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Sacred Heart University names building after “pro-choice” politician

by Ben Johnson Fri Mar 23 18:27 EST Comments (6)

FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT, March 23, 2012, ( – One of New England’s leading Catholic universities has named a new building after a politician who supports legalized abortion.

Sacred Heart University of Fairfield, Connecticut, describes itself as “the second-largest Catholic university in New England,” providing students “a comprehensive, hands-on education rooted in the liberal arts and Catholic intellectual tradition.” 

The university announced it is naming a new building after World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, who donated $5 million to the school.

McMahon, who ran for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seat as a Republican in 2010, noted on her website that she is “pro-choice,” although she opposes “partial-birth abortion and federal funding of abortions unless the life of the mother is at stake.”

“I’m in favor of parental notification/parental consent legislation,” she added.

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During a debate, a viewer asked, “Mrs. McMahon, how can you possibly defend the total and disgusting degradation of women on World Wrestling?”

McMahon said she remained “incredibly proud of the company that I have helped build from the ground up.”

Although McMahon scored political points after Richard Blumenthal stumbled badly when she asked him, “How do you create a job?” the Democrat defeated her by nearly 12 percentage points. in the general election.

McMahon is attempting to secure the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate again this year.

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“You are the wind beneath our wings” - LSN supporters write

by Steve Jalsevac Fri Mar 23 18:22 EST Comments (2)

Here are snippets of just a few of the many touching comments we regularly receive from our supporters. We are always bowled over by them and deeply appreciative of such affirmation. It really helps. We thank these people for their encouragement, even more than for the financial support they send. It’s so good to know we are supported by folks who truly are “the salt of the earth.”

I believe in what you do. Stay strong, we are out here staying strong because of the truth you speak.
Amanda O, Delaware, USA

I love your emails; even though sometimes make me cry.  But that is good because makes me pray for “the least of these.”
Lisa T. - Texas, USA

Thank you for being the main source of truthful news in the world. I recommend your site to others regularly.
Treasa V - Australia

We are so thankful to the Lord that we can renew our recurring monthly donations.  Your articles have truly educated me into discerning the Truth. 
Maurizio C. - California, USA

I’m not Catholic but so appreciate the good and godly work that you do. Your devotion to God’s Biblical standards inspires me.
Lucinda B. - Minnesota, USA

I don’t want to imagine what our world would be like without people like you to keep us informed.
Kathleen S. - California, USA

I admire your honesty unlike what we get in a newspaper or many times on the news.
Sharon D. - Texas, USA

I love and depend upon your website for clear and truthful reporting on issues so important in today’s world.  Thank you for your courage and commitment to Truth.
Larry H. - Texas, USA

I read and rely on Life Site News every day to stay current with the moral issues of our day. There is no better source in my opinion
Jan A. - Kentucky, USA

I tell everyone that this website is the best!
Victoria C. - California, USA

Keep up the amazing work you do - there is no other organization that can match the impact of your efforts.
Michael and Susan U. - Ohio, USA

Love your news station; you’re becoming “radio-free” America.  We are so grateful for the “real” news and are so grateful for your faithfulness to the truth. 
Eileen V - Illinois, USA

Thank you for your stellar reporting during this crisis with the HHS mandate.
Jonathan and Abigail B. - California, USA

Thanks for all the pro-life stories impossible to find on other sites!
Sandra F. - California, USA

I read your articles to my high school students on a daily basis, and many of them have begun reading them on their own.  This is an important tool.
Jeremy and Elizabeth Y. - USA

You are my ray of hope that the assault on Christianity can be overcome!
Eleanor D. - California, USA

My funds are very limited but especially in light of the unfaithful priest who is suing you I want to make a small contribution.
Elizabeth D. - Wisconsin, USA

Your website is unique in getting the truth out as to the moral depravity happening in the world.  Please don’t stop!
Eva C. - Connecticut, USA

I am bowled over by your wonderful website, printing the prolife truth.  God give you all the strength and carry on.
Deanna L. - Alberta, Canada

I look forward to read your messages every morning. Have the courage to continue.  I trust you 100%.
Therese B. - Nova Scotia

I may not be Catholic but I do support all your efforts and appreciate the truth on subjects.
Elroy P.  - British Columbia, Canada

Our 17 year old son is responsible for 75% of this donation.  Keep fighting to spread the TRUTH
Bradley J. - Alberta, Canada

Thank you for equipping the world with the truth. Your work does immeasurable good in the world. Where would we be without you?
Andy P. - Ontario, Canada

You are the wind beneath our wings. 
Ann S. - Ontario, Canada

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Nun to Religious Freedom Rally: ‘It is our responsibility to stand brave and to shout to the world’

by Ben Johnson Fri Mar 23 17:56 EST Comments (7)

Catholic school girls rally for religious liberty.
Barb Harburg, conference organizer, and her daughter.

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, March 23, 2012, ( – In a college town known for its liberal politics, more than 400 people gathered at noon Friday to support religious liberty and oppose the Obama administration’s HHS mandate.

Just blocks from the University of Michigan, more than 400 people formed the local meeting of the National Rally for Religious Freedom held simultaneously at 146 locations nationwide.

Joined by schoolchildren from local Catholic schools, including Spiritus Sanctus Academies, the speakers focused on the constitutional crisis unleashed by forcing a religious institution to violate its conscience.

Nick Thomm, the executive producer of the nationally syndicated radio show “Kresta in the Afternoon,” said, “At Notre Dame in 2009, President Obama promised conscience protection. It’s pretty clear he lied.” He stated current coverage is a step toward full, federally funded abortions.

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“As the bishops said, this fight is not about or contraception abortion, or a compromised Catholic Church,” Thomm said. “This is about the power of the federal government to define what is or what is not the mission of Christians” in a “voluntary institution.”

“To sixty million American Catholics the president has said that to be good Americans, we must be bad Catholics,” Thomm said.

Although churches and houses of worship are exempt, the guidelines for religiously affiliated institutions to gain a religious exemption are “impractical, impossible, and illogical.” Requiring religious institutions to “serve their own kind and hire their own kind” means “in hiring, you’re forced to ask a question that’s normally a violation of EEOC practices.”

“Must Catholics hire and feed only Catholics in their food pantries?” Thomm asked. “Until today, you did not need a baptismal certificate for soup.”

Meeting near the local Occupy Wall Street campsite, the throng of mostly young people received virtually no opposition and no organized counter-demonstration.

Instead, speakers encouraged the crowd to fight to preserve the Constitutional rights of their forebears. Sister Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, a nun from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, said God “has given us these rights, and we must proclaim them in the streets…It is our responsibility to stand brave and to shout to the world.”

“Today is a day in which we need heroes,” the sister said. “We value our freedoms and since they do not come freely, we beg God that we will all be prepared to pay the price, if that should be in the Divine will – to stand with the countless soldiers, heroes, saints, and martyrs through the ages in union with the One Who hung on Calvary.”

Her fellow sister, Sister Martin Therese, said she is proud she became an American citizen two weeks earlier because she cherishes this nation’s founding ideals, however imperfectly they are practiced now.

Fr. Dennis Brown, O.M.V., warned those ideas are in danger. “If this HHS mandate – diktat – passes, the America we knew will be no more,” he said. “That’s not a dramatic statement. It’s not exaggerated. This essentially changes what America is.”

He called this administration’s war on religion “the worst crisis we’ve faced in our history in terms of our basic American identity.”

That assessment cut across religious lines. The president of the university’s Students for Life, Carmen Maria Allen, told the mostly Catholic crowd gathered at the federal building, “I am here to say that as a Protestant leader of Students for Life, the HHS mandate is not about the Catholic Church. And it’s not even about Christianity, and it’s not even about religion. It’s about protecting and preserving the freedoms granted in our Constitution.”

Organizers encouraged attendees to take action after the rally ended.

Everyone asked the faithful to flood Capitol Hill with calls and e-mails asking them to block or repeal the HHS mandate. Nick Thomm also directed visitors to the sign the petition at The resource director of Michigan Right to Life, asked everyone to support the state’s Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act. “to protect all those doctors and nurses who object to abortion or abortion-causing drugs.”

Several speakers noted turnout far exceeded expectations. Nick Thomm said at one point, “I don’t think anyone anticipated we would be having these numbers.”

Barb Harburg, who organized the local rally, runs Citizens for Pro-Life Society, said she wanted to inspire others who share her beliefs in the area. “Ann Arbor is a hotbed of liberalism,” Harburg said, “and I felt that we have to make a statement” that “there are a lot of faithful people who believe in religious freedom.”

“Government, by doing what it’s doing now, is already violating our First Amendment rights,” Harburg told “It’s absolutely untenable. I’m not going to take that, and I’m not going to stand for that. I’m willing to go to jail, personally.

Dianne Malesko, a local resident who had never attended a pro-life or religious freedom rally before, said she was pleased by the turnout and uplifted by the atmosphere but “saddened by the fact that people don’t understand life is so important.”

“Government wanting to be involved in religion when they never want religion involved in government is unacceptable,” she said.


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College president withdraws funding for abortion forum stacked with abortion advocates

by Steve Macias Fri Mar 23 17:30 EST Comments (1)

Steve Macias is the West Coast Field Agent for Students for Life of America.

March 23, 2012 ( - Thanks be to God for a major pro-life victory at Sierra College this week! College President Duncan and his office took a strong pro-life stand against an exclusively pro-abortion forum by refusing to speak and disqualifying the event from receiving any school or state funds. The actions came down after event organizers refused to meet the administration’s demands for a fair and balanced event.

We need to thank the administration for standing for equality and to recognize that the pro-abortion advocates who are organizing this event are not actually “pro-choice” but “pro-abortion.”

The event is now laughable, and will largely be ignored by the student body as the extreme fringe event that it is. Many of us believe college campuses to lean politically liberal, but this event is so absolutely outrageous that even the administrators refused to lend it any credibility.

Click “like” if you want to end abortion!

These types of events are geared at lining the pockets of those in the abortion industry, not reaching out to women who are struggling to make difficult life-changing decisions.

The college has decided that:

- All sources of taxpayer funding have been withdrawn from the event.
- The school has revoked all official affiliation with the event.
- The President’s Office has decided not to sponsor the event’s lunch as previously planned.

College President Duncan has decided to withdraw from appearing at the event and has refused the invitation to speak.

Sierra College administrators acknowledge that this is a one-sided panel, so they are already organizing a school-sanctioned, actual debate regarding abortion for April 16th in the large theater on campus.  We are still waiting to hear whether the pro-abortion advocates on campus are willing to actually defend killing the human life in the womb in a debate format.

See President of the Board of Trustees Aaron Klein’s’ personal statement here “True Diversity Requires Balanced Perspective”.

Sacramento 40 Days for Life leader Wynette Sills is urging area pro-lifers to join her in attending the forum. Sills has noted that one panelist is abortion business director Shauna Heckert who provides “6,000 abortions each year, which would be 20 per day…” at the Sacramento area facilities.

If you wish to visit the campus to stand up and ask the tough question these abortion advocates refuse to face, the forum is Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 12:30 pm. Address below.

Mar 22, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Sierra College
Rocklin Campus T (Dietrich Theatre)
5000 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677

To send a thank you to President Duncan, contact:

Jene Hallam, Executive Assistant, President’s Office

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Leading Rabbi pleads with Christian leaders to fight abortion and gay agenda in Holy Land

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Mar 23 15:44 EST Comments (21)


March 23, 2012 ( - Rabbi Yehuda Levin, an Orthodox Jewish leader who often functions as a spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada, is calling on Christian leaders to take a more active role in defending Israel from pro-abortion and homosexual activist ideology.

In a recent interview with he spoke of “Christian Zionists” who support the state of Israel politically and even economically. Levin said that they are ignoring spiritual issues of great importance in what both Jews and Christians refer to as the Holy Land, including the mass murder of the unborn, as well as the “homosexualization” of Israeli culture.

“The Christians do not understand, the American Christian community of tens of millions, they don’t understand their power,” Levin told LSN. “When they tour Israel and they meet with government officials, when they are taken to holy sites, they should be clamoring and expressing in their leaders, the leaders of the Christians here in America, should be clamoring and speaking out against abortion, against the tens of thousands of abortions, against the homosexualization of the Holy Land, against all of this immoral craziness, and they could absolutely have an effect.”

(Click “like” if you want to end abortion! )

Although a minority of more traditional Jews oppose these trends, said Levin, they are generally mistreated by a secularized majority, and are receiving little support from other religious groups who share their values.

“While there are tremendously devout people in Israel, Hasidic people, what is referred to as ultra- Orthodox, on the other end of the spectrum, among the irreligious Israelis, we see an eagerness, to embrace Madonna, to embrace Michael Jackson, to embrace all the craziness, and it saddens me that the Christian, so-called Christian Zionists, whether Catholic, or whether Evangelical, those who support Israel do not understand that they have a strength” while “we Orthodox that are treated literally like second-rate citizens in many areas in Israel, many areas of social life, we are frowned upon,” he said.

“If the next time a Netanyahu comes and he is addressing a Christian audience, and the Pat Robertsons and others and the people, most of all the people, were to say: ‘how do you do this? How do you allow these abortions, homosexual parades, and teaching children from a homosexual curriculum? Is this the Holy Land today? We’re shocked, we’re ashamed!’  You know, I think this would have an effect. I think if enough religious leaders, politicians, and Christian tourists spoke out we would see positive changes in Israel.”

According to Levin,“we are in a civil war within the Catholic Church, within the Jewish religion,” and the two groups must support one another in their battles to preserve moral teachings.

Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan and New York’s homosexual “marriage” vote

While expressing his profound respect for New York City’s Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Levin said that he was “disappointed” with the lack of help from the prelate during the debate over homosexual “marriage” in New York state in 2010, as well as his silence on Israel’s moral problems during Dolan’s recent trip to the Holy Land.

“Archbishop Dolan, Cardinal Dolan, was in Israel, and he spent days there. Did he comment at all on the moral situation in any way?” asked Levin . “So here is the united Catholic conference of bishops, and I respect him, I respect him but does morality and respect for life, does that stop at the Catholic Church door, or is this something which Catholic teachings tell us is international and applies equally in every nation of the world, and certainly the nation that previous popes have called ‘older brother’ and ‘the tree from which we were grafted?’”

“Now of course it might be politically unpopular for him to say this, and it might rankle, but you know how many people would feel inspired, would feel motivated, would feel embarrassed that a foreign clergyman said such a thing?” he asked.

Noting his three decades of work supporting Catholic pro-life activists and defending the pope and other clergy from unjust attacks, Levin said that he would like to see more reciprocity from Catholic and Christian prelates. However, he noted, “I’m an equal opportunity criticizer..My disappointment is with anybody: rabbis, cardinals, priests, common folk, we’re on this ship together.”

Levin expressed his gratitude to Vatican officials for intervening against permitting a homosexual march in Jerusalem in 2006.

“I’m happy to say that based on my appeal to the Vatican, the Vatican did speak out and did instruct, I think his name is Msgr. Franco, who is the papal representative, the nuncio…who spoke out strongly against the parade in Jerusalem, who actually testified in my presence in front of a Knesset subcommittee shortly after arriving in Israel, so this was great. And I look forward to continued interreligious participation in a concerted way as it applies to moral issues, worldwide but especially in the Holy Land….”

An “absolute prohibition” against voting for anti-life and anti-family politicians needed

Rabbi Levin urged Catholic clergy to join with Evangelical, Jewish, and even Muslim leaders, to institute an absolute prohibition against voting for those who support anti-life and anti-family agendas.

“Occasionally I go to the Vatican, and whenever I’m there I always tell these prelates that ultimately, we have to draw a line in the sand, and there has to be a teaching from the major religions that it is absolutely positively prohibited to vote for anyone who is supportive of any part of the abortion, homosexual, or anti-religous-liberty agendas,” he said.

“Once that’s done, although it might to a certain extent thin out the pews, the remnant will be so empowered and so much stronger, and if the Catholics do this in tandem with the Southern Baptist convention in the United States and Orthodox Jews, there will be Muslims that will join, believe me this pushback is the equal and opposite reaction that we need at this late stage in the devolving culture with more and more states embracing homosexual marriage, with more attacks on religious liberty, we have only have a certain amount of years left to reverse this.”

He expressed admiration for Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), for his strong defiance of the Obama administration’s coercive contraceptive mandate, which will require religious institutions to fund contraception, including drugs that cause abortions, and urged Catholic leaders to coordinate more closely with Baptists.

“He said that Martin Luther King went to prison in Birmingham, and we are prepared to go to prison in Nashville,” noted Levin. “We never saw such strong talk from Dr. Land.” Levin added that “If tomorrow the Catholic bishops were to join with the Southern Baptist Convention, and Dr. Land were to talk about the fact that they are now contemplating this kind of a prohibition [against voting for anti-life and anti-family politicians], I promise you that politicians will take note. Will it change overnight? No. But believe me if they institute this and they take a few political scalps you won’t believe the amount of reversal we can still accomplish with God’s grace.”

Levin’s final point, which he regarded as the most important, was that ultimately, responsibility for the decaying morality of modern society lies with religious leaders, who have not acted with sufficient vigor to counteract such trends.

“Who is ultimately responsible?” he asked. “Ultimately the ones who are going to bear the responsibility for not issuing this stand and for not teaching the flock the absolute, without equivocation, uncompromising, black and white prohibition … on voting, supporting, honoring [anti-life and anti-family politicians]...are going to be the religious leaders.”

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She loves abortion, but hates adoption

by Nancy Flanders Fri Mar 23 15:23 EST Comments (154)

Jessica DelBalzo

March 23, 2012 ( -Jessica DelBalzo loves abortion. We know this because she wrote an entire post for RH Reality Check about her unwavering adoration for the legal termination of unborn children and her desire to keep abortion anything but rare. In her opinion, pro-choicers who say abortion should be rare are implying that abortion is wrong and are just trying to please pro-lifers. She writes:

Terminating a pregnancy is not an unethical act, yet suggesting that abortion should be rare implies that there is something undesirable about having one. …

Suggesting that abortion be ‘safe, legal, and rare,’ and crowing that ‘no one likes abortion,’ accomplishes nothing for women’s rights. … Rather than trying to cozy up to the forced-birth camp, women who value their freedom should be proud to say that they like abortion. In fact, they should venerate it whole-heartedly. Abortion is our last refuge, the one final, definitive instrument that secures our bodily autonomy. What’s not to love?

Apparently, without legal abortion, women would lose all control over their own bodies, and they might as well give up all of their other rights, too. But the first feminists of this country saw what abortion really is: the destruction of motherhood, which is the true gift of being a strong female. Women raise and influence future generations more than anyone. That’s power.

Click “like” if you want to end abortion!

But equally distressing as DelBalzo’s deep devotion to abortion and her belief that it gives women power is her hatred for adoption. She works diligently to eradicate legal adoption because she’d rather kill babies than give them to a loving family. As with abortion, she doesn’t want adoption rare, either. She wants it gone. Seriously.

DelBalzo operates Adoption: Legalized Lies, a self-described grassroots initiative to put an end to adoption. The front page of the group’s website shows a child happily holding a handmade sign that says, “Adoption Hurts Babies.” This is perplexing, since adoption leaves a child not only alive, but in a loving home, while abortion either burns the child to death or dismembers it limb by limb. Even if birth parents can’t raise a child, they can give their child a good life, rather than allow her body to be ripped apart and thrown into a bin of medical waste.

In addition, for all of her love of abortion, DelBalzo ironically finds adoption to be “not only unnecessary, but also unethical.” She bases most of her reasoning on the tragedies of the Baby Scoop Era, a period from 1950 through the early 1970s during which unwed mothers were forced to hide their pregnancies and give their children up for adoption. This was obviously traumatic for these young mothers, who suffered from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief. But the Baby Scoop Era ended over 30 years ago. Since the legalization of abortion immediately following the Baby Scoop Era in 1973, over 54 million unborn children have been killed, each of them unnecessarily.

Abortion is the deliberate destruction of a human life. It’s feticide. No one can successfully dispute that. It is the most unethical legal act in existence. The years from 1973 until the end of abortion will someday be known as the Baby-Killing Era. To say adoption is the unethical choice is absurd and contemptible.

While birth parents often feel loss and grief, and adopted children often grow up struggling with their own sense of self, adoption is and will always be a better option than abortion. Rather than being dead, for instance, the child is alive and, more often than not, is happy, with a chance at a successful life. Plus, with the existence of open adoption, many birth parents can remain a part of their children’s lives or hope to be a part of them in the future as the children grow.

While DelBalzo’s extreme statements push the buttons of pro-life America, she is giving pro-choice America an opportunity to contemplate their position. Most pro-choicers I know have said that they themselves would never have an abortion, which means that deep down, they know it’s unethical and unacceptable. I hope that pro-choicers, if asked to state that they love abortion, might just begin rethinking their stance.

Reprinted with permission from

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Picturing the loss of 54 million unborn babies

by Kristi Burton Brown Fri Mar 23 15:01 EST Comments (41)

How do we picture the loss of 54 million people?

March 23, 2012 ( - Since abortion was legalized throughout America in Roe v. Wade, over 54 million babies have been aborted. Fifty-four million. This automatically sounds like a huge number – nearly too large for us to comprehend. How can we picture 54 million? But in order to be passionately motivated to stop this genocide, we need to picture it. We must try.

Fifty-four million = 9 times the number of Jews killed by Hitler in World War II. Nine times the number of the Jewish Holocaust!

Fifty-four million = 58.6 percent of Generation Y and 71 percent of the Baby Boomer Generation. It is also 12 million more than the entire population of Generation X. Abortion has truly created a “lost generation.”

Let’s go with this estimate that the average American buys 4.9 pairs of shoes every year. Fifty-four million people who will never buy these shoes equals 264,600,000 pairs of shoes in one year that will never be bought or worn.

Click “like” if you want to end abortion!

The earth is 24,901.55 miles in circumference. Equating each baby aborted to one mile, 54 million abortions is equal to nearly 2,169 times around the earth. Interestingly, if you could walk the whole way (and if you didn’t stop to sleep), the average person (at two miles an hour) could walk around the world in 519 days.  Two thousand one hundred and sixty-nine times around the earth would then take 1,125,711 days to walk, which is equal to 3,084 years of walking for all the babies who have died.

In 2010, individuals ages 15-19 spent 12 minutes each weekend reading for fun and roughly 2 hours each weekend using a computer for leisure. (The babies who died would have reached this age, eventually.) That means roughly 10.5 hours of fun reading each year, for each person. And it equals 104 hours each year for computer time. That equals 6,183,000,000 (yes, billion) missing hours of fun each year.

To be extremely modest (specifically if you’re talking about me as a child), let’s say the average American child owns 10 stuffed animals. Fifty-four million babies dead means that 540 million stuffed animals were never loved, patted, hugged, and soiled by a small child.

Of course, 54 million missing babies also equals 108 million missing baby hands to play “Patty Cake” with and 540 million missing toes to play “This Little Piggy” with.

If each of the aborted children were to complete 12 school grades each, that’s 648,000,000 years of school that will never be completed.

Assuming that the people I know are typical, let’s say each parent would have taken his or her child to the park to play 46 times in one year. That’s 2,484,000,000 play dates missed in one year alone.

The Movement for a Better America has posted a flyer demonstrating that back in 2007, when 48 million abortions had taken place, this number was equal to the population of the 60 largest cities in the U.S. (Think Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Miami, and many more.) Since then, 7 million more babies have been killed – that’s the 2010 population of Los Angeles almost twice over. If the economic loss created by this many missing people interests you, listen to Dennis Howard explain.

In the end, this video is right: “We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life – the unborn – without diminishing the value of all human life.” Watch it in full below, and be motivated to stand up and speak out for the equal right to life for all human beings today.

Reprinted with permission from

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Defend the right of children to a mother and father: Slovenians urged by religious leaders

by Patrick B. Craine Fri Mar 23 14:47 EST Comments (0)

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, March 23, 2012, ( – The Slovenian government has received a stern warning from a coalition of religious leaders against loosening the country’s laws to extend adoption rights to homosexual partners.

“We have committed ourselves to defend the right of every single child to a family environment with both a father and a mother,” the statement said.

The country is having a referendum this Sunday on a bill that was passed last year by the previous “center-left” coalition government. The law was blocked by a pro-family organisation that launched the Civil Initiative for the Family and the Rights of the Child and collected the 42 thousand signatures required to call a referendum.

“We all have an obligation to protect the values of marriage and of family as a community of a husband and a wife, and children,” the statement says. It was signed by Archbishop Anton Stres, the Catholic Metropolitan of Ljubljana, Tomo Ćirković, a representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Nedžad Grabus, the mufti of the country’s Islamic community.

It urges “all citizens and civil organizations to take a stand for the defence and preservation of family values and for the adoption of appropriate legislation that would protect family life and the basic rights of children.”

“Family life is the cornerstone of every society and state, which means that the state should be in the service of the family and not the family in the service of the state.”

“We are against the new family law because it does not recognize the exceptional importance of women and men in giving birth, the personal development and upbringing of children, and does not bring new rights to children,” Ales Primc, head of the group that launched the initiative, told Reuters.

“It also paves a way for a homosexual education in the school system and we believe such an education should be followed only in agreement with parents.”

The bill proposes to give recognition to single-parent families and to loosen divorce laws for childless couples. Opponents have said that it would pave the way for legalisation of surrogate motherhood or artificial insemination for lesbian couples.

“Instead of protecting the ideal type of family, a man, a woman and their children,” the group said, “they want to place various type of living together on the same level, as if these had the same value. Doing so, they want to redefine the traditional family at the expense of Christian values.”

A public rejection of the law will require that it be withdrawn and that the Assembly cannot bring forward new legislation on the subject for a year. A poll taken earlier this month showed a slight lead for those accepting the bill, but 20.9 per cent polled as undecided, with only 35.9 per cent in favour and 26.3 per cent opposed. The poll of 504 voters found only 16.9 per cent did not intend to vote on the highly controversial issue.

The traditional family is in crisis in Slovenia, as in many post-Soviet European countries. Official figures show that 55 per cent of children are born outside marriage, and a third live with only one parent. Against this backdrop of social breakdown, homosexualist doctrines are making legal progress.

In 2006 Slovenia allowed same-sex partnerings to be formally registered, giving partners rights to inherit property and transfer pensions. The bill, passed last year by the previous Parliament with a centre-left majority, proposes to expand the existing registered partnerships to allow one partner to adopt the natural child of the other.

The successful strategy of homosexualist activists in Slovenia, as in many other countries, has been to press their case and force parliamentary change through the courts. The current law was brought forward after a July 2009 ruling by the Constitutional Court of Slovenia that found it unconstitutional to prevent registered partners from inheriting each other’s property. The ruling said that treating registered partners differently from married couples constituted discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, breaching Article 14 of the Slovenian Constitution. The court gave the National Assembly six months to bring new legislation forward.

The ruling sparked a national debate on the recognition and legitimacy of homosexual partnerings and prompted then-Minister of the Interior Katarina Kresal to announce that the coalition government intended to create same-sex “marriage” legislation within the year.

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Archdiocese of Vienna supports priest who drew the line on homosexual parish council members

by Peter Baklinski Fri Mar 23 14:27 EST Comments (16)

Florian Stangl

MISTELBACH, Austria, March 23, 2012 ( – An openly homosexual man living in a registered domestic partnership in the Archdiocese of Vienna has run against the bulwark of the Catholic Church as he sought to fill — through the support of a majority of parishioners — a vacant parish council position.

Florian Stangl, 26, received 96 out of 142 votes in a recent parish council election. But parish priest Father Gerhard Swierzek reportedly told Stangl the night before the election that the young man’s candidacy was not possible according to Church Law since he was publicly living a life contrary to Biblical values.

Father Swierzek emphasized in an interview with Kurier that he personally had no negative feelings towards the young man, but that his candidacy was simply not possible according to Canon Law.

Stangl told reporters that he made a point of living his homosexual relationship publicly in his small town. “After we closed our partnership before the authorities, we invited more than half the town to our home for a feast,” he said.

Parishioners who voted for the openly homosexual young man say they are ready to fight for their election choice. Some parishioners have told reporters that if their choice of Stangl is not honored, then they are prepared to provoke an uprising.

Stangl is already using the discrimination tactic with the Austrian public to gain their empathy and support. He nows says he feels “discriminated against” since Father Swierzek has asked him to refrain from receiving communion. “The priest has asked me not to go to communion. He said that he would not deny me, but he asked me not to.”

Austrian media has largely fallen for the discrimination tactic that has been used so successfully by homosexual activists around the globe. Stangl has been characterized by the media as a role model, “super-boy”, and ideal Christian, while the Catholic Church has been portrayed as a “centuries behind” institution that is non-democratic and non-caring. Some media reports have even claimed that Stangl was expelled from the Church.

But the Archdiocese of Vienna under the direction of Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn responded in an official statement obtained by LifeSiteNews that “people with homosexual feelings belong to the Church the same way as everybody else. The present case is no exception – and nobody has been ‘thrown out of Church’ because of his homosexual feelings, as some Media have claimed.”

The statement continued that the “Church’s maxims for a good life, which are derived from the Gospel, do not endorse homosexual partnerships and that the magisterium of the Church has spoken unambiguously against homosexual civil unions.”

“It has to be taken into account that the function of a member of the parish council is a specific ecclesiastical service for which there are specific requirements as well. One of them is commitment to the doctrine and the order of the church.”

Michael Prüller, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Vienna, e-mailed LifeSiteNews that the Archdiocese of Vienna is currently looking into the parish council’s voting procedure and will try to make personal contact with all parties involved so as to find a fair solution which respects the integrity of the affected persons and adheres to the rules of the Church.

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Supporters of Mary Wagner encourage letters of support after pro-life heroine sent back to jail

by Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Mar 23 14:15 EST Comments (2)


TORONTO, March 23, 2012 ( - Friends and supporters are urging pro-lifers to write letters to jailed pro-life heroine Mary Wagner following a hearing on March 21 where Mr. Justice S. Ford Clements sent her back to jail for an additional 92 days, added to 88 days she already served prior to trial, after finding her guilty of mischief and two counts of failing to comply with probation orders.

Not only did the Ontario Court of Justice judge put Mary back in jail, but he launched into an angry diatribe accusing her of being cowardly and abusive.

“She can sit in jail, if that’s the only way to protect people,” Clements railed, calling Wagner “cowardly” for “abusing other human beings” and not having the courage to make her views known through other channels. “This is an extraordinary waste of resources. Get a grip!”

“You’re wrong and your God’s wrong,” he continued. “You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do.”

Mary’s friend and supporter Gordon Truscott told LifeSiteNews, “If ever there were a time to write letters it is when one of our members has been unjustly used. Please contact anyone who can write and get them to write regularly to Mary.”

“Not only will she appreciate people thinking of her but it’s one of only a few ways that we have of pushing for justice,” Truscott added.

To send a letter or card to Mary in prison:

Mary Wagner
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin St., Box 1040
Milton, ON   L9T 5E6

Please follow these guidelines because the prison mailing department reads everything sent to the inmates:

1. Don’t use stickers (address, return address, pro-life) on the envelope or card.

2. Don’t send any laminated cards, bookmarks, prayer cards, pro-life pamphlets. Non-laminated items will get to her.

3. Don’t ask direct questions about daily activity of the detention centre.

4. Put your address directly in the card or letter. (Sometimes the mail sorter keeps the envelope.)

5. If you would like to send a monetary gift, it must be a money order made out to “Mary Wagner”. The detention centre will deposit the money directly to her account.

6. Many people add a variety of Christian reading material in their mailings, but a maximum of one or two pages of reading material or pamphlets may be sent. Pro-life material that shows the development of the baby but not post-abortion photos is permissible and often shared with other women in the prison. Books should not be sent because they will not be delivered.

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Toronto rally to protest gay-focused anti-bullying bill set for Thursday March 29

by Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Mar 23 14:01 EST Comments (17)


TORONTO, March 23, 2012 ( - A protest rally against Bill 13, the McGuinty government’s controversial gay-focused anti-bullying legislation, will be held Thursday March 29, 2012 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at Queens Park, Toronto.

“We have organized this rally against Bill 13 because the proposed legislation will destroy parent’s rights to guide the moral education of their own kids. It will also undermine religious freedom by forcing upon people of faith, ideas that run counter to what we teach our kids at home,” said Kim Galvao, head of Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario (CCPO).

The controversial bill aims to impose tougher consequences, including expulsion, for “bullying and hate-motivated actions.” Though it treats bullying in general, the government has laid a clear emphasis on homosexuality-related bullying. Perhaps the most controversial aspect is that it would require all of Ontario’s Catholic and public schools to set up gay-straight alliances or similar clubs.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has said he aims to reform the province’s “attitudes” on homosexuality, a process he says “should begin in the home.”

Galvao’s organization points out that while people of all faiths oppose bullying of any kind, the McGuinty government is intent on teaching human sexuality according to its own values, in opposition to the values of many of the parents they represent.

“I don’t want my children to be taught that there are 7 different genders,” said Galvao. “I don’t want my children taught that gender is unrelated to a person’s physical anatomy. I think a majority of parents agree with me.”

“It is time to stand up,” she said. “The biggest thing is to realize that we are not alone, that there are thousands of ordinary parents just like us out there who feel the same way.”

Galvao decries the rejection of input from parents and religious organizations by the McGuinty government.

“We have called our MPP’s. We have written our letters, and still we are ignored. The time to be heard is now. We cannot wait for others to speak up. Those who we thought would protect our rights have only given us silence, nodded their heads, and even patted us on the head,” she said.

The CCPO denounces the McGuinty government’s rejection of the Ontario Catholic Bishops’ position (Respecting Differences) as well as the moral teaching of other faith communities.

“Parents should come to this rally as it is the only time that our voices will be clearly heard,” Galvao said. “We cannot let the silent majority be silent. We need to have courage.  Who loves their children more than a parent?  We are doing this because we love our children. It is our vocation to protect them.”

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition said that CLC has learned of an attempt by the McGuinty government to rush the bill through the legislature.

“CLC has learned that McGuinty is sneaking the 2nd hour of second reading debate onto the floor Monday afternoon, March 26,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.

“It could well be that it’s a reaction to the rally planned for Thursday, and he is trying to move the bill ahead before public resistance builds dramatically,” he said.

Find the flyer to promote the rally here.

Two Facebook pages have been set up:

The official Stop Bill 13 Facebook fan page is available here.
The official Stop Bill 13 Facebook Event page is available here.

Find contact info for Members of Provincial Parliament.

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Dozens of university students besiege pro-life vigil, destroy signs as 10 police cruisers look on

by Patrick B. Craine Fri Mar 23 13:19 EST Comments (26)

Striking students surround the 40 Days for Life vigil site.
Pro-life signs were destroyed by the students.

MONTREAL, Quebec, March 23, 2012 ( – A raucous crowd of about 60 to 70 university students besieged four pro-life activists holding vigil at the Montreal 40 Days for Life campaign on Wednesday afternoon, destroying their signs as 10 police cruisers looked on, says the campaign leader.

“Four vigilers were swarmed by a throng of disgruntled university students,” Brian Jenkins of Campagne Quebec-Vie told LifeSiteNews. “After this experience I better appreciate the meaning of spiritual warfare.”

The students were a breakaway group from the crowd of tens of thousands of university students protesting this week against a decision by the government of Premier Jean Charest to hike tuition by $1,625 per year. The sheer volume of protesters has reportedly shut down traffic in Montreal’s downtown area.

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Jenkins said the youth descended on them at about 4:45 p.m. “Wherever we turned there they were - in front, behind, to our right, to our left,” he said. “The crowd was raucous. Led with blowhorn, chants were sung. Many motorists encouraged them on and the mob reacted jubilantly whenever a car horn was blown.”

The protesters broke the support frame for the 40 Days for Life banner and stole several of the frame’s struts, while leaving a 12-inch gash in the banner itself.

“The outcome of our other materials was not as kind,” Jenkins said. “Our enlarged fetal picture despite being broken in two was saved from any further damage by one of the vigil participants.”

The protest lasted until around 6:00 p.m. The pro-lifers say they were able to have more fruitful conversation toward the end when the more boisterous protesters left.

Jenkins said a Sgt. Filion explained to him that he had not ordered police intervention because they did not have enough officers.

“And so, for over an hour the vigilers prayed and tried to dissuade the youth as much as they could,” says Jenkins.

In the end, he says, police levied fines on three of the university students.

Tags: 40 days for life, abortion

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PHOTOS: ‘This is tyranny’: tens of thousands decry HHS mandate in 146 nationwide protests

by Kathleen Gilbert Fri Mar 23 12:47 EST Comments (133)

Lila Rose addresses the crowd in Washington
Star Parker addresses the crowd in Washington
The huge crowd in St. Paul, Minneapolois
Rally in Houston, Texas
Rally in New York

Created with flickr slideshow.

Christine Dhanagom contributed to this report.

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2012 ( - Another “Occupy” movement has just rocked the United States of America - but with a very different message.

Tens of thousands of men and women gathered in 146 protests on Friday, joining a grassroots effort that organizers say grew far beyond expectations. The rallies were held to protest the Obama administration mandate forcing religious universities, charities, and other groups to pay for abortifacient drugs and other birth control for students and employees.

But while the purpose of the Occupy protests last Fall was sometimes criticized as being somewhat hazy, the message of this event was clear. According to the Friday rallies, the HHS mandate is not a birth control issue, but a religious freedom issue, and a challenge to fight that won’t be ignored.

One fulcrum of the national protests was Washington, D.C., where about 1,500-2,000 gathered on a hot and sunny afternoon before the Health and Human Services building. Beneath the windows of HHS offices was heard the chanting of “We will not comply,” car horns honking in solidarity, and the rallying cries of several prominent speakers, including Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life, conservative activist Star Parker, and Lila Rose of Live Action.

Hawkins put the issue in blunt terms, stating simply, “This is tyranny.”

“We are being told that our beliefs, our conscience, no longer matters,” said the pro-life youth leader. “What stops them from targeting someone else next?”

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In a speech that elicited a strong reaction from the crowd, Star Parker said that, “No more should my auto insurance cover your tune-up should my health insurance cover your sex life. Not your Viagra, not your condoms, not your birth control devices, not your abortions.”

Lila Rose highlighted the interests of abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood, the leading lobbyist in favor of the mandate, and criticized the progressive talking point that standing against the mandate was a “war on women.” “The very group that’s manipulating, victimizing women - you talk about a war on women, that’s the war on women,” said Rose, whose investigations have famously unveiled Planned Parenthood’s abetting of sex traffickers and child rapists.

Rallies in 145 other locations showed evidence of similar zeal across the United States.

Over 1,000 gathered under the shadow of George Washington’s statue on the steps of Federal Hall in New York, while hundreds more gathered from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., to Winston-Salem, NC, to Ann Arbor, Mich., to a rainy Cincinnati, Oh.

Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, one of the lead organizers of the event, estimated that there were around 1,500 people present in Chicago, despite the pouring rain. While the rain killed the rally’s public announcement system, Scheidler said, “We soldier on.”

2,200 were reported in St. Paul, Minnesota, where HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was visiting Friday.

A rally in the small town of Front Royal, Virginia - where the Occupy movement protest last year consisted of two - drew 200.

Local media reported 400 attendees in Livingston, “hundreds” in Grand Rapids, 500 in Allentown, 150 in Rochester, “hundreds” in Omaha, “hundreds” in Ann Arbor, “hundreds” in Toledo, “over 600” in Buffalo, “hundreds” in Goshen, and “hundreds” in Evansville.

The protest even appears to have gone international: a Youtube video posted on Facebook rally pages shows a demonstration of solidarity in Pakistan.

During a rally of about 100 in Germantown, Md., a noticeable number of drivers honked and waved in support - and participants lamented the fate of healthcare under the anti-Catholic effects of the mandate.

“If this HHS mandate goes through, the backbone of so much of the healthcare in the United States Is going to collapse because it’s Catholic,” Fr. Francis Martin, chaplain of the local Catholic lay group Mother of God Community, told

Another Catholic priest, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo of the Archdiocese of Washington said at the D.C. rally that the mandate is not only “worse than Roe v. Wade” because it will directly coerce people of faith, but that this coercion is part and parcel of the administration’s ultimate goal.

“The one thing this anti-freedom of religion mandate is not about, is contraception,” said the priest, who noted that the country is already “flooded” with birth control.

“If you attempt to nationalize 1/6 of our economy - the health care sector - you need to get rid of intermediate structures in society, the churches and other institutions stand as a buffer zone between the state and the citizen,” he said.

“Some people don’t like that.”

Carolina Agostino, a Virginia schoolteacher attending the D.C. rally, agreed that the mandate would mark a seismic shift for America.

“I cannot believe that this is happening in our country, the United States of America,” said Agostino, who emigrated to America from Uruguay as a teenager. “You can expect it from other countries maybe, but not the United States.”

Despite the spirit of opposition, the crowds were joyful and peaceful: the only police interference at the D.C. rally was to ask children not to climb the concrete pylons.

Some speakers even saw the administration’s “war on the Church,” for all the danger, in a positive light, and called to attention the long-overdue nature of the debate over how religious freedom and sexual morality intersect.

“The Church has been called out ot defend its position as a moral authority in this great country,” said Star Parker. “The bright side of this government overreach [is that it] gives us reason to have a conversation that we should have had way back in the 60s.”

Pat Mahoney, leader of the Christian Defense Coalition and emcee of the D.C. event assured his audience that the movement against the mandate would not end in tandem with the last of Friday’s rallies.

“This is just a starting line,” he said.


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Never again!: Canadian TV station airs disturbingly pro-eugenics euthanasia program

by Alex Schadenberg Fri Mar 23 11:30 EST Comments (17)

Children who were killed in Nazi Germany's T4 euthanasia program. The program grew out of exactly the same sort of pro-eugenics propaganda being promoted by the Global TV program.
Robert Latimer with his daughter Tracy

March 23, 2012 ( - I was shocked by the eugenic one-sided pro-euthanasia program that was aired by Global television last Saturday (March 17, 2012) night at 7 pm. The show, aired on the station’s “16x9 program,” entitled Taking Mercy, featured Robert Latimer, Annette Corriveau, and pro-euthanasia ethicist Arthur Schaefer.

The program offered a live blog for people to make comments about the show.

Latimer was convicted of second degree murder in the 1993 death of his daughter Tracy, and served 10 years in prison. When interviewed, Latimer suggested that he would do it again. Tracy lived with cerebral palsy.

The 16 x 9 story omits significant facts in its attempt to sympathetically re-write the history of the Latimer case.  Latimer was offered a permanent care space for Tracy, but turned the offer down because he had already decided to kill her. The show ignores the fact that Tracy went to school, loved music, and was well aware of her surroundings. The show omitted the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously decided that Latimer should serve the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in jail for second degree murder.

The story of Annette Corriveau, the mother of two adult children Janet and Jeffrey who have significant disabilities, was also featured. Coriveau wants her adult children with disabilities euthanized. Janet and Jeffery appear to be well-cared for by the institution that they permanently reside in. It was disconcerting to watch a program where a mother was vocally advocating to have her children’s lives ended.

Has our society forgotten its history? Have we forgotten how eugenic attitudes led to the destruction of the lives of thousands of people with disabilities?

To learn more, visit the websites of the United States Holocaust Museum and the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team, which shows that the propaganda portrayed in the 16 x 9 program supports the same eugenic ideas and goals that the eugenic movement in the late 19th and early 20th century promoted, ideas that led to the Nazi Euthanasia Program.

Many people believe that the Nazi Euthanasia Program was based on the unique evil ideology of the Nazi Party of Germany. However, the eugenic ideology was a socially and politically successful movement that existed throughout Europe and North America beginning in the nineteenth century. Books such as “The Right to Death” (1895), promoted by the eugenics movement, led to the writing of “The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life” (1920)  by Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche. This book justified the killing of people who were incurably sick, feeble minded, retarded, deformed, etc. This book became the handbook for the eugenic movement in Germany.

The eugenic movement emphasized the appearance of people with disabilities to suggest that certain traits were less human. It is sad that Annette Corriveau emphasized the change in the appearance of her children related to their medical condition (“bushy eyebrows”).

The Nazi euthanasia program was launched in 1939 after Adolf Hitler received a letter from Richard Kretschmar, the father of an infant (referred to as “Case K” or the ‘Knauer child’). Historians now know that the child was Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar.

The letter stated that Gerhard was born on February 20, 1939, that he was blind, had one leg and part of one arm was missing and was described as “an idiot”. Hitler sent his personal physician, Karl Brant, to visit the child in a hospital in Leipzig. Brant testified at the Nurembourg trial that he had been instructed that if the letter from the father was correct that the physicians at the hospital would be told that euthanasia could be carried out - in Hitler’s name. Gerhard was euthanized on July 25, 1939.

History proves that the German T4 euthanasia program began with a parent’s request for euthanasia and in the end resulted in the deaths of 200,000 to 275,000 people with disabilities.

It is a fact that the technique of gassing large numbers of people to death was developed in the psychiatric hospitals for euthanasia and then later installed in the death camps to kill millions of people.

The eugenic euthanasia program that began in 1939 was based on the same propaganda portrayed in the 16 x 9 Global television that justified euthanasia for two adults with disabilities, and to re-write the history the Latimer case.

It takes one bad case to make a bad law. It takes one bad law to change a culture.

Once a culture decides that there are some lives that are not worth living and decides to kill those people, then everything changes.

The question we ask in society changes from, “Is it right for one person to be given the right to kill another?” to “When is it right for one person to be given the right to kill another?”

This is a eugenic ideology that can only lead to the destruction of many lives which are deemed life unworthy of life. I say NEVER AGAIN.

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As parents up in arms, complaint filed against gay public school teacher who bashed Christianity

by Peter Baklinski Fri Mar 23 11:25 EST Comments (23)

Laura Wolfson

DUNDAS, Ontario, March 23, 2012 ( – Trustees of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) are lending their ears to the growing clamor of parents and ratepayers who want to know what happened on November 23rd, 2011 at Parkside High School in Dundas during a school-wide gay-straight alliance (GSA) assembly when a guest speaker reportedly tried to convince the audience that biblical teaching on homosexuality is obsolete, archaic and “wrong.”

The controversy over Parkside’s November GSA assembly has only gained momentum as Premier Dalton McGuinty gears up for a vote on his new anti-bullying legislation, Bill 13, which critics say conceals a radical homosexual agenda that would trample on religious freedom and parental rights. A key element of McGuinty’s bill involves forcing all school boards to permit openly homosexual, student-run GSAs.

One ratepayer Derek Kerr told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that he was “shocked and dismayed” by the response he received from Paul Barwinski, Parkside’s principal, when he asked questions about the “gay speaker who had re-interpreted the Bible and Catholicism to push her own social agenda on staff and students.”

“Mr. Barwinski began by asking me if I had any children who attended Parkside High School to which I answered ‘no’, I had not, and that I didn’t feel that it was relevant [since] my property taxes go the public board and I am a public school elector,” said Kerr. Kerr was not pleased that Barwinski “refused to answer” any of his questions, telling the ratepayer that he would only speak to parents of children who attend the high school.

Kerr told LSN that he was frustrated that “no one is willing to come forward to address my concerns.”

Dundas trustee Jessica Brennan wrote in an email to one concerned parent, the contents of which were leaked to LifeSiteNews, that the GSA assembly was “never intended to harm or disrespect anyone or their religion.”

“At the assembly, three current Parkside students and three former Parkside students spoke about their personal experiences in telling those around them that they were gay. The guest speaker spoke about e [sic] her religion and commented on her personal perspective regarding other faith traditions.”

Jackie Penman, HWDSB’s Corporate Communications Manager confirmed to LSN that the guest speaker was Laura Wolfson, a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers who reportedly identified herself at the GSA assembly as a lesbian and youth worship leader from a synagogue and held herself out to be an authority on Old Testament Scripture.

Sources, who do not wish to be identified for fear of reprisals, told LSN that during the speech Wolfson sought to discredit Catholic beliefs by suggesting that since the eating of fish on Fridays by Catholics is no longer adhered to, neither should its beliefs on homosexuality.

Wolfson would not respond to LSN’s repeated attempts to contact her for comment.

LifeSiteNews requested a copy of Wolfson’s speech from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board so as to examine the accuracy of the source’s information, but HWDSB’s Communications Officer Mark Taylor declined the request for the speech.

LifeSiteNews has since filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain Wolfson’s speech.

Terry McFadden, organizer and co-MC of the Parkside GSA assembly, blogged that Wolfson was invited to the assembly to “address the boundaries some students face when confused about their sexuality, namely their religious beliefs.”

Wolfson reportedly started her treatment of Scripture in her speech by defining the word “abomination,” after which she pointed out that two offenses other than homosexuality that are labeled “abominations” in the Bible are things as common as not keeping the Sabbath holy and getting drunk. Since no one now would consider these two acts “abominations,” then homosexual acts also must not be condemned as wrong, she reportedly argued.

One concerned parent, who also wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, told LSN that they found the incident to be “pure brainwashing.”

“This wasn’t about safety or bullying. This was about discrediting Judeo-Christian beliefs [and] a complete bastardization of Scripture,” the parent said.

East Mountain HWDSB trustee Laura Peddle told LSN that after reviewing the speech, which was circulated to trustees as part of an Issue Note from the board, she could “understand how it would be offensive to traditional beliefs.”

“I can understand why different people with different beliefs would perceive it [the speech] as being more offensive than others would,” she said. Peddle noted that she herself does not hold traditional beliefs.

Peddle mentioned that after the board looked into the matter, they came back with “recommendations to make sure that everybody remembers what they have to do to make sure that the speakers are appropriate for a school setting.”

Chair of the HWDSB Board Tim Simmons told LSN that “whenever we have guest speakers they have to recognize the diverse community, the diverse audience, that they might be speaking to and be respectful around that. Everybody has to do that.”

“My concern is less about what was said because what’s said has been said. [My concern] is about if anything inappropriate was said, that it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Central Mountain HWDSB trustee Lillian Orban told LSN that she would consider the reported content of Wolfson’s speech to be a “bullying statement.”

“In my opinion, if I read the policy on bullying, that [Wolfson’s speech] would be deemed to be a bullying statement,” she said.

Orban mentioned that she is a staunch supporter of what she called “religious accommodation” in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholics told LSN that he had previously sent a letter to the Minister of Education demanding an official investigation into what he perceived as a “serious violation” of the Education Act.

Ontario’s Education Act states that it is the “duty of a teacher” to “inculcate by precept and example respect for religion and the principles of Judaeo-Christian morality” (264.1 (c)).

When Dominic learned that Parkside’s GSA assembly speaker is a certified teacher, he said that Campaign Life Catholics would file a complaint against Wolfson with the Ontario College of Teachers.

“Teachers in the secular public school board are required by the Education Act to inculcate respect for religion and the principles of Judaeo-Christian morality,” Dominic told LSN.

“They’re also prohibited by the Act from engaging in indoctrinatory religious exercises,” he said, adding that “what Wolfson did was clearly an indoctrinatory religious exercise and showed disrespect for religion and Judeo-Christian morality.”

“Disciplinary action is required. We will file an official complaint with the College of Teachers.”

To respectfully express concerns, contact the following:

1. Education Minister Laurel Broten (Liberal)
Phone: 416-259-2249
Constituency office: 100-701 Evans Ave., Etobicoke, M9C 1A3

2. Education Critic Lisa MacLeod (Progressive Conservative)
Phone: 613-823-2116
Constituency office: 3500 Fallowfield Rd., Unit 10, Nepean ON, K2J 4A7

3. Premier Dalton McGuinty
Phone: 613-736-9573
Constituency office: 1795 Kilborn Ave, Ottawa, K1H 6N1

4. Tim Hudak, Leader of the Opposition
Phone: 905-563-1755
Constituency office: M1-4961 King St E., Bearnsville, L0R 1B0

5. MPP for your riding. Find their contact info here.

6. Catholic Bishops of Ontario contact info can be found here.

7. Trustees page of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board here.

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Obama admin drops charges against pro-lifer

by Kathleen Gilbert Fri Mar 23 10:22 EST Comments (17)

Peter Breen executive director & legal counsel of the Thomas More Society.

DENVER, March 23, 2012 ( - Federal charges have been dropped against a pro-lifer from Denver, Colo., who was accused by the Obama administration of illegally “obstructing” women on their way into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic reportedly because customers stopping their cars to receive his literature blocked the driveway.

On Thursday Thomas More Society attorneys announced that they secured an agreement from the U.S. Attorney General’s office to dismiss all of the civil charges pending against Kenneth Scott, who had been accused of physically obstructing clients and employees of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains abortion facility.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s office filed suit last year in Denver’s federal district court, charging Scott with ten separate violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, asking the court to assess a $10,000 civil fine and an injunction keeping him 25 feet away from the abortion facility. The original lawsuit also charged Scott’s wife Jo Ann, who agreed to pay $750 each to two women to settle her end of the suit.

The Thomas More Society, which represented Mr. Scott, noted on its website that “Holder’s theory is that Ken is ‘obstructing’ other traffic when women needing help stop their cars to speak with and receive literature from Ken.”

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Federal officials dropped the suit after a January ruling by United States District Judge Philip Brimmer, who denied the federal government’s bid for a preliminary injunction, saying that the government had failed to prove it was reasonably likely to prevail at trial.

The settlement included an agreement by defendants not to seek remuneration for legal costs.

According to an AP report, Peter Breen, executive director & legal counsel of the Thomas More Society, said that Scott “absolutely” plans to continue his sidewalk counseling.

“This is a monumental vindication of the free speech rights of those who offer assistance at the nation’s abortion clinics,” said Breen in a press release Thursday. Breen noted that the charges against Scott, “like a flurry of other charges the Justice Department recently has brought against pro-lifers all over the country, were fundamentally flawed and repugnant to the United States Constitution.”

Another victim of Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act charges, Mary Susan Pine, will be returning to court in Florida after the administration offered a one-sentence appeal to a federal judge’s dismissal of a case deemed extraordinarily lacking in basis.

After considering the total lack of evidence brought by federal officials, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp went so far as to ponder the point of the lawsuit.

“The Court can only wonder whether this action was the product of a concerted effort between the Government and the [Presidential Women’s Center], which began well before the date of the incident at issue, to quell Ms. Pine’s activities rather than to vindicate the rights of those allegedly aggrieved by Ms. Pine’s conduct,” he wrote.

Tags: abortion, face act, planned parenthood

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Stories of Life: October Baby and Doonby hit the theatres

by Chuck Colson Fri Mar 23 10:11 EST Comments (3)


March 23, 2012 ( - Movies that deal with the sanctity of life are suddenly in the news. One of these, the long anticipated independent film Doonby, is scheduled to open in theaters later this year. And another one, October Baby, opens in theaters today, Friday, March 23.

Both of these films delve deeply and fearlessly into an issue that the entertainment industry has rarely been brave enough to tackle.

But of course, the biggest question is, how do they handle that issue? As I’ve said more than once, Christian filmmakers must always remember that a movie needs to be a movie, not a sermon. Movies reach people not by preaching at them, but by telling stories — stories that resonate with us and move us.

And that’s what these filmmakers are doing. They tell stories about people whose lives have been deeply, permanently affected by abortion. And in doing so, they remind us of the human dimension of an issue that’s too often treated as nothing more than a political football.

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In October Baby, we have the story of Hannah, a college student suddenly hit with earth-shattering news. Not only is she adopted, but her biological mother had tried to abort her. Her overprotective adoptive parents had tried to shield her from the truth, but the lingering health problems caused by the procedure finally force them to tell her what happened.

The devastating news propels Hannah on a journey to learn more about her origins, but she finds out even more than she bargained for.

Hannah’s cinematic story was inspired by the real-life story of Gianna Jessen. Gianna was born with cerebral palsy after a botched abortion and has become a celebrated pro-life speaker. After watching October Baby, Giann said that watching the film was a healing experience for her.

For those of us who haven’t been through anything like what Gianna has, the film is a valuable glimpse at experiences that we can hardly begin to imagine. It raises awareness of the unseen person who is always involved in an abortion, and asks us to identify with that person in a way that we never have before.

But another one of October Baby’s strengths is that it doesn’t present only a single perspective. Hannah talks with a nurse involved with her abortion. She learns about a clinic bombing that affected that nurse’s life.

The film, you see, doesn’t do any demonizing; it shows the pain that surrounds this issue for everybody, from the abortion-minded mother to the adoptive parents dealing with the fallout of her decision.

As I mentioned, October Baby, which is rated PG-13 for mature themes, opens today. Come to, and we’ll link you to the movie’s website so you can see if it’s playing at a theater near you. Then go and see this strong yet sensitive depiction of the human side of abortion, and take your friends.

As October Baby and Doonby show, a good story can do so much — even more than a sermon or a lecture — to reach people and help them look at life in a whole new way.

And we Christians would do well to support films and filmmakers that do just that.

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‘The thing that frightens our opponents most’ is ‘an evangelical-Catholic alliance’

by Ben Johnson Fri Mar 23 07:54 EST Comments (49)


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, March 22, 2012, ( – Politicians usually calculate every action to maximize their popularity among future voters, especially during an election year. But a prominent leader of the nation’s second largest denomination says President Barack Obama’s HHS mandate has the potential to unite Catholics and Protestants into a coalition that will turn him out of office in November.

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said, “The thing that frightens our opponents the most is the specter of an evangelical-Catholic alliance – because they can count.” He told listeners of his radio program, Richard Land Live, “You take evangelicals, and you take Roman Catholics, and you are over 50 percent of the population of the country.”

Land said, while two-thirds of Baptists voted for “born again” candidate Jimmy Carter in 1976, the vote began to turn against Democrats in the 1980s.

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Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount that Catholic voters are turning against the president as the election nears.

On Thursday Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, cited a new poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life that found the number of white Catholics who saw the Obama administration as “hostile” to religion climbed from 17 percent in 2009 to 31 percent. In a press release e-mailed to, he said, “It is not hard to fathom why the Obama administration is having a hard time with Catholics.” In addition to the HHS mandate, “the administration recently denied funding to a Catholic social service agency that helps women and children merely because it is pro-life.”

Looking ahead to the election Donahue said, “Everyone knows that Protestants vote Republican, and Jews vote Democrat. It’s Catholics who are up for grabs.”

Exit polls show in 2008, 78 percent of Jewish voters supported Obama, and 73 percent of evangelical Christians voted for John McCain. Meanwhile, 54 percent of Catholics cast their ballots for Obama. In 2004, they narrowly favored George W. Bush over fellow Catholic John Kerry. 

Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the 10,000-member First Baptist Church of Dallas, told that Southern Baptists tend to vote for candidates who share their convictions about life and faith, not because of anything their church is doing, but because more conservative people are drawn to evangelical churches.

“Frankly, I’m disappointed that more pastors in the Southern Baptist church don’t encourage their members to get out and vote,” he told LifeSiteNews. “Our primary mission is to win people to faith in Jesus Christ, but we’re also called to be salt, preservatives in our society to prevent a premature collapse of our society.”

For generations, Christians saw politics as something dirty or beneath them. Pastor Jeffress disagrees. “Politics simply means to be influencing the culture in which you’re living,” he said. “I believe as Christians we are called to influence our culture.”

He dedicated a chapter in his book Twilight’s Last Gleaming to ministers, entitled “For Pastors Only.”

“I believe pastors need to boldly stand, not for partisan politics, but for Biblical issues like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage, and encourage their people to vote for those who uphold those Biblical standards,” he told

Signs of a burgeoning evangelical-Catholic alliance against the secular state are multiplying. In February, members of the Southern Baptist Convention sat side-by-side Catholic Bishop William Lori in a House Oversight Committee hearing to defend religious liberty.

Land’s comments came during an interview promoting the new book Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late by Southern Baptist televangelist James Robison and Roman Catholic scholar Jay Richards. 

Former Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee told the CPAC convention in Washington, D.C., “We are all Catholics now.”

It is unclear how important such an alliance will be to the president’s re-election prospects, let alone future Democrats’ electoral fortunes. Strategists say Obama will be the first president to entirely write off white working class voters. If unaddressed, changing demographics will marginalize the shrinking white vote as they have other decreasing ethnic groups.

Jeffress, who caused a controversy when he endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry in the Republican presidential primaries last October, said preachers need to regain a sense of their prophetic ministry to the broader culture.

“In the Bible, prophets didn’t just speak to their own people, but they actually confronted ungodly cultures and ungodly leaders,” he said.


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Only 2 days left!

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Remember, the deck is stacked against us when it comes to resources. The big media moguls have thousands of people working for their corporations, a seemingly infinite amount of money, and governments in their back pocket.

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