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Over the past week I shared my abortion story in four time zones…and then the guilt hit


by Kelly Clinger Tue Jan 29 10:35 EST Comments (13)

The March for Life and Walk for Life for 2013 have ended, and last night we returned home to“normal life” for a while.

I have talked about Goodness and Mercy in four times zones in the past 7 days. I have heard so many “me too” stories from…

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A picture is worth a million pageviews: the photo that went viral beyond my wildest imagination


by Kelly Clinger Thu Aug 16 08:51 EST Comments (34)

This woman was 20 weeks pregnant with twins, but last week got an abortion. My blog about her abortion has gone viral beyond my wildest imagination.
This baby was saved from abortion at Orlando Women’s Center. Because his Mom chose LIFE, she was kicked out of the house. A church in Orlando “adopted” them and are caring for Mom and baby. THAT is being the CHURCH

August 16, 2012 ( - I learned this week that a picture is worth a thousand words…and millions of views on the internet.

My head is still spinning from the response to my blog about late term abortions in America. When I wrote it…

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Twenty weeks pregnant with twins, but last week she had an abortion


by Kelly Clinger Mon Aug 13 12:23 EST Comments (548)

August 13, 2012 ( - Wednesday is late term abortion day at Orlando Women’s Center (the clinic where I had my abortions 12 years ago). When I first started visiting the sidewalks of abortion clinics to pray and minister, I had no…

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It was just an ordinary Monday…and then all of a sudden we were adopting a baby


by Kelly Clinger Sat Mar 10 07:46 EST Comments (15)

Matt and Kelly Clinger

Note: Kelly Clinger, a performer and former backup singer for the pop star Britney Spears, had two abortions when she was in her early twenties. She blogs about her pro-life activities here.

March 9, 2012 ( - It was just a normal…

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Planned Parenthood compares an ultrasound to rape…and as a rape victim I’m ANGRY


by Kelly Clinger Thu Feb 23 13:18 EST Comments (48)

Planned Parenthood has now said that the new proposed Virginia Ultrasound Law is akin to rape.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

I am so upset by this. I just want to cry.

A medical procedure that is done by a nurse in a clinic is the same thing as what that…

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