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What do women think of women?

John Westen

This month of March, Pope Benedict XVI issued a prayer request which was intriguing – it was about women.  It was all the more intriguing for me since my eldest child – Hannah-Marie – is fast approaching her 16th birthday and has often complained about not being able to serve Mass as do her many younger brothers. The Pope’s prayer intention for March was: “That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society.”

I thought it may be of benefit to ask some of the many prayerful and inspirational Catholic women I have been blessed to know to offer a short reflection on the Pope’s prayer intention. Here is what they had to say. I pray that you may be inspired by their words. 

(The most important of those women to me – my wife Dianne – is missing form this list since she has time only to show me in her actions and love for our eight children what the contribution of women to society really is.)

Most of the women offering their reflections are well known to LifeSiteNews readers.

Gabrele Kuby, a famous Catholic author in Germany who has fought the culture war on the intellectual level, personally encouraged in her work by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict) and known for her critique of Harry Potter, gender mainstreaming and the sexual revolution

Dr. Maria Wolfs (Kraw), a Toronto endocrinologist who has spoken on the abortifacient nature of contraceptive pills

Judie Brown, President of American Life League and a Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life

Mercedes Wilson, leader of one of the world’s largest natural family planning groups, former Guatemalan representative to the United Nations and a close personal friend of the late Pope John Paul II

Joanna Najfeld, a Polish pro-life leader and journalist

Stephanie Gray, the founder and President of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and a stellar pro-life debater

Vicky Thorn, the Founder and Director of Project Rachel the organization which works toward healing women from abortion’s aftermath

Gwen Landolt, the Founder and Vice President of REAL Women Canada

Sister Mary Catherine of the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate in Ontario Canada

Christine Vollmer, head of Venezuela’s Alliance for the Family and a founding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life

Kathleen Gilbert, US Bureau Chief

Gabariele Kuby

There are two very different social situations of women in this world where our essential contribution to the development is not recognized.

1) In societies, mostly Muslim, where the God given human equality of men and women created in the image of God is not realized and women are in many ways suppressed by men and confined to roles where they can not freely contribute their talents to society.

2) In Western countries, shaped by radical feminism and gender ideology, women are increasingly confined to the masculine role of employment. Our essential and irreplaceable gift of motherhood, of giving life to children, building a stable family environment with our husbands and forming our children to become loving, responsible and capable human beings, is not valued by society and made increasingly difficult to fulfill.

Whatever our education and job, in our hearts we want to give ourselves so that life can prosper. May the prayer of the Holy Father and the Chruch be fulfilled in both situations.

Maria Wolfs

What is the contribution of women to society that we are called to recognize? Rather than focusing on the negative influences which have infected society in a misguided effort to free women from the evils of oppression and discrimination, the Holy Father is calling us to recognize the positive gifts that women bring to the world around them.

Through her generosity, a woman calls forth the gift of self from others around her, helping build up a civilization of love.  A woman’s sensitivity recognizes in the weak and vulnerable of society their inherent dignity and worth.  Nurturing those around her in spiritual, emotional and physical ways, she allows God’s life-giving love to transform society at its very core. 

Her gifts serve to compliment those of a man, establishing a partnership that allows their gifts to multiply exponentially.  Rather than diminish or dominate him, she edifies and calls forth the strength of a man, encouraging him to live fully his vocation as priest, husband, father, and protector.

Let us therefore join the Church in prayer this month, expressing our gratitude to God for the authentic gift of women in society.  May Our Lady intercede for all women, that in imitation of her, they may live fully the graces that God has given them in the gift of their femininity.

Judie Brown

Over the years I have come to realize that among the greatest gifts the Lord has given to me, the most miraculous is my womanhood.  By concentrating on the Blessed Mother and her FIAT it has become abundantly clear to me that women are specially chosen by God to be His nurturers in so many ways.  Women bring a soft yet constant strength to the family, to the culture and to the Lord no matter what our vocation. 

One of my most cherished insights from Pope John Paul II is that “Perhaps more than men, women acknowledge the person, because they see persons with their hearts. They see them independently of various ideological or political systems. They see others in their greatness and limitations; they try to go out to them and help them. In this way the basic plan of the Creator takes flesh in the history of humanity and there is constantly revealed, in the variety of vocations, that beauty-not merely physical, but above all spiritual-which God bestowed from the very beginning on all, and in a particular way on women.”

Mercedes Wilson

As I travel all over the world and meet women from all walks of life, I never cease to be amazed at the untiring sacrifice that women offer to their whole family, particularly her children.  Her love and dedication to them is, in a way, a reflection of the love of God for humanity.  His Holiness John Paul II once told me that Jesus always had a special love for women, because He recognized their loyalty to Him and appeared to them first after He Resurrected. 

Joanna Najfeld

Satan hates Mary, Mother of God, for bringing Jesus into this world. That’s why he hates all women and everything feminine. This explains why true womanhood, especially motherhood, is under such attack today.

Women contribute to the development of society primarily as wives and mothers, not as career women. The role of wives and mothers is so often underestimated and taken for granted. It is even denied and ridiculed by radical feminist ideologues who usurp for themselves the right to speak on behalf of women.

The idea that women contribute to society only if they mimic men is simply offensive to billions of women heroically fulfilling their vocations as wives or mothers, without whose selfless efforts societies would simply not exist. Feminists keep telling these heroic women that their lives don’t matter unless they pursue a career outside of home. How idiotic is that. How ungrateful.
We need to pray so the world doesn’t buy into this lie, so we never forget how much we all owe to women heroically fulfilling their call to marriage and motherhood.

Stephanie Gray

As I think about our Holy Father’s intention for this month, I think about the women I know who have contributed to the development of society.  In particular, I think of my own mother who tirelessly and sacrificially loved my sister and me, who was very present in our lives and yet also juggled working as a nurse and volunteering for pro-life and at our schools.  As my mom reveled in the joy of motherhood, she strove to help other women embrace motherhood—she served at the local pregnancy centre, counseling scared girls and helping single mothers.  I also think of my three best friends who, as doctors, intelligently and compassionately minister to the wounded and sick.  And I think of my dear friend I’m currently staying with as I’m “on the road” on a speaking tour, and I think of her hospitality, her warmth, and her servant’s heart in making my stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Women, by our nature, are created to bring forth and nourish life.  When a seedling is nourished, it grows into a mighty tree to provide shade and beauty for those around it.  A woman’s nature of bringing forth and nourishing life doesn’t have to come in the physical form of biological motherhood, but can also come in the spiritual form of having a mother’s heart to all we encounter—compassion, empathy, receptivity, and warmth.  When we do that, we positively contribute to the development of society, making it a place of virtue, self-sacrifice, patience, beauty, and love.

Vicky Thorn

The contribution of women throughout the ages has been enormous but most often unrecognized and unappreciated, especially from a contemporary perspective. Because women can’t be priests, all other gifts freely given through history are ignored.  It is the case that from the time of Jesus, women are the pragmatic responders. They see a need and develop a way to meet that need. Women have cared for the sick and educated the young when no one else was doing it. Women are the lynch pin in society.  They have born children, fed the Lord, sustained family systems, been scientists, authors, artists, nurses, educators , cloistered women devoted to prayer and the list goes on. There is no corner of society that has not benefitted from the contribution of women. The prayer of the Holy Father calls attention to the unique contributions of women. It is worthwhile to reread the Dignity of Women and the Genius of Women, the documents of Blessed John Paul II to truly appreciate the scope of women’s contributions. It is time to name the truth!

Gwendolyn Landolt

Women are equal to and as capable as men, but women, like men, are unique.  Part of women’s uniqueness comes from the great gift God has given them to be the heart of creation.  Women carry the precious unborn child during its first early months in the womb, give birth and then nurture the child, giving to him/her the gift of unconditional love.  This gift gives the child a sense of self-worth, belonging and safety, which carries and protects that child throughout his/her life.  It provides not only comfort, but also a strong armour to protect their children when difficulties, inevitable in every life, occur.

Women share another unique gift for humanity – that is, intuition and sensitivity.  In general, women are able to quickly sense the pain and discomfort of others and are unhesitating in reaching out to lessen that pain.  Seldom do women turn away from those in need:  they care too much to do so.

Women’s intelligence and capability, together with their intuition and sensitivity can smooth the path for others, whether in the home, industry, the courts, halls of learning, offices, hospitals or the factories.  Women belong in all places, according to their interests, needs and talents.

Women may not have the physical prowess of men, but women provide a different, equally important strength and contribution, which reaches out to everyone, in all walks of life, and assists them in their life’s journey.

Sr. Mary Catherine

Flipping through the pages of history, one cannot help but notice women’s handiwork in every aspect of society, especially in the Church.  The silent tears and love of many a St. Monica for her children have brought to fruition great souls that ardently loved God and built up His Kingdom here on earth.  The love and prayers of many a Clotilda for their husbands have brought about great conversions and have even led whole nations to the practice of the Faith.  The passionate love and zeal of the many St. Catherine of Siena’s for God and men have provided countless souls with spiritual and physical relief and have been an inspiration to great men in the Church.  The writings of the St. Teresa of Avila’s have filled the minds of countless souls with truth and beauty.  Finally, the quiet prayers and sacrifices of many a St. Therese of Lisieux have appeased the justice of God and have obtained graces for many souls.  And still today numerous women continue to unite their voices with this chorus that has been sung throughout all of history, under the direction and guidance of the greatest women of all time, the Blessed Mother.

Christine Vollmer

The Holy Father is asking the Holy Spirit to inspire mankind once again with an understanding of the beauty and importance of the unique and proven contribution of women to the development of civilization and of every child born.

The versatility, fortitude, tenderness, and capacity to understand human situations which are the particular gifts of the female brain have been overlooked by a culture which only glorifies the masculine and the material. And so also the “feminine genius” as Blessed John Paul would call it.

The Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary, as the essence and epitome of womanliness, considered for centuries the example for women, must once again be our inspiration and our aid.

Kathleen Gilbert

Pope Benedict has hit upon a beautiful truth with this statement - notwithstanding those who might scratch their heads and wonder if it was a kowtow to the feminist masses. It wasn’t. The truth is, at the heart of Christian civilization stands the full-blossoming of woman as its crowning glory and even, in a way, its defining characteristic.

A world in which women have the freedom to enrich the world with their unique ability to truly humanize relationships, a world that protects them from repression, marginalization, or redefinition by the myriad forces that would snuff out this delicate humanization in the warpath of greed and power, is the mark of a truly Christian society.

I pray that, by joining in Pope Benedict’s intention, we may receive from God the grace once more to honor and exalt woman as she bears in her arms the ultimate symbol of her personalizing, fruitful love: her own child.

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When gay activism gets really, really racist

Ryan Bomberger Ryan Bomberger Follow Ryan
By Ryan Bomberger

Being shocking is nothing new for gay activism. For a victim-based industry, that is always trying to ride on the bloodstained coattails of the Civil Rights movement, it regularly manages to be the aggressive oppressor.

Now, in a vile attempt to cash in on the racial unrest in Ferguson and the tragic death of Michael Brown, gay activist company releases a video exploiting black children who are supposedly from Ferguson. Accusing all white people of being racist and clueless, the children, in a superbly slick production, deliver a racist rant only liberals could be okay with.

Well, not all liberals. is hawking t-shirts for $13. And a whopping $5 (allegedly) goes to “charities that are fighting racism.” One such charity, Race Forward, doesn’t want anything to do with this particular racist campaign. The “racial justice” organization quickly distanced itself  and rejected any donation from FCKH8 on Facebook.

This is such rich irony considering Race Forward is the publisher of a devoutly race-baiting online blog, Colorlines, that posted its dislike of this gay activist outfit’s attempt to capitalize. Colorlines criticizes the video saying: “There’s an entire economy around black death—and this ad campaign illustrates it all too well.”

Wow! I actually agree with Colorlines. Let that be one incredibly rare occasion. And the economy built around black death is today’s “civil rights movement” and/or the abortion industry. Take your pick. Either one promotes the other.

Colorlines, as most liberal efforts, doesn’t realize it’s own contradictions as it is adamantly pro-abortion and denounces anyone who illuminates the devastating impact of abortion in the black community (which occurs at rates 5 times higher than in the majority population). The online race blog has maliciously and absurdly attacked me, in the past, for creating the initiative (see herehere, here, and here).

Ferguson needs healthy dialogue about what can bring healing to their community, not opportunists who only want to pour emotional gasoline on a volatile fire. FCKH8’s pathetic attempt reminds me of how distant the efforts of America’s Civil Rights Era are from today’s LGBTQXYZ activists’ efforts.

Martin Luther King would’ve been called a bigot, a homophobe, and a hater by most of today’s social-media savvy, so-called “equality” activists. This year is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Racism, according to the civil rights icon, had one solution.

I created a video to capture his powerful words that mainstream media will never repeat and FCKH8 would clearly reject. Every human life is precious, regardless of color, gender, or perceived/actual “sexual orientation”.

(WARNING: The following links prove devolution is the force that, too often, guides our humanity. The language and the demand to cease all critical thinking are explicit and appalling).

Who exactly is The effort gained prominence in 2010 when it released a slew of raunchy promos demanding “gay marriage” equality while treating a large number of people like excrement. None of the leading gay rights organizations denounced Luke Montgomery, the founder of the obscenely named group. Many of them have praised gay activists just like him (e.g. Dan Savage) for taking the same venom-spewing approach.

Click "like" if you want to defend true marriage.

Much of gay activism reveals its shallowness and allegiance to dishonesty, as it hypes false statistics and cries “homophobia” anytime anyone calls them out for their own factophobia. Mainstream media, content with merely regurgitating instead of investigating, ensures the public doesn’t get an accurate picture of, well, anything.

Name the issue—conservatism, abortion, fundamental Islam, “gun control”, illegal immigration, adoption, government corruption, multiculturalism, homosexuality, civil rights history, liberalism, racism—the gatekeepers of information are constantly keeping the gate closed to the truth.

This is what happens when today’s thought influencers value advocacy over accuracy, opinion over objectivity, and agenda over actuality. In the end, racism is not only a vile ideology; it’s an industry that makes its hucksters (gay or straight) very, very wealthy.

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‘It takes a village to raise a child’: Did Pope Francis quote Hillary Clinton?

John Westen
John Westen

In a scene that is sure to disturb many a conservative and thrill many a liberal, on Sunday Pope Francis addressed a massive crowd of over 300,000 school students from schools all over Italy.  He had them all chant together over and over again this saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Most conservatives will recall that phrase as the title of Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book and the memorable debate over her vision for the child as the charge of the state rather than being in the primary care of their parents.  The origin of the phrase though is attributed to an African proverb.

Now surely the Pope was meaning to underscore the need for Catholic community in assisting parents to raise children. And that truth needs reinforcing today more than ever.  As many growing families in cities in the Western world have found, raising morally healthy children in a secular anti-Christian culture is very challenging.  Finding and maintaining a Christian community is essential for good friendships for children, for reinforcing faith and morals, and for giving parents the peers and encouragement they need to continue to go against the tide in raising their children to know, love, and serve God.

Many years ago, it was naturally recognized that since parents have given children life, they must be recognized as the primary and principal educators of their children. Back then, the community and especially the Church would assist in this regard, and particularly the Church when it came to education.

But those days are long gone and the culture war has been raging for over 40 years in a direct attack on parental rights, which are today under threat like never before. 

The mantra of “it takes a village to raise a child,” has been used to assist in the erosion of parents’ rights, especially in schools. Under the guise of giving “rights” to children and adolescents the state has pushed it’s anti-moral agendas on children in schools all over the world. In public and Catholic schools alike.

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For instance in 2005 when a California school district was introducing disturbing and explicit sex information to students, parents sued, arguing that they had the sole right “to control the upbringing of their children by introducing them to matters of and relating to sex in accordance with their personal and religious values and beliefs.”

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled however that “there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children. … Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students.”

All over North America and Europe the push is on to have parents denied the right to opt their children out of controversial sex-education programs that promote homosexual ‘marriage’. Just check out these examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

During his glowing recollection of life in school, Pope Francis said, "I remember my first teacher, that woman, that teacher I had when I was six years old, in first grade. I have never forgotten her. She is why I loved school. I visited throughout her life, until she passed away, at 98.”

A beautiful reflection to inspire both students and teachers alike.

The year of his recollection was 1943, the height of what many would call the good times of Catholic education. Today there is a very different experience of school, in both public and sadly even in many Catholic schools.

We need good community to be sure, if we can find that in Catholic schools, great. Some, to find authentic community for their children have moved to different communities, have paid for private schooling or even taken up the heroic task of home schooling.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely! Just think of the influence of your childhood friends on your life for good or for ill. You want the best for your children, and that requires finding them good friendships that will boost their faith and morals.

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Are you a Catholic involved in media? Here’s what Cardinal Burke had to say to you…

John Westen
John Westen

This is a compilation of my favorite quotes from the Vatican’s Cardinal Raymond Burke addressing Catholic media last month at the Rome conference of Alliance Defending Freedom.

My favorite line: “Of supreme importance in an age which characterizes itself by its means of communication is the development and support of truly pro-life and pro-family media."

His remarks:

First and Fundamental Proclamation of the Truth of Christ

The first and most fundamental way of radiating the living truth which Our Lord Jesus communicates to us in His Mystical Body, the Church, is a strong witness to the inviolable dignity of all human life, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, to the integrity of marriage as the lifelong, faithful and procreative union of one man and one woman, and to sacred authority of the correctly formed conscience as the guide to the right stewardship of all creation, especially human life and marriage.

The personal conversion and the transformation of the world to which Christ calls all men is necessarily directed, first of all, to the safeguarding and fostering of every human life, especially of “the least of these my brethren,” in accord with Our Lord’s Parable on the Last Judgment, of the fidelity, indissolubility and procreativity of marriage, and of the unconditional respect for the rightly-formed conscience.

Of supreme importance in an age which characterizes itself by its means of communication is the development and support of truly pro-life and pro-family media, and of organizing and sustaining public manifestations in support of the inviolable dignity of innocent human life and the integrity of the family.

The culture of death advances, in large part, because of a lack of attention and information among the general public. What is more, the thoroughly galvanized anti-life and anti-family agenda of the pervasive secular mass media confuses and corrupts minds and hearts, and dulls consciences to the law written by God upon every human heart.

Pope John Paul II declared:

What is urgently called for is a general mobilization of consciences and a united ethical effort to activate a great campaign in support of life. All together, we must build a new culture of life: new, because it will be able to confront and solve today’s unprecedented problems affecting human life; new, because it will be adopted with deeper and more dynamic conviction by all Christians; new, because it will be capable of bringing about a serious and courageous cultural dialogue among all parties. While the urgent need for such a cultural transformation is linked to the present historical situation, it is also rooted in the Church’s mission of evangelization. The purpose of the Gospel, in fact, is “to transform humanity from within and to make it new.” Like the yeast which leavens the whole measure of dough (cf. Mt13:33), the Gospel is meant to permeate all cultures and give them life from within, so that they may express the full truth about the human person and about human life.

Pope John Paul II did not fail to note that such efforts must begin with “the renewal of a culture of life within Christian communities themselves.” The Church herself must address the situation of so many of her members who, even though they may be active in Church activities, “end up by separating their Christian faith from its ethical requirements regarding life, and thus fall into moral subjectivism and certain objectionable ways of acting.”

Blessed John Paul II, therefore, called upon the lay faithful to fulfill their particular responsibility, that is, “to testify how the Christian faith constitutes the only fully valid response – consciously perceived and stated by all in varying degrees – to the problems and hopes that life poses to every person and society.” Making more specific the call, he clarified that the fulfillment of the responsibility of the lay faithful requires that they “know how to overcome in themselves the separation of the Gospel from life, to take up again in their daily activities in family, work and society, an integrated approach to life that is fully brought about by the inspiration and strength of the Gospel.” The communications media, in a particular way, with the help of God’s grace, is directed to helping Christians and all men of good will to overcome any separation of the Gospel from life, especially in what pertains to the heart of the Gospel, including the safeguarding and promoting of human life, of marriage and the family, and of the freedom of conscience. Catholic media contribute in a most significant way to the work of a new evangelization.

See the full talk here:

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