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Follow these easy steps and up to 8.5% of your purchase will go to LifeSiteNews

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    Step 1

    Click here to be taken to Amazon through the LifeSiteNews portal. (This link helps Amazon track the referral and credit LSN for your purchases.)

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    Step 2

    Shop as usual on Once you complete your purchase, Amazon will credit LifeSiteNews up to 8.5% of your total.

  • The result

    At the end of the month, Amazon sends LifeSiteNews a check for up to 8.5% of our readers' total purchases.

    Thanks to our readers, thousdands of dollars have already gone to support LSN's mission!

Want to make it even easier to shop through the LSN portal?

Add LSN's Amazon link to your browser and you won't even have to come back to this page – the bookmark will take you directly to Amazon and credit for all of your purchases goes to LSN.