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Volunteer for LifeSiteNews at the Marches for Life!


by Caitlin Bowers Mon Jan 10 13:56 EST Comments (0)

Are you planning on attending the March for Life in Washington, DC, or any of the regional marches for life around the country? Interested in helping pro-life and pro-family ministry?

LifeSiteNews is in need of volunteers to help sign up new…

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Pole dancing: the new fitness craze


by Caitlin Bowers Fri Jan 07 12:43 EST Comments (3)

Flirty Girl Fitness is promoting pole dancing as a "sexy" way to get in shape.

There are thousands of ways to diet and exercise, and every year it seems as though another fitness fad dominates the market and becomes the latest obsession. Step aerobics, Tae Bo, yoga, pilates, the list goes on and on.

When it comes to…

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To all expectant mothers


by Caitlin Bowers Fri Dec 24 11:30 EST Comments (1)

Caitlin Bowers, development manager,

December 24, 2010 ( - Five of my close friends are eagerly anticipating the arrival of new little ones – in January. Yes, all five of these ladies are due at the end of next month. I also have several other friends, more than I…

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15 days left!


by Caitlin Bowers Thu Dec 16 07:59 EST Comments (0)

“I only wish I could give more.”

It really humbles us when we are often reminded by such comments of the depth of the sacrifices that many of our readers make to support LifeSiteNews. These comments, some of which are listed below, have resonated…

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Planned Parenthood’s Christmas perversion


by Caitlin Bowers Mon Dec 06 13:16 EST Comments (0)

Planned Parenthood has a most perverse way of celebrating the Birth of Christ.

For the past several years, the largest abortion provider in the world has been offering gift certificates for Christmas. According to a PP press release, the gift…

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