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When your arguments just can’t hack it


by Secular Pro-Life Fri Nov 01 10:43 EST Comments (1)

What do you do when your arguments just can't hack it? You hack the opposition's website.

Last week, all Students for Life of America websites were hacked, causing a denial of service. Earlier this week, our intern attempted to access critical…

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Pro-abortion leader caught soliciting 12-year-old for sex


by Secular Pro-Life Thu Jan 10 11:51 EST Comments (32)

Scott Richard Swirling

Scott Richard Swirling, a former executive director of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), has been arrested for attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a twelve-year-old girl.

According to the Washington…

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Being given the choice of life or death changes you: my unplanned pregnancy


by Secular Pro-Life Wed Jun 13 13:26 EST Comments (10)

[Guest blogger EN shares her story about her unplanned pregnancy.]

It is hard to imagine a journey as beautiful as the one I’m going to tell you beginning in a stall in the ladies room at Target, but that is where I found out I was pregnant with my…

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Sex-selective abortion? Gulp and get over it


by Secular Pro-Life Thu Jun 07 12:53 EST Comments (7)

I completely agree with pro-choice writer Allison Benedikt.

In her article, “Why Pro-Choicers Should Be OK With Sex-Selection Abortions,” she points out that pro-choicers feeling squeamish about a particular reason for having an abortion makes no…

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