Thursday, August 26, 1999

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Euthanasia and homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson is considering running for the leadership of the BC provincial NDP party, taking over from ousted leader Glen Clarke who resigned over a criminal investigation surrounding his casino deals.  (Ottawa Citizen)

South African police are searching for a Cuban doctor who performed an abortion at a Marie Stopes abortuary in Mpumalanga. The woman bled to death following the procedure.  (

Zero Population Growth has done a rating of “Kid Friendly Cities”. According to the rating system, the greater percentage of children in day-care the more “kid friendly” the city. 

US localities do not have the authority to enact homosexual domestic partnership laws says a Boston ruling in favour of the American Center for Law and Justice which said yesterday it will go to court to stop other localities from continuing the implementation of domestic partnership laws in the state of Massachusetts. 

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LONDON, Aug 26 ( - Neil Lane is urging doctors in England to euthanize his 42-year-old wife Lorraine by withholding food and water. Lane claims his wife, who has been in a coma for the past six months, would have desired death. Acceptance of the suggestion would lead England further along the road towards euthanasia since, although in a coma, Mrs. Lane has detectable brain activity. BBC news reports that in 1992 British courts allowed doctors to starve 22-year-old Tony Bland to death claiming he was in a Persistent Vegetative State,  meaning he had no detectable brain activity.

In 1997 England’s Royal College of Physicians published guidelines saying doctors may decide to euthanize patients by withholding food and water if “the patient has devastating and permanent neurological injury which is so incompatible with conscious, self-directed activity as to constitute a demonstrably awful life.” Further, the guidelines said that, while the consultant in charge should make the final decision, an ideal situation would be one in which the patient’s relatives are supportive of the decision.

For the story on the College’s guidelines see:
UK Leaps Towards Involuntary Euthanasia

For a BBC report on the story see:
Coma case could push euthanasia limits

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OTTAWA, Aug 26 ( - Beverley Smith who gained national attention when she went to the United Nations to lodge a complaint against Canada’s anti-family taxation policies was granted an hour-long interview with Finance Minister Paul Martin yesterday. Smith stressed the injustice of the current taxation system which ignores mothers who remain at home in terms of family income tax. She also objects to the restriction of child-care tax breaks only to those who bring their children to registered day-cares or otherwise declare their child care expenses.

The Toronto Star reported that while no promises of action were garnered Smith was pleased that the Minister gave her an audience. Smith was much less positive about an April meeting she had with the Minister of the Status of Women Hedy Fry in April. At the April meeting Fry was reportedly “very condescending” and “elitist.”

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Reform Calls For End To Unfair Family Taxation


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VANCOUVER, Aug. 26 ( - A criminal investigation has been launched into the handling of a live-born baby after a botched abortion 13 years ago. After she was born alive, Ximena Renaerts was left to die in a bedpan in a room with dead babies, instead of being given the obligatory standard emergency treatment for distressed newborns. Ximena suffered permanent brain damage and lives with an adoptive family. She is a quadriplegic with the mental capacity of a three year old.

A story in the upcoming (August 30) issue of BC Report reveals details onthe investigation and the names of some of the suspects in the case. BC Report notes that a lawyer working on Ximena’s behalf, former B.C. Supreme Court justice Thomas Berger, filed a document with the court last year naming Dr. Kamil Jaroudi, who now practises in Saudi Arabia, and nurse Vera Wood, who is retired, as bearing responsibility in the case.  Last year Ximena was awarded an $8.7 million settlement by Vancouver General Hospital.

For the full report see today’s LifeSite News Special Report:
Did Someone Try to Murder Ximena? 

With files from Pro-Life E-News Canada.

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