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Can Nelson Mandela have an otherwise great legacy despite being pro-abortion?


by Jill Stanek Mon Dec 09 14:27 EST Comments (27)

Even the Pope and Cardinal Dolan have been lauding South African leader Nelson Mandela following his death earlier this week of natural causes at age 95.

But I can’t.

Nelson Mandela has the blood of preborn children on his hands… lots…

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ACLU sues U.S. bishops over anti-abortion policies at Catholic hospitals


by Jill Stanek Tue Dec 03 10:44 EST Comments (2)

The other side is becoming increasingly hostile, attacking the religious freedoms of pro-life Christians with greater boldness. From The New York Times, December 2:

The American Civil Liberties Union announced on Monday that it had filed a…

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Planned Parenthood Obamacare “navigator” fined for campaign finance violation


by Jill Stanek Thu Nov 21 12:25 EST Comments (3)

From the Burlington Free Press, November 19:

The Vermont Office of the Attorney General has settled another campaign finance complaint from the 2010 election.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has agreed to pay a $30,000…

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ABQ 20-week abortion ban proponents: We’ll be back


by Jill Stanek Wed Nov 20 12:02 EST Comments (2)

I was frankly shocked to see Albuquerque’s 20-week abortion ban initiative go down. In early September the ban got overwhelming public support, according to an Albuquerque Journal poll, shown to the right.

But the initiative did go down,…

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Undercover: Late-term abortion clinic completes abortions at Albuquerque’s Plaza Inn


by Jill Stanek Mon Nov 18 12:54 EST Comments (2)

How would you like to stay at a hotel where in the room next door an aborting mother was delivering her dead baby into the toilet, and where the abortionist came to complete the abortion and wrap and remove the dead baby?

Worse, how would…

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Employee accuses Planned Parenthood of committing bait-and-switch abortions


by Jill Stanek Thu Nov 14 19:54 EST Comments (0)

For several days I’ve been relaying nefarious inside information from current and former employees about the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate in Pennsylvania  (i.e., unsanitary conditionsslave wages and exorbitant healthcare premiums, and …

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Planned Parenthood charges $20 to watch mandatory ‘informed consent’ video before abortions


by Jill Stanek Wed Nov 13 11:39 EST Comments (4)

Planned Parenthood Keystone is the gift that just keeps giving, although I’m sure any closely scrutinized Planned Parenthood would render equally appalling information.

PP Keystone is an affiliate that covers “37 counties in Pennsylvania,…

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Employees reveal Planned Parenthood’s slave wages and astronomical insurance premiums


by Jill Stanek Tue Nov 12 10:53 EST Comments (3)

Last week I wrote about unsanitary conditions at a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood clinic that is part of the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate.

Other PP Keystone employees have started adding their comments to that post, and they jibe…

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New campaign warns abortion clinic workers: ‘Don’t let your job put you in prison’


by Jill Stanek Fri Nov 08 15:43 EST Comments (1)


DERTL PP Billboard Wilmington 2

Delaware Right to Life has erected six billboards this autumn, one directly across the street from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood (in photo above).

The billboards give a simple but sobering message to abortion clinic…

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Filthy PA Planned Parenthood let patients and their kids breathe feces for 48 hours


by Jill Stanek Wed Nov 06 19:37 EST Comments (1)


“Why do Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers get all the money while non-abortion centers fall apart?”

Lola* knew the answer to her question but was using it to educate me about the StroudsburgPennsylvania, Planned Parenthood clinic that…

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Libs try to get Duggar show canceled after holocaust/abortion comparison


by Jill Stanek Tue Nov 05 16:33 EST Comments (19)

Warning: graphic abortion and holocaust image at the bottom of this article. 

When I went to RH Reality Check yesterday to read an article, I was greeted by this (click to enlarge)…


Sure enough, liberals are up in arms about a comment Jim…

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Noise intensifies as early voting on Albuquerque 20-wk abortion ban begins


by Jill Stanek Mon Nov 04 19:39 EST Comments (0)

Early voting on the first local ban in the country on abortions past 20 weeks began in AlbuquerqueNew Mexico, on October 30. It will run until November 15, with Election Day on November 19.

Albuquerque is currently a late-term abortion magnet,…

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Tweetfest demanding Sebelius #BeTransparent on abortion funding in Obamacare today


by Jill Stanek Wed Oct 30 13:08 EST Comments (0)

Today pro-lifers will take to Twitter to pressure Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to #BeTransparent about abortion coverage in Obamacare.

Sign up here, where you’ll also find sample tweets as well as twitter handles of…

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Gloria Steinem ignores biggest reason for missing girls


by Jill Stanek Mon Oct 07 09:29 EST Comments (6)

Gloria Steinem

During her speech at a Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma fundraiser on September 21, liberal feminist icon Gloria Steinem broached an uncomfortable topic for abortion proponents: the pandemic of missing girls.

In 2011, that number was…

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Planned Parenthood abortionist not happy pro-lifers protesting at his private practice


by Jill Stanek Fri Oct 04 14:04 EST Comments (7)

Abortionist Emil Felski kills babies at the Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando clinic.

But Felski also has his own private ob/gyn practice in Casselberry, Florida, where he also covertly commits abortions.

Pro-life activists often…

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