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Top homosexualist group leads mandatory ‘hate-crime’ training for Windsor Police


by Rebecca Millette Thu Jan 20 15:47 EST Comments (4)

WINDSOR, Ontario, January 20, 2011 ( – The Windsor Police Service (WPS) announced last week an extensive training initiative in conjunction with EGALE to provide knowledge of “hate-crimes” against homosexuals to all staff…

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Tags: canada, egale, gay, windsor

China Aid Director: U.S., Western countries ‘accomplices’ in China’s brutal One Child Policy


by Rebecca Millette Thu Jan 20 13:36 EST Comments (2)

Bob Fu

CHINA, January 20, 2011 ( – By funneling tens of millions of dollars to organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which support China’s brutal One Child Policy, the United States and other Western…

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Tags: abortion, bob fu, china, one child policy

Prime Minister Harper: No abortion law even if Conservatives win majority


by Rebecca Millette Wed Jan 19 14:28 EST Comments (18)

CBC's Peter Mansbridge interviewing PM Harper

OTTAWA, January 19, 2011 ( – In an interview to mark his five-years as Prime Minister of a minority government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper once again dismissed the subject of abortion, saying he would refuse to address the…

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Pro-abort prof. says ban on pro-life signs at St. Mary’s U. was wrong


by Rebecca Millette Tue Jan 18 17:19 EST Comments (8)

Professor Mark Mercer

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, January 18, 2011 ( – Saint Mary’s University philosophy professor Mark Mercer said the Students’ Association was wrong to order the removal of the pro-life club’s “Women Do Regret Abortion” sign…

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Tags: abortion, canada

Pro-life organization sends 120 buses to National March for Life


by Rebecca Millette Mon Jan 17 15:50 EST Comments (0)

Mary Lou Gartner (Centre) with her husband and a friend in front of pro-life display kept up all of January

PITTSBURGH, PA, January 17, 2011 ( - A pro-life organization called “People Concerned for the Unborn Child” (PCUC) based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania organizes the largest coordinated contingent to the March for Life in…

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Tags: abortion, pcuc, pro-life, washington march for life

Planned Parenthood backs down on lawsuit against pro-life group


by Rebecca Millette Thu Jan 13 17:36 EST Comments (0)

DES MOINES, IA, January 13, 2011 ( – Planned Parenthood has withdrawn a lawsuit against an employee of the pro-life group Operation Rescue (OR), Cheryl Sullenger, for requesting public records about PP employees, OR announced…

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Tags: abortion, operation rescue, planned parenthood

EU diary includes Muslim, Hindu, Jewish festivities, but no Christmas or Easter


by Rebecca Millette Thu Jan 13 15:18 EST Comments (1)

FRANCE, January 13, 2011 ( – The European Commission has been attacked this week for its production of over three million copies of a diary, called Agenda Europa, which neglects to mention Christmas or any other Christian holiday.…

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Tags: benedict xvi, christmas, eu, religion

Quebec pro-life group announces ‘Christian March’ to promote culture of life


by Rebecca Millette Thu Jan 13 14:24 EST Comments (0)

QUEBEC, January 13, 2011 ( – Campaign Life Quebec (Campagne Québec-Vie) announced Monday that they are organizing a “Christian March” (“La Marche chrétienne”) in June to assemble Christians of different religious…

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Tags: abortion, christian, culture of life, quebec

‘Fire me’ challenges pro-family Saskatchewan marriage commissioner in wake of ruling


by Rebecca Millette Wed Jan 12 16:29 EST Comments (0)

REGINA, Saskatchewan, January 12, 2011 ( – A Saskatchewan marriage commissioner says the government will have to fire him if it expects him to perform same-sex “marriages.”

Larry Bjerland, marriage commissioner of the…

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Tags: canada, freedom, gay, marriage

Australia Premier berates cardinal for comments on Christian politicians


by Rebecca Millette Mon Jan 10 17:31 EST Comments (1)

New South Wales Kristina Keneally

SYDNEY, January 10, 2011 ( – New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally has strongly berated Cardinal George Pell, saying she is greatly “saddened” by his recent comments criticizing Christian politicians who disregard Church…

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