Peter Baklinski

Amazing video by Yale scientist visualizes fetal development from conception to birth

Peter Baklinski

Alexander Tsiaras, Chief of Scientific Visualization in the department of Medicine at Yale University, employs new kinds of visualization technologies to view the human body.

What he has discovered, he says, “just made you marvel.”

Using micro-magnetic resonance imaging, Tsiaras tracked the development of the baby from conception to birth. (See video here.)

Tsiaras claims that the developing human body is “so perfectly organized a structure that it was hard not to attribute divinity to it.”

“When you actually start working on this data, its pretty spectacular,”  he said at a conference affiliated with TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

In the video viewers see the moment when the egg is inseminated. The baby’s first cellular division takes place within 24 hours and divides anew every 12 to 15 hours.

At four weeks, the baby’s cells are now developing at one million cells per second.

After 25 days, one can see the heart chamber developing. Within 32 days, arms and legs. At 52 days, the baby’s retina, nose, and fingers have developed.

Tsiaras calls the entire process — beginning with two simple cells and resulting in what he says is the “magic of you and me” — an “unbelievable machinery.” 

“The magic of the mechanisms inside each genetic structure saying exactly where that nerve cell should go — the complexities of these — the mathematical models on how these things are indeed done are beyond human comprehension, even though I am a mathematician.”

“It’s a mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity,” says Tsiaras, adding that the complexity of building the human organism within a single system is “beyond any existing mathematics today.”

My take on this: Truth discovered through science will never contradict revealed truth.

The ancient writer of the Psalms and Tsiaras would have much in common if they could get together for a chat. I bet the ancient writer would begin with his lines from Psalm 139 “You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Tsiaras would respond that human development is “beyond our comprehension, the magic — that is existence — that is us.”

Both would be spellbound and captivated by the wonder of the human body. Both would agree that there is more to the human being than what first meets the eye. Each would learn much from the other.


‘Kid President’ gets it right in letter to new-born baby (VIDEO)

Peter Baklinski
Peter Baklinski

If every person had the attitude of this kid towards new life, then believe me there would never be another abortion. Ever. Again.

“And you, you’re awesome. You’re made that way!”

“You’re made from love, to be loved, to spread love!”

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This kid has it spot on. Well done.


Unborn had ‘right to live’ and ‘strict’ protections in ancient Persia: journal

Peter Baklinski
Peter Baklinski

Abortion advocates turning to history in an attempt to find justifications for the killing of children in the womb will have to skip over the entire history of ancient Persia it appears.

According to a study released last year by the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Iran, Ancient Persians saw abortion as murder, as “cutting off the roots of life and the most important blessing of God.”

“Therefore, in their view, abortion equalled murder, and both doctors and priests condemned it,” the study, titled An investigation into the ancient abortion laws: comparing ancient Persia with ancient Greece and Rome, found.

So much did the Persians value the “foetus as a living person equal to others” that they did not even have a rape or sexual abuse exception. Abortion in every case was “considered to be a murder” and due punishments were “meted out to the mother, father, and the person performing it.”

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The authors conclude: “In ancient Persia, even the foetus had the right to live, and governments designed strict laws to protect it.”

“Severe and equal punishment for all persons involved in abortion and the measures as well as supporting laws to protect the wellbeing of the mother and child suggest that the aim of Persian legislation was to prevent abortion…”

How awesome is that?!

See full study here.

[H/T Big Blue Wave]


Heartbreaking photo: Young girl covers her eyes as nude men walk past during Gay Pride Parade

Peter Baklinski
Peter Baklinski

Warning: Some people may find the images in this blog post disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Earlier this week, our managing editor Steve Jalsevac published a slideshow with his photos from the 2011 Toronto Gay Pride Parade. Many of the photos were shocking. But one commenter pointed out a detail in one photo that many people probably missed. 

The photo says it all: Naked men marching in Toronto’s Pride parade, showcasing what supporters cheer on as the advancement of “gay rights” and “sexual liberation.” The naked men march past men, women, and yes even children. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate “diversity.”

Oh, but what’s this? A young girl with blond hair in a turquoise teeshirt knows that something is wrong.

The girl, maybe 8 or 9, doesn’t want to see naked men displaying their genitals. She feels assaulted by what she sees. She implicitly understands that her innocence is threatened by what she sees. She knows something wrong is happening.

She does the most natural thing: She hides her face in her hand to protect herself. She doesn't want to see the genitals of naked men.

Who will save the children?


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