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Ontario Family Coalition Party Announces Candidate Will Run Against John Tory


by Steve Jalsevac Fri Mar 04 12:15 EST Comments (0)

TORONTO, March 4, 2005 ( – The Family Coalition Party of Ontario announced Thursday the candidacy of Paul Micelli for the seat left vacant by the resignation of former Premier Ernie Eves in Dufferin - Peel - Wellington - Grey.…

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by Steve Jalsevac Tue Mar 01 12:15 EST Comments (0)

* A typo in the article, “Harper Backing Resolution That Conservative Policy Will Take No Stand on Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage or Other Social Conservative Issues”, indicated the Conservative caucus meeting at which this was said was on May 14.…

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Stop crying over Mozilla and start fighting back!


by Robert Oscar Lopez Tue Apr 15 10:43 EST Comments (9)

Milan conference at which author spoke

April 15, 2014 ( -- While the horror show involving Brendan Eich, Proposition 8, and Mozilla was reaching its ignominious crescendo, I was in Milan, Italy, speaking before an energized crowd of activists in the Lombardy…

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Tags: homosexuality

Dramatic LifeSiteNews reader comments: Inspiring recovered lesbian; Chilling Terri Shiavo account


by Steve Jalsevac Mon Apr 07 17:36 EST Comments (6)

LifeSiteNews readers often post dramatically informative comments under our various reports. Some of them are exceptionally personal, as the lengthy, inspiring one from a recovered lesbian, for the purpose of helping others passing through similar…

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Tags: homosexuality, terry schiavo

Gratitude and explanation


by Steve Jalsevac Fri Mar 28 13:16 EST Comments (0)

Dear LifeSiteNews readers,
I wanted to write a personal letter explaining some critical developments that are happening right now at If there is one letter that I hope you will read carefully from start to finish, this…

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Last Call! Can you donate just $5?


by Steve Jalsevac Tue Mar 25 22:56 EST Comments (1)

Today is the LAST DAY of our spring fundraising campaign. And after 7 short days, we still have $60,000 left to raise to meet our campaign goal of $150,000!

Make no mistake, reaching that goal is going to be a challenge. But we simply must reach…

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From Romania about LifeSiteNews: ‘They don’t just give us knowledge, but a lot of courage’


by Ştefana Totorcea Tue Mar 25 16:30 EST Comments (0)

2014 Romanian March for Life promotion

ROMANIA, March 25, 2014 ( – I’m a 38-year old journalist from across the ocean. More precisely, from Romania, an Eastern-European country with 20 million inhabitants. A country where abortion has been legal since 1958. My…

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Tags: abortion, romania

Urgent: Only 2 Days Left!


by Steve Jalsevac Sun Mar 23 22:03 EST Comments (1)

What an exciting few days it has been since launching our Spring Campaign!

It began with the release of one of the most amazing videos we have ever had the privilege to produce, and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  

The video has…

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The sad truth…


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Mar 20 23:33 EST Comments (0)

We rely on your support to stay afloat!


Tens of millions of people around the world come to LifeSiteNews every year in search of the truth.

They come to us because they no longer trust what is being reported in the mainstream media…

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Her engagement to Steven Tyler ended in a horrific late-term abortion. This is her story.


by Steve Jalsevac Tue Mar 18 23:27 EST Comments (1)

(Note: This powerful 4-minute video, which we can finally unveil for you as we launch our spring fundraising campaign, gives a brief sketch of Julia's story. To read her full testimony, which has many details that couldn't be included in the…

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In 2011, I attended Toronto Pride, but I couldn’t stomach showing you what I saw, until now


by Steve Jalsevac Mon Mar 17 10:40 EST Comments (130)

WARNING: Some of the descriptions and photos included in this story, though censored, are nevertheless graphic. Viewer discretion strongly advised.

TORONTO, March 17, 2014 ( – In 2011, I attended the Toronto Gay Pride Parade…

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Tags: gay pride, homosexuality, rob ford, sexual abuse

We’ve never done this…


by Steve Jalsevac Sat Mar 15 07:05 EST Comments (0)

Dear friend,

I am very excited to show you the new video we’ve been working on for the past two months.

We know it has the power to change thousands of hearts and minds on the issue of abortion!

The video tells a moving TRUE story…
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Are Muslims our natural allies?


by William Kilpatrick Mon Mar 03 14:34 EST Comments (131)

Photo of a Bombed Iraqi Christian church from 2013.

March 2, 2014 ( – Conservative Catholics have been faring badly in the fight against militant secularism, so it’s understandable that they would be looking for allies to stand alongside them in the culture wars.

Some Catholic…

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Tags: islam, islamism, persecution of christians, sharia

What’s behind the UN attack on the Church?


by Anne Hendershott Tue Feb 18 00:41 EST Comments (1)

February 18, 2014 ( - As faithful Catholics continue to contend with the January 31 incendiary United Nations report attacking the Church for her teachings on contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, it may be time to look…

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Tags: population control, un holy see delegation, unfpa, united nations

‘Progressivism’: the greatest source of death and terror in the twentieth century


by George Neumayr Sun Feb 16 20:00 EST Comments (12)

George Orwell
Margaret Sanger
Hilary Clinton
Very prominent "progressive " Catholic theologian Hans Kung

Editor's Note: The terms "progressive" and "progressivism" are being widely used in the secular and religious worlds. Most people hearing these words have no idea of their manipulative context and what many who use them actually intend them to…

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Tags: eugenics, hitler, pregressivism, progressive

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