Ryan Bomberger

STD epidemic: MSM and CDC suffer from factophobia

Ryan Bomberger

A news report shouldn’t typically evoke laughter, especially if it’s not meant to be funny. Bloomberg news reporter, Elizabeth Lopatto’s take on the CDC’s latest, and alarming, report on escalating STDs is not meant to make anyone laugh. But the typical liberal approach to facts has gotten to be absurd. The CDC’s 2012 report (just released on January 8, 2014) indicates that syphilis, which can lead to blindness and strokes, has risen 11.1% in one year. All of these cases are among men, and mostly homosexual males who comprise 75% of all syphilis cases. Gonorrhea has increased as well since 2011 by 4.1% and disproportionately among homosexual men. Since 2009, the nation’s gonorrhea rate has increased, with a current total of 334,826 cases reported in 2012. Contracting STDs also make sexually active individuals, especially homosexual males, far more prone to HIV infection.

Here is where the “humor” comes in. Both the reporter and the CDC blame these drastic increases in STDs among homosexual men on…drum roll please…homophobia! Never mind our culture has hurtled toward a bizarre hypocritical environment that demands tolerance and the embrace of homosexuality. So as societal acceptance of homosexuality has increased, the CDC and Bloomberg insist that gay men with STD infections are less likely to seek medical treatment? No one, whether homosexual or heterosexual, likes to seek treatment for STDs. There should be a stigma…to behavior that is unhealthy. The CDC does list “individual risk behaviors” as a contributing factor in these STD disparities, but that’s thrown to the wind when you make up a word and a condition to deflect responsibility.

Even more ridiculous is the CDC’s own contradiction. Gail Bolan, the Director of the CDC’s STD Prevention Division, is quoted as saying: “Though the CDC surveyed individuals about risk factors, such as unprotected sex or a higher number of partners, there hasn’t been enough difference in behavior to explain the increase.” Yet a study from the same federal agency found a 20 percent rise in unprotected sex among gay men, including an increase in men who engaged in anal sex from 2005 to 2011. Newsflash CDC Director: That’s a significant, and risky, behavioral change.

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And where is Planned Parenthood in this mix with its half a billion in Title X funding from the American taxpayer? Is the CDC suggesting that that “investment” is failing? Why aren’t the over 800 Planned Parenthood alleged “health centers” treating these men? There’s no stigma there. They aggressively promote unhealthy sexual behaviors among every demographic, and they boast of their increased testing and STD treatments.

Testing is an elevated and celebrated part of the “cure” for STDs—at least for liberals. The CDC has spent millions promoting their GYT (Get Yourself Tested) initiative. I’m not dismissing the importance of testing and treatment. The problem is that it doesn’t solve the issue of the unhealthy choice that led to the infection in the first place. It’s as inane as running a GYW (Get Yourself Weighed) campaign while not emphasizing the crucial importance of radically changing ones eating habits. Is there “safe-binging” or “safe-purging” or “safe gluttony”. I think not.

STDs are not a laughing matter. A culture obsessed with reckless sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is experiencing the ramifications of poor choices. There are many complications to STDs, even those that are treatable. While pop culture continues to gratify itself in erasing desperately needed moral boundaries, people are suffering. Those who speak the truth are constantly demonized for caring and daring to talk openly about the statistics and the behaviors that lead to them. STDs aren’t the only diseases that need to be cured. Epidemic levels of factophobia plague our news media and federal health sources that are supposed to educate the public, not indoctrinate us.

Reprinted with permission from The Radiance Foundation


The Essence of ignorance: Popular magazine shills for big abortion

Ryan Bomberger
Ryan Bomberger

Essence Magazine has made it no secret that the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, is its ally. The black media outlet has been given the Margaret Sanger Award multiple times for promoting abortion. Back in 2010-2011, Planned Parenthood was desperate to defend its territory in urban America after we launched our TooManyAborted.com campaigns and other urban pro-life/pro-adoption efforts emerged to expose the abortion giant. Coming to Big Abortion’s rescue, Essence co-sponsored a Bloggers and Journalists Conference, held at Planned Parenthood’s own offices. They met to strategize how to combat the truth about abortion’s impact in the black community.

And the latest Essence propaganda ad, masquerading as a news article, bears that rotten fruit. Pro-abortion “journalists” know they can’t win on the statistics or actually talking about the violence that is abortion, so they retreat to empty rhetoric and distortions. In her article, What We Stand to Lose, Essence writer Maya Rhodan repeats Planned Parenthood and Guttmacher Institute false talking points like a plagiarist. She carefully avoids establishing any statistical reality. I won’t. Over 363,000 black babies are aborted every year in this country. That’s 30% of all 1.21 million abortions nationwide even though blacks comprise less than 12.9% of the U.S. population. In New York, more black babies are aborted than are born alive (1,223 aborted for every 1,000 that are born alive).  I’m certain that was never discussed in that misinformative Bloggers Conference in Planned Parenthood’s NY headquarters!

Essence and Big Abortion would love to shift the conversation from bodily equality to bodily autonomy. For a people who faced dehumanization for centuries at the bloody hands of the slave trade, how are thought-leaders in the black community so quick to reduce the humanity of another group of humans at the bloody hands of the abortion trade? Are they really content with saying “you’re less equal than I am”? It’s tragically remarkable how, through all kinds of rhetorical acrobatics, the once oppressed (of any race or people group) can quickly become the oppressors. Both men and women have become the subjective arbiters of whose life is human enough. If the argument is bodily autonomy, then who is to say that any (born) infant has the “right” to use his mother’s body? Infancy is synonymous with complete dependency. Young children are dependent, too, on their parents to provide food, shelter, protection and so much more. What about these parents’ bodily autonomy! How dare a child require what nature has put into place!

Everyone has bodily autonomy when it comes to choosing to engage in a sexual act that often naturally leads to pregnancy.  (I’m not referring, of course, to the less than 1% of pregnancies that are the result of the horrific crimes of rape and incest. I am that one percent, by the way, that is used to justify 100% of abortions.) Once a woman is pregnant she is no longer in, as the definition of autonomy conveys, “the state of existing separately from others”. She and the child co-exist. There are two bodies of equal value, and we want to protect them both.

Pro-abortion activists may try to shift the focus from the act of mutilation (of both child and mother) to acts of manipulation all they want. But they cannot alter the reality historically and presently, that the black community continues to be targeted. Black babies are aborted at rates five times higher, as in New York, than white babies. (All abortions, no matter the race, are a tragedy.) Normally disparities like this are exposed, discussed and even protested. Race is always factored into many other healthcare disparities, but somehow the one disparity—ending in death every time—is to be celebrated as “reproductive justice”.

Rhodan predictably uses a rabidly pro-abortion “survey” to bolster her assertion that “80% of black women agree that abortion should be legal.” This survey was conducted by an abortion advocacy agency, Belden Russonello Stategists, whose clientele are a Who’s Who among radical leftist organizations. BSR was paid by The Ford Foundation, the world’s largest population control entity which funneled hundreds of millions to eugenics efforts throughout the 20th century, to help SisterSong’s Trust Black Women partnership “counter claims that abortion in the black community was genocide.“ (Please see the UN’s definition of genocide to understand why Jesse Jackson, when he was prolife, was completely on target by using this phrase). The Trust Black Women partnership was created by the Atlanta-based SisterSong which came out swinging when we launched TooManyAborted.com. They tried desperately to remove our billboards across the country. They failed every time. SisterSong WOC (Women of Color) Collective was created by an initial grant from the Ford Foundation and funded numerous times by the very organization that continues to seek the reduction of certain populations via birth control, sterilizations and abortion worldwide.

Essence also claims, to justify higher abortion rates, that blacks are 55% less likely to have health insurance. That, like many other assertions in the article, is blatantly false. According to the CDC, Hispanics have the highest uninsured rate of 30.4%, blacks at 17% and whites at 9.9%. It all feeds into the lie of the favorite ‘lack of access’ mantra. Women are obviously accessing these abortion clinics. Aren’t these the same facilities that offer “reproductive health care”? Of course, the author doesn’t mention that there are 4,400 Title X (taxpayer-funded) medical clinics nationwide (around 3,700-3,800 if you exclude any Planned Parenthood abortion centers) according to the Department of Health and Human Services.  The lack of access to the truth is simply appalling. Clearly, Essence doesn’t trust black women with the facts.

Essence would rather side with the abortion industry that kills for a living. The essence of ignorance is promoting death in urban America, especially through the violence of abortion, where it is already rampant. Indeed, what we stand to lose in the black community is almost incalculable: 16 million and counting. We’ve lost mothers. We’ve lost fathers. We’ve lost millions of beautiful possibilities ripped apart by a billion dollar business birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. And black media outlets like Essence Magazine prove to the American public that they’re willing to sell their very soul to crush equality and promote a false and fatal “reproductive” freedom.

Reprinted with permission from The Radiance Foundation


NAACP and Hollywood celebs receive Big Abortion’s highest honor

Ryan Bomberger
Ryan Bomberger

Someone just received a nice shiny award from the nation’s largest abortion chain. It’s not every day that one can simultaneously celebrate racism and heap accolades on an organization (the NAACP) founded to eradicate it.

Planned Parenthood commemorates never severing from its racist and elitist past by centering a gala on the eugenist founder of the billion-dollar abortion empire—Margaret Sanger. And lest anyone think her original 1939 Negro Project slipped into oblivion, Planned Parenthood reminds us they’ve never stopped using prominent black figures to push their agenda of population control. Last night, Big Abortion had a big night honoring the NAACP, Nancy Pelosi, BET’s “Being Mary Jane”, and ABC Family’s “The Fosters”.

While the NAACP is currently enmeshed in a lawsuit with The Radiance Foundation (an organization that my wife and I founded) flat-out denying that they’ve taken a position on abortion, their organization’s actions prove how adamantly pro-abortion they are. NAACP chapter presidents are merely following the former NAACP president Benjamin Jealous’ lead. Just months before our federal court case with the NAACP in December 2013, Jealous was the keynote speaker at a $1000-a-Margaret-Sanger-Circle-Ticket political rally hosted by Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates in Atlanta, Georgia. So, it’s no surprise that the Reverend Doctor William Barber II, NAACP North Carolina President and National NAACP Board member, engaged in the same direct partnership with an organization birthed in eugenic racism. Never mind more black babies are aborted in the city where Planned Parenthood is headquartered; these so-called “civil rights” leaders show nothing but love for the baby-killing machine.

Reverend Barber, responsible for launching the radically liberal “Moral Monday” protests at the NC state capital, hosted and featured their partner Planned Parenthood of Central NC and Planned Parenthood Action Fund of NC (as if they need a “political arm”) at rallies demanding no restrictions on abortion. So last night, Barber received the “Care. No Matter What.” Award from Planned Parenthood. Scare, no matter what. That’s Barber’s tactic. Bizarrely, in one public speech (start at 3:25) he details a strange historical timeline of egregious civil rights violations suggesting that the oppressors were Republicans, never once mentioning the known source of the violence, lynching and dehumanization—the Democrat Party. Today, that same party celebrates the violence and dehumanization of abortion by protecting it at all costs and forcing every taxpayer to fund it (via Medicaid and Obamacare).

The Negro Project 2.0 is in full effect tin 2014. Barber is one of many prominent black public figures Planned Parenthood DOWN-THE-DRAIN-socialrelies on for double-speak, empty religiosity, and celebrity. Gabrielle Union, star of BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” has been a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood for years. Like most Hollywood liberals, she reads straight from the script provided, which might explain why she made the absurd claim that Planned Parenthood performed 830,000 mammograms. They would actually need a mammogram machine to do that. They don’t. Which is why PPFA hasn’t done a single one, yet they won’t stop their public spokespeople from making Mammosham (h/t LiveAction) claims. Nevertheless, “Being Mary Jane” is getting a Maggie! How exciting! Union’s character, yet another leading black actress playing a character that has an adulterous affair with a married man (Planned Parenthood black celebrity spokeswoman Kerry Washington plays same adultery game in Scandal). But marriage fidelity isn’t of any interest to the nation’s largest supporter of birth control over self-control. Margaret Sanger wanted nothing to do with marriage except the financial boondoggle that it provided (her last husband, Noah Slee, was an oil tycoon whose money enabled her eugenic Birth Control crusade). In fact Sanger called “the marriage bed the most degenerative influence in the social order” (see Sanger’s 1922 book Women And The New Race).

Have you ever noticed that Planned Parenthood never promotes marriage or adoption? Well, that’s not entirely accurate any more. They do promote one form of marriage—gay marriage. Never before has the abortion giant given a Maggie Award to a show about adoption…ever. But you throw a lesbian couple that has foster and adopted children (it’s a scripted drama, not a reality show) on a network that’s a “Different Kind of Family” (ABC Family) and there you have the first Maggie Award pretending to care about foster care and adoption.

Pretending is what Planned Parenthood does best. They have powerful allies in the civil rights movement, in public education, in mainstream media and in Hollywood–the land of make-believe. However the reality is that the Maggie Awards remind us how little we learn from human history. When people accept being showered with praise by an organization that kills for a living, they lose a little bit of their own humanity, one mutilated child at a time.

Reprinted with permission from TheRadianceFoundation.org.


The abortion industry: it pays to be a big fat zero

Ryan Bomberger
Ryan Bomberger

What do you get when you fail to meet stated annual goals, reduce unhealthy outcomes, yet increase the number of deaths of human beings? Rewarded. Yes, Planned Parenthood gets rewarded with taxpayer-funded welfare each year for failing. Despite their Healthy People goals set in states across the country and federally with the CDC (e.g. Healthy People 2010, Healthy People 2020) and grossly missing the mark every single time, they get rewarded. They don’t have to show progress or success in addressing any so-called “healthcare disparity”. They’re accountable to no one and to nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Sometimes it pays to be a big fat zero.

This has been by design. With society’s animosity toward corporations that unfairly bilk the American taxpayer, this hugely profitable nonprofit bilker gets a pass from so-called “progressives” because Planned Parenthood’s mission is sacred to those who embrace eugenic population control and the pretense of women’s rights.

Democrats in Congress like Richard Blumenthal, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren and many more liberal politicians want to ensure that Big Abortion (aka “women’s quality”) is protected at all costs. The Women’s Health Protection Act of 2013, a blatant misnomer, is the Democrat party’s post-Gosnell legislative effort to ensure that no common-sense prolife protection can challenge their sacrosanct “right” to abortion. Parental consent and notification laws are even labeled a threat to “safe legal abortion” in this bill. Liberals tout Planned Parenthood as a better parent to your children than you are. Therefore, you cannot be trusted with your child’s decisions about abortion or even, as we’re seeing with recent judicial rulings, birth control.

Liberals continually try to strip parents of power while giving minors and young women a false sense of empowerment. And today, with the Supreme Court’s review of the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties cases, we see the desperation of the Left to shred the First Amendment in order to push non-Constitutional “rights” of contraception, abortifacients and abortion.

Margaret Sanger, made it abundantly clear what birth control was all about. Steeped in eugenic racism, her own definition of birth control’s main aim was (according to Chapter 18 of her self-penned Women And The New Race) “nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defective.” Her misrepresented Birth Control Movement wasn’t about women’s rights; it was about ridding the world of human life that she deemed unworthy to exist.

President Nixon agreed.

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“A majority of people in Colorado voted for abortion. I think a majority of people in Michigan are for abortion. I think in both cases, well, certainly in Michigan they will vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards…as I told you—we talked about it earlier—that a hell of a lot of people want to control the Negro bastards…People who don’t control their families are people in—the people that shouldn’t have kids,” declared President Richard Nixon (White House Tape 700/10, April 3, 1972 as highlighted in Maafa21).

These are the words of a disgraced president forced to resign over what seems so trivial compared to what recent presidents have committed. Nevertheless, his bigger crime was something worse—an act praised by Big Abortion and the Abortionist-in-Chief, Cecile Richards. Nixon’s signing of the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act of 1970, otherwise known as Title X Funding, set the stage for disguising racist and elitist eugenics as “women’s rights” and “healthcare”.

Nixon joined many other “progressives” across the political spectrum who viewed the eugenic efforts of birth control and abortion as achieving, according to page 82 of Planned Parenthood’s 2008 IRS Tax Return “a U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment”.  Who decides what is “stable”? Who decides what is “optimum”? This objective is accomplished, of course, by eliminating certain parts of the population through preventing births via birth control or ending human life through the violence of abortion. And Planned Parenthood profits quite nicely in this task. They do this by syphoning half a billion in taxpayer dollars, in the form of Title X funding, each year despite the fact that this funding is not allowed to go to any activities that fund abortion, fundraising, or lobbying activities. Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest abortion lobbying organizations that exists (extensively lobbied for Obamacare, for instance, and its CEO/President campaigned full-time for Obama’s re-election) and is the nation’s largest abortion chain. I’m looking forward to the federal General Accounting Office’s report on exactly how Planned Parenthood “separates” its taxpayer funding from its main activity. It’s like separating Mickey D’s from burgers and fries…it’s who they are.

Twenty years ago, Planned Parenthood received $87,862,842 in our tax dollars, according to the General Accounting Office, to fund their population control efforts. Today, the abortion giant receives over 6 times that amount, totaling $542,400,000 annually. And yet, all of that Title X funding hasn’t reduced the national unintended pregnancy rate in 20 years. It was 49% back in 1995, according to the CDC and has only risen since then. Planned Parenthood-funded Guttmacher Institute reports that it has risen to 51%. (In 2002, the CDC and its perennial advisory partner Planned Parenthood, set the goal of intended pregnancies–for all racial/ethnic groups–in the federal Healthy People 2010 initiative to 70%. The failure was abysmal. It remained 49%. So, in the CDC’s Healthy People 2020 goals, they aimed much lower by striving for only 56% of pregnancies to be intended.)

When drilling down at the CDC’s incomplete and sporadic data, one sees a trend that is unsurprising. In urban areas where 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are strategically located, unintended pregnancy rates continue to rise while they’ve decreased among the white population. STDs have drastically increased and are exponentially higher among blacks than whites, and abortions are rampant in the black community (up to 5 times higher), killing more black babies than are born alive in New York City, home of Planned Parenthood.

It pays to be a big fat zero. We just can’t forget that while Planned Parenthood is reaping the monetary benefits of their government boondoggle, 41 years and 56 million lives later, millions have paid the devastating real cost.

Reprinted with permission from TooManyAborted.com.


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