with murdering six newborns, I couldn’t help but consider this woman’s actions in the light of abortion proponents' own statements on infanticide.

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