Thursday, April 22, 1999

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ROCHESTER, NY, Apr 22 ( - On this, the fifth day of Operation Save America, which is staging pro-life demonstrations throughout the US, a man was arrested after pretending to shoot into a group of demonstrating pro-lifers. Police found James Krentel poised as if shooting at the pro-lifers, when they searched his car they discovered two rifles (at least one loaded), knives and some ammunition. Krentel was charged with harassment and possessing a loaded weapon in a vehicle.

Over the past week pro-lifers with Operation Save America have demonstrated peacefully outside schools and abortuaries, telling the truth about abortion with pictures and pamphlets. The group also protested outside bookstores notorious for selling child pornography.

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PIORRE, Ill., Apr 22 ( - Female prison inmates and post-abortion prison counsellors are reporting that extremely large portions of incarcerated women have had abortions. The Washington Times reported last week that an inmate who pleaded for post-abortion counselling told one counsellor that “easily 60 percent to 80 percent of this prison’s population have had abortions.” Furthermore, counsellors who have counselled hundreds of inmates for post-abortion stress say that they have “never met a woman in prison who doesn’t blame her incarceration partly on past abortions.”

For the full story, reprinted with permission from the Washington Times, see today’s special report.

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CALGARY, AB, Apr 22 ( - The Alberta College of Physicians is to decide tomorrow if it will limit the prescription of chemical abortions to centres where surgical abortion facilities are available. It seems that, due to the absence of a law on abortion, no restriction exists against doctors prescribing chemical abortion pills from their own offices.

Three years ago BC abortionist Ellen Wiebe requested permission to experiment with administering the cancer-fighting drug methotrexate and the ulcer-fighting misoprostol to women to procure abortions (M&M abortions). After publishing her success with this RU-486-type concoction in the 1996 Canadian Medical Association Journal, she has continued to perform chemical abortions and the procedure is now paid for by health insurance in the province.

With no media coverage or legal accountability, the expansion of the use of the cancer and ulcer drugs to abort babies went unchecked. A conference at the University of Toronto in March of last year on “Medical Termination of Pregnancy” said that “increasing numbers of Canadian physicians have begun to use these drugs.” The brochure for the conference also called the M&M abortions “safe and acceptable for early pregnancy termination up to 7-8 weeks gestational age.”

John Hof, President of Campaign Life Coalition BC told LifeSite that Wiebe, “the chemical coat hanger lady”, is now experimenting with herbal concoctions to cause abortions.

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DENVER, Colorado, Apr 22 ( - Out of the same state which rocked the world with reports of the recent high school massacre comes a study showing the benefits of using the brains of aborted fetuses to treat Parkinson’s patients. A research team from Denver Colorado has published the results of their study into the macabre procedure noting that each Parkinson’s patient treated required the use of four dead babies. The glowing reports of the success of the procedure are marred by the blood of the babies sacrificed to the god of convenience and science.

The announcement was made yesterday in Toronto at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. Ethical qualms were summarily dismissed by the lead researcher Dr. Curt Freed of the University of Colorado who asked: “Should this tissue be used to treat a disease or should it be thrown away?. For me that’s a fairly easy ethical question.”

The US study was paid for by the US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke which shelled out US$4.5 million.

This same unethical research is taking place in Canada at the Victoria General Hospital (VGH)  in Nova Scotia. While not funded directly by the government, it is supported by large grants from the Parkinson’s Foundation of Canada. The Nova Scotia division of the Parkinson’s Foundation made a $50,000 contribution to a primary three year study of the fetal tissue transplant procedure and has also funded the current study at VGH.

Other research using tissue from aborted fetuses to help visually impaired patients has also shown some success. Pro-lifers are concerned that these experiments will create a demand for aborted fetuses, turning the completely unregulated abortion industry into an even more profit-driven and lucrative enterprise than it already is.

Worse still (as has already happened) some women will become pregnant with the intent to abort their babies in order to donate the “tissue” to treatment for another family member who has Parkinson’s or another disorder deemed “treatable” with body parts from aborted babies. In 1991, Case Western University ethicist Mary Mahowald and her associates went so far as to propose that pregnancies be prolonged and the method of abortion be modified, if necessary,  in order to procure the most fresh, and thus the most useful tissue.

Source: The National Post

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