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Facebook bans SNL star Victoria Jackson for posting graphic abortion photo


by Jill Stanek Mon Jan 07 14:00 EST Comments (114)

A few facts…

1. The Left heralds abortion as a constitutional right.

2. Facebook allows only people age 13 and over to create personal pages. In other words, every female on Facebook has the legal right to abort.

3. Facebook allows a…

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Scientists discover aborted baby cells living in mothers' brains


by Jill Stanek Thu Jan 03 11:01 EST Comments (47)

January 3, 2013, (JillStanek.com) - Scientific American termed the research findings another way: “Scientists discover children’s cells living in mothers’ brains.”

But I wanted to drive home a touching point: Mothers who terminate their…

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Don’t water down the March for Life


by Jill Stanek Wed Jan 02 12:29 EST Comments (34)

I spotted the above graphic on the Holy Angels Youth Group website (out of Chagrin Falls, Ohio).

Although the graphic was certainly well-intended, it bothered me.

The annual March for Life is scheduled on or near January 22, the anniversary of the…

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Pro-life summit: What next?


by Jill Stanek Fri Dec 07 10:34 EST Comments (1)

As I wrote yesterday, since the election I’ve been pondering where we are as a nation and a world.

I vacillate between thinking 1) the end of the civilization known as the United States of America is near, 2) the apocalypse is near, and 3) I’m…

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Pro-life summit: Where are we?


by Jill Stanek Thu Dec 06 08:16 EST Comments (2)

As I indicated yesterday, I attended a summit meeting of pro-life activists and apologists in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and Tuesday, spearheaded by Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

The summit was to assess where the movement is in light of the…

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Ignoring 12 U.S. abortion deaths to push ‘safe and legal’ abortions in Ireland


by Jill Stanek Wed Nov 28 13:07 EST Comments (12)

November 28, 2012 (JillStanek.com) - I reported yesterday on the Centers for Disease Control’s newly released Abortion Surveillance – United States, 2009, which reported the lowest rate and ratio of abortion in the U.S. since 1974.

There was…

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Planned Parenthood’s Black Friday special


by Jill Stanek Fri Nov 23 10:46 EST Comments (12)

You may think I’m setting you up for a spoof, but no.

Planned Parenthood brings new meaning to the term, “Black Friday,” doesn’t it?

[HT: reader Anne]

Reprinted with permission from JillStanek.com

What pro-life gains are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


by Jill Stanek Thu Nov 22 10:54 EST Comments (3)

Happy Thanksgiving!

In total, Rich and I will celebrate the holiday three times by Saturday!

Last weekend we combined business with pleasure, flying to Dallas to tape an episode of Life Dynamics’ Life Talk (more on that later) and then…

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Abortion support rising? If so, thank the GOP for aiding and abetting


by Jill Stanek Fri Nov 16 14:26 EST Comments (32)

Rasmussen released a new poll on November 14 indicating that 54% of likely voters now consider themselves pro-choice, while only 38% say they are pro-life.
In the aftermath of the election I told friends to expect a bump in abortion support.


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GOP: Competing for the pro-choice 41 percent?


by Jill Stanek Mon Nov 12 13:35 EST Comments (4)

Following the results of last week’s election, here comes the inevitable renewed call to oust pro-life principles from the Republican Party platform.

I almost want to tell the GOP to go ahead. Are pundits really that stupid? Never mind the 2012…

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New reality show to feature post-abortive mothers


by Jill Stanek Fri Nov 09 18:39 EST Comments (6)

I’ve previewed the first episode, and this show is a going to be ground-breaking. A description:

Surrender the Secret is a new reality television series that will premiere on Knock TV beginning January 22, 2013, on the 40th anniversary of Roe v.…

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First Supreme Court decision of new session a victory for pro-life activists


by Jill Stanek Thu Nov 08 12:20 EST Comments (8)

Well, hey now, there’s still a bit of justice in the land.

In 2005 pro-life activist Steven Lefemine, pictured right, sued the police department of Greenwood County, South Carolina, for stopping he and his band of 20 pro-life activists with…

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What the unthinkable means


by Jill Stanek Wed Nov 07 11:11 EST Comments (12)

I wished to myself when I woke up this morning that we had a prophet like Isaiah to help us understand what is happening.

Then, of course, I realized we do have Isaiah. And we have history. We have the cycle of the Israelites to teach us, and the…

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Viral video: Unscripted Romney passionately advocates pro-life position


by Jill Stanek Tue Nov 06 09:00 EST Comments (0)

A rereleased video from 2007 that shows a clearly incensed Mitt Romney giving Iowa Newsradio WHO talk show host Jan Mickelsons an off-air piece of his mind has “become a viral sensation,” garnering over 1.8 million hits in just five days.

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Pro-life heckler ‘totally throws Obama’s game’ at Sunday campaign stop


by Jill Stanek Mon Nov 05 13:02 EST Comments (55)

News reports are noting only one item of interest from President Obama’s campaign stop in Cincinnati yesterday, one of the “precious few” he has left before tomorrow, Election Day.

And that is a pro-life heckler who “totally hijacked” the…

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