MADISON, MS, November 25, 2013 ( – Authorities say an abortionist with a history of tax evasion, botched abortions, and unusual disposal of aborted babies has died.

Police found the body of Dr. Joseph Booker Jr., 69, at his home Thursday night after relatives complained they could not reach him. Investigators said Booker suffered a stroke and drowned in his shower in his Madison, Mississippi, home.

Tanya Britten of Pro-Life Mississippi said, “From a Christian perspective, I pray that he repented on the lives that he has taken, and that God is merciful,”

In 1999, Booker served time in prison for tax evasion. Later in the year, police learned that a local resident discovered 36 bags of aborted babies in a storage unit he purchased from Booker in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The new owner said Booker stowed the babies there shortly before going to prison.

For years, Booker performed abortions at Jackson Women's Health Organization (JWHO), the last abortion facility in the state.

In 2003, he botched an abortion that left Daschica Thomas in a coma, after she had to receive blood transfusions and contracted a blood infection.

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She and her husband filed suit against Booker in 2005, claiming he abruptly stopped in the middle of an abortion and did not administer antibiotics. Thomas, who is diabetic, ultimately won a $600,000 settlement against Booker.

In 2010, Booker filed a wrongful termination suit against JWHO and another facility owned by Diane Derzis. Neither case went anywhere.