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LAST CALL for Gala registration!


by Steve Jalsevac Tue Apr 24 20:50 EST Comments (0)

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LifeSiteNews online art auction ends Thursday! Will continue at gala


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Apr 19 20:21 EST Comments (0)

Friends of life and family, is proud to announce the start of the online portion of our 2012 Gala celebration silent art auction. We have been blessed with art donations from 3 strongly pro-life individuals who are exceptionally…

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Andrea Nutt Falce painting, Light Through the Trees


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Apr 19 16:01 EST Comments (0)

Please note that this Internet image does not exactly show the colors and details of Light Through the Trees

Wingate Peonies and Lilies painting for LifeSiteNews Gala


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Apr 19 14:50 EST Comments (0)

This Internet image does not show the precise colors and detail of this 8" X 10" painting

Henry Wingate: examples of portrait work


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Apr 19 14:10 EST Comments (0)

Julia Holcomb Fetal Sacred Heart painting large image


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Apr 19 13:01 EST Comments (2)

The colors in this web image do not exactly match the actual 24" X 20" oil on linen painting.

The other side of Wildrose: Many good folks involved in the party


by Steve Jalsevac Fri Apr 13 12:45 EST Comments (8)

April 13, 2012 ( – My original, too rapidly dashed off opinion piece responding to Wildrose leader Danielle Smith’s statement, that “a Wildrose government will not be legislating in areas of morality”, was certainly not one of…

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Tags: abortion, same-sex "marriage", wildrose

Wildrose Party: same old liberals in “conservative” costume?


by Steve Jalsevac Wed Apr 11 12:11 EST Comments (10)

So Wildrose leader Danielle Smith has no intention of legislating morality. Right. And the earth is flat and cows fly.

Let’s go through a list:

1. All governments in fact constantly legislate morality. What Smith really means is that she will not…

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Tags: abortion, democracy, freedom, homosexuality

The end of women: The subversive legacy of the sexual revolution


by Carolyn Moynihan Tue Apr 10 16:46 EST Comments (13)

Adrienne Rich
Hanna Rosin

April 10, 2012 ( - The death of the American feminist poet Adrienne Rich (pictured) this week has brought many accolades on account of her literary gifts and contribution to the feminist movement over the past 50 years. In her…

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Tags: feminism, sexual revolution

Julia Holcomb painting large image


by Steve Jalsevac Wed Apr 04 22:54 EST Comments (1)

Actual size is 24 X 30 in. Colors of this Internet image do not exactly reflect actual colors of the painting.

Cardinal Dolan Wall Street Journal interview is very big news


by Steve Jalsevac Tue Apr 03 19:45 EST Comments (11)

Yesterday’s report on Cardinal Dolan’s interview with the Wall Street Journal is historic and well worth cheering about. If you understand the culture wars, this is very big news.

There are many pro-life, pro-family leaders who have been suffering…

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Video: Ontario Bill 13 rally outrage


by Steve Jalsevac Mon Apr 02 20:47 EST Comments (10)

TORONTO, April 2, 2012 ( - Last Thursday’s high-charged rally against the Ontario government’s Bill 13, imposing the province’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIE) on all public and private schools, revealed many parents…

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Tags: bill 13, education, homosexuality, religious freedom

Terri’s death


by Steve Jalsevac Fri Mar 30 20:03 EST Comments (1)

Today Fr. Frank Pavone remembers Terri Schiavo’s death on March 30, 2005. I remember it very well. It is agonizing to recall and impossible to forget. It was possibly the darkest time of my over 30 years involvement in pro-life issues.

The entire…

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Spirited, diverse crowd at Ontario Legislature demands Bill 13 defeat


by Steve Jalsevac Fri Mar 30 18:25 EST Comments (26)

Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls
Rev. Dominic Tse of the Chinese Community Church
Jack Fonseca addresses rally

* See follow up report with video highlights.

TORONTO, March 30, 2012 ( – A crowd of an estimated 2000 or so concerned parents from a wide range of ethnic and faith communities demonstrated outside Ontario’s legislature Thursday…

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Tags: education, gay agenda, homosexuality, premier mcguinty

Current happenings


by Steve Jalsevac Thu Mar 29 19:16 EST Comments (0)

We have been experiencing problems with the Disqus reader comments service. Comments for one story have been showing up under one or even several other stories, preventing comments under the stories affected. We are trying to have Disqus resolve the…

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