Alissa Golob

Why are there always rainbow flags at pro-abortion rallies?

Alissa Golob

In January of last year, I appeared on Global Television talking about the blatant conflict of interest arising from the recent election of 21-year old Paul Marai, given that he was also an openly gay, homosexual activist, and his newly appointed Catholic School Board Trustee position. A few seconds (literally) after the interview was shown, I received an e-mail via Facebook entitled “F*%&$ Yourself”.

“Gain some rationality”, the author said. “You’re embarassing (yes, he spelled it that way) your intellect on TV. Learn a thing or two in school before you call homosexuality a disorder. You’re officially the joke of the public”.

Now, some of you might ask yourselves why I, a pro-life activist, would want to stray from my mandate to make abortion unthinkable, to take on homosexual activists. Scratch that: I know some of you are asking yourselves this question, because I ask myself that every time I receive such charming love letters such as the one written above.

The answer is simple. There is a link, an integral link, between the homosexual and abortion camps. Shocker, I know. It’s one that is deeply rooted, and as a 24-year old growing up in the era of Glee, Modern Family and Lady Gaga (to name a few), it must be addressed. So…who better than the girl whose job requires conflict on a regular basis?

It’s no coincidence that at this year’s National March for Life in Ottawa, the award for most-“ingenious” sign went to a pair of lesbians, who were ostentatiously showing “affection” holding two different card-board cutouts, one that said “I LOVE SEX” and the other, “I HATE LIFE”. Needless to say they were not there for the speeches. While the intention of this couple was clear, and their execution decidedly pedestrian, it was the actual content of their message that spoke volumes not only for them personally, but for the climate of the opposition.

Practically speaking, the pro-abortion and homosexual camps have far more in common than the multi-coloured condoms they shell out to whoever happens to be caught unaware. It is a well-known fact that the homosexual movement has a record of being staunchly pro-abortion. This includes very close social and political ties with pro-abortion powerhouses, including Planned Parenthood, which often includes financial support as well. It’s no coincidence that many pro-abortion activists advertise their solidarity with gay- friendly groups in an even more overtly public fashion.

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For example, we are all familiar with those charming ditties that pro-lifers are often faced with at various events and rallies, including the very inclusive, “Gay, straight, black, white! All unite for women’s rights!” And who could forget the chart-topping hit, “anti-woman, anti-gay, right-wing bigots go away”! While these heartwarming toe-tappers sound fairly tame, they, like our sign-toting sideliners at the March for Life, demonstrate the familial relationship between the two groups.

The question is, why?

An essential component of being pro-life is an openness to life. On an ideological level, homosexuality tends towards being individualistic; in a practical sense, profoundly sterile. Homosexuality uses sex as an instrument for self-gratifying pleasure, and cannot physically be used in the unitive and procreative way it was intended. When couples “mutually masturbate” for their own intensive desire, the procreative element is eliminated, thus becoming an inescapable rejection of life. With the rejection of life, easily comes the destruction of life, making it impossible to negate one without the other. Both camps strive for the acceptance of sex without consequence, thus aligning themselves with like-minded individuals. It’s a match made in heaven.

What is truly ironic is that those individuals militantly pushing for acceptance under the guise of “human rights”, have denied those same rights to the ones who need it the most: the unborn. It does not follow that a pro-lifer should celebrate “pride”, when that so-called “pride” is rooted in the erosion of the family and extermination of the unborn.

Now, I may have to learn a thing or two in school (such as exact and heuristic algorithms, Spectroscopy, astrophysics and quantum theory to name a few) however, the undeniable link between homosexuality and abortion: now that is something I’ve got in the bag.


Youth to Canadian MPs: Represent us!

Alissa Golob
Alissa Golob

Youth across Canada want their voices heard, especially when they are constantly being stifled by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and New Democrat MP Niki Ashton. Judging from this video, they won't be silenced! 

Reprinted with permission from


Youth: We’ve got the power to end abortion. Here’s the proof.

Alissa Golob
Alissa Golob

It seems the NDP are running scared after thousands of young people took to Twitter, Facebook and e-mail urging their MPs to vote against Niki Ashton’s extreme pro-abortion motion, M-510. The motion, which calls on parliament to formally affirm that "a woman's right to choose abortion is a fundamental question of equality and human rights, both in Canada and around the world", was placed on notice on May 8th, 2014, the same day over 20,000 people gathered on parliament hill for the March for Life calling for pro-life legislation.

As news surfaced of this radical pro-abortion motion, young people from pro-life youth organizations across Canada joined the #No2Niki campaign, writing e-mails, making videos and tweeting them at their MPs urging their members of parliament to represent them and vote against Motion 510.

Various MPs, including the Honourable Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, responded to the campaign, saying pro-life Canadians can count on the Conservative government to vote against Motion 510, saying their focus will be “helping the mothers, newborn + children of the world”.

Just days after this enormous backlash, the NDP appear to be backing away from Ashton’s vote on abortion rights for the time being, although the motion will remain on the order paper and could be brought forward any time in the future.

As my boss, Jim Hughes says, "the youth are not the future of the pro-life movement, they’re the present". This is just the beginning.


Say #No2Niki

Alissa Golob
Alissa Golob

"Niki, Niki you're so blind, you're so blind you blow my mind!"

Niki Ashton is at it again - out to ruin women and children by forcing her extreme pro-abortion agenda down our throats once again. On May 8, 2014 (the SAME day that 23,000 people marched on Parliament Hill in the National March for Life), NDP MP Niki Ashton put forward a motion seeking to have Members of Parliament vote on whether access to abortion is a “fundamental question of equality and human rights, both in Canada and around the world.”

Abortion? A "fundamental human right"? As a woman, it's terrifying to me that a Member of Parliament wants it declared that killing another human is a "fundamental human right." It’s also quite ironic that the same MP who was recently vocally opposed to a motion condemning female gendercide on the grounds that it re-opens the abortion debate, is now championing a motion on expanding abortion access.

Here's where you and your beautiful faces come into play. CLC Youth is urging you to get out your phones and web cams and record yourself a) thanking Niki Ashton for re-opening the abortion debate in Parliament, demonstrating that this issue isn't settled in Canada and b) urging your MP to represent you and vote AGAINST Motion 510.

Upload your videos to YouTube and tweet them to your MP and the Prime Minister using the hashtag #No2Niki. If you don't have Twitter, either set-up an account or e-mail your Member of Parliament AND CLC Youth with your video so we can tweet it out for you (

It takes five minutes and could help this anti-life motion crash and burn in Parliament, giving the pro-life movement one of the biggest pro-life political victories our country has ever seen.

Join our Facebook event here, and spread the word!


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