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How will we defeat Obamacare?

by Steve Jalsevac Wed Jun 27 18:51 EST Comments (8)

U.S. Supreme Court

With the TRUTH!

At LifeSiteNews, we understand the importance of truth.  We know from experience that it is truthful, accurate reporting that will equip pro-life leaders and grassroots activists in their battle to overturn the decision made today to undermine our Constitutionally protected liberties.

The devastating decision by the Supreme Court today, which was immediately welcomed by Planned Parenthood as a major victory for the anti-life cause, only serves to reinforce the need for pro-life and pro-family Americans to step up and increase their efforts in support of life.

LifeSiteNews has been there every step of the way during this fight over the abortion-expanding health care reform law. We have produced hundreds of reports, shining a light on the profoundly anti-life aspects of the legislation.

But the fight has only begun.

We want to be there to continue to report on new developments regarding Obamacare as leaders and activists forge ahead.

We also want to be there to report on new threats to the culture of life that will inevitably arise as a result of this destructive ruling.

And we want to provide the necessary and vital information YOU need to know so that the truth can reach MORE people, and hearts and minds will be changed.

You, and millions of other culture of life warriors depend on LifeSiteNews’ reports every month to inform and activate you.

As life, faith, family, and culture face one of the most menacing threats in decades, LifeSiteNews must focus all of its energy and resources on fighting this law, equipping life and family leaders and activists, and keeping you informed!

Your support today ensures that LifeSiteNews will continue to lead the way in culture of life news reporting.

Donate today and help LifeSiteNews fight this battle
with the greatest weapon we have at our disposal - TRUTH.

For the Culture of Life,

Steve Jalsevac
Managing Director

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Soros-funded think tank proclaims ‘Blacks are rapidly evolving’ on marriage redefinition

by Ben Johnson Wed Jun 27 18:37 EST Comments (14)

Elder Dr. Levon Yuille.
Elder Dr. Levon Yuille.

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 27, 2012, ( – The Center for American Progress (CAP), a D.C.-based liberal think tank, posted a headline on its website on Monday that proclaimed American “blacks are rapidly evolving” on redefining the institution of marriage. 

The organization – founded in 2003 by John Podesta, who served as Bill Clinton’s last chief of staff – is one of Washington’s most influential think tanks, dubbed “Obama’s idea factory” by Time magazine. CAP has received $7.3 million from billionaire George Soros’ tax-exempt foundations.

“I believe if one of our conservative news outlet would print a headline like this, Jackson and Sharpton would collide racing to the mic to denounce this type of headline as racist,” Elder Levon Yuille, a national pro-life leader and pastor of The Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan, wrote in an e-mail sent to

“Regrettably, these two men have been appointed spokespersons for the black race without every running for this distinction in the black community,” Dr. Yuille wrote. “They are puppets who are well paid to misrepresent the values of their community.”

Click “like” if you want to defend true marriage.

The CAP blog entry, which is unsigned, claims support for same-sex “marriage” among blacks is “now solidly above 55 percent.” However, the Public Policy Polling survey, which questioned blacks who live in North Carolina, found 55 percent of blacks support marriages or “civil unions.” Only 27 percent of respondents supported same-sex nuptials. More than twice as many, 59 percent, opposed homosexual weddings.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted shortly after President Obama’s announcement that he supported marriage redefinition found that 59 percent of black respondents supported the president – but the Post called this “a tentative result because of the relatively small sample of black voters in the poll.”

Rev. Johnny Hunter, a pro-life leader who led the fight to preserve marriage in North Carolina, told, black pastors and churchgoers remain firmly committed to the Biblical definition of marriage.

“The majority of black pastors have said that they would go to jail before being forced to marry two men or two women,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Dr. Yuille agreed. “I believe that the under fifty group is not as conservative as the over fifty group, but I believe they still have slightly more against same sex marriages as for it,” he wrote. “The NAACP, Jacksons, and Sharptons do not represent this group in their pronouncements regarding these moral issues.”

Dr. Hunter said, while the overwhelming majority of blacks will vote for Obama in November, some have “stayed true to their core Christian values over skin color.”

Supporting marriage redefinition is already impacting Christian churches and sanctuaries. “In Hawaii and New Jersey pastors have learned that in a state that recognizes same-sex unions, though pastors are exempted from performing them, the church facilities are not exempt,” Dr. Hunter wrote. “Therefore, if a homosexual wanted to use church property to hold their wedding, the church cannot deny them without being hit with a discrimination lawsuit.”

Earlier this week, the Atlanta BlackStar noted that, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll, overall American support for same-sex “marriage” has not changed since Obama’s announcement.

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New fund launched to defend women, children from forced abortions in China

by Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 27 17:44 EST Comments (9)

Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid

June 27, 2012 ( - A leading advocate against forced abortions in China is harnessing renewed international interest in the human rights atrocity with a fund aimed at helping victims and putting an end to the Communist country’s coercive population control once and for all.

“The clock has started ticking on China’s forced abortion policy,” Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid said in an announcement June 19 at the launch of the Chinese Children Defense Fund.

Officials say the Fund will help hire lawyers to defend families bullied into abortions by population control officials, pay exorbitant fines levied for unauthorized pregnancies, and collect more information about the coercive tactics of China’s one-child policy.

The new initiative is being launched after a stunning photograph of a young Chinese woman lying next to her late-term aborted baby exploded across the world online earlier this month, even prompting China to promise “investigations.” However, the husband of the woman, who posted the photograph on the Internet, is now in hiding, and the woman herself says no investigation is ongoing, and instead the family continues to be harassed for going to the media.

Shortly after that story broke, another Chinese woman came forward to describe her own forced abortion in 2008, when her nearly full-term baby was killed and her womb, cervix, and an ovary removed in a botched sterilization that left her disabled with severe kidney malfunction. When the woman tried to protest the government over the matter, she says the Deputy Minister of the Family Planning Committee responded by saying, “I removed the uteruses of one thousand women, and no one dared to say a word to me.”

A third woman, Cao Ruyi, who is five months pregnant, is currently receiving urgent help from ChinaAid to raise money for a deposit on a massive fine before she is forcibly aborted.

The women’s stories emerged after the high-profile escape of blind lawyer and forced-abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng last month, who fled extra-judicial beatings and home imprisonment by Chinese officials, and arrived in America with his family.

“With the viral response from China’s netizens, the clock has started ticking on China’s forced abortion policy. We stand by ready to help anyone who is victimized in this way,” said Fu, who was a key liaison between Chen and advocates in the United States.

The international community, he said, should pressure the Chinese government “to end a practice that makes modern China look barbaric and backward.”

Click here to donate to the Chinese Children Defense Fund.

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Turkish gov’t drops plan to lower abortion time limit

by Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jun 27 17:01 EST Comments (2)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

ANKARA, June 27, 2012 ( - The Turkish government has abandoned a plan to lower the abortion time limit in the wake of demonstrations opposing the change.

Earlier this month Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan incurred the wrath of the country’s pro-abortion feminists by proposing to reduce the limit on abortions to the first four to six weeks of pregnancy, from the current 10 weeks, a measure that critics complained would virtually eliminate surgical abortions in the country.

“The government has backed away from initial plans to curb abortion rights,” a parliamentary source told AFP, reportedly on condition of anonymity.

Abortion has been legal in Turkey since 1965 for medical reasons and was extended as a “right” to women within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy in 1983.

Other members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) reiterated the anonymous statement, adding, however, that the government believes abortion should not be a form of contraception or “family planning.”


AKP legislator Nurettin Canikli told the Turkish daily Hurriyet, “The abortion issue is off the agenda. No legislation will be introduced to the parliament on this issue,” while Health Minister Recep Akdag said, “The matter is not ‘to ban or not to ban’ abortion. The matter is to let a new understanding prevail in Turkey compatible with certain principles and enact new regulations.”

“Abortion should never be a family planning method, or a method to prevent an unintended pregnancy,” Akdag added.

In May, Erdogan made a statement linking abortion and the increasing number of Caesarean births to an international population control agenda. Abortion, he said, was murder.

“No one should have the right to authorize it. Whether you kill the baby within the womb of his mother, or kill him after his birth, there’s no difference,” said Erdogan according to a Reuters report.

The prime minister also said that the purpose of abortion is “to prevent this country’s population from growing further.”

“I see abortion as murder, and I call upon those circles and members of the media who oppose my comments: You live and breathe Uludere. I say every abortion is an Uludere,” Erdogan stated, referring to a Turkish air raid in 2011 that accidentally killed 34 civilians on the Turkish-Iraqi border near the village of Uludere.

The prime minister also denounced the country’s epidemic level of C-section births, which he said have reached fifty percent of all births and are limiting population growth because of the harm the procedure can inflict on women.

Erdogan said he knows that “all of this is being done on purpose” as part of a population control campaign.

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Massachusetts pro-lifers race to sell 3,000 ‘Choose Life’ license plates by end of June

by Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jun 27 16:36 EST Comments (3)


WAKEFIELD, MA, June 27, 2012 ( - The organization that produces “Choose Life” license plates in Massachusetts needs to get over 350 more of the specialty plates registered by the end of June before they can distribute any more funds to support pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy centres.

The president of Massachusetts Choose Life, Merry Nordeen, explained to LifeSiteNews that when the organization first ordered the plates, they were required to put up a $100,000 insurance bond. This bond protected the state from any losses associated the plates, in case not enough of them sold to cover the costs of manufacturing and distributing them to the RMVs.

Under Massachusetts law, the RMV holds the bond to make sure that organizations offering specialty fund-raising plates put 3,000 registered tags on the road, before returning the down payment. If the organization doesn’t meet the 3,000 deadline, then they could be assessed and lose a portion of the bond.

“When the plate first went on the road, we actually delivered 1,700 applications so we received a fairly good-sized sum of money from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. We immediately started sending thousand-dollar grants out to the pregnancy resource centers and asking them to just promote the plate in return,” Mrs. Nordeen said.


“So far Massachusetts Choose Life has donated $56,212 to local pro-life non-profit groups through the plate program, with money going to opening new pregnancy resource centers, funding existing centers, and providing training for pro-life volunteers, but with $100,000 tied up further donating remains curtailed,” Mrs. Nordeen told LifeSiteNews.

At the same time, Nordeen says that she wants to assure pro-lifers that the situation is not dire.

“It’s pretty much a soft deadline — I don’t want to scare people,” Nordeen told The Anchor. “The RMV does not intend to revoke the license plate. They try very hard not to do that. But technically we haven’t yet met the initial sales quota.”

Once a total of 3,000 of the pro-life plates are registered, all money coming in from the plates will continue to reach pro-life groups even if the number of registered plates actually on the road drops below 3,000 afterward.

“We are so very close,” Mrs. Nordeen said.

“If you have been thinking about getting a Choose Life license plate but haven’t yet, now is the time.  Choose Life license plate owners can really make a difference for these centers, for the people who run them and for the women they help.”

The Massachusetts Choose Life license plates are available on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

For more information visit the Massachusetts Choose Life website here.

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Bishop Fred Henry: Calgary’s advocates of HPV vaccine are not doctors of souls

by Patrick B. Craine Wed Jun 27 14:15 EST Comments (1)


Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary provided the following statement to on June 26, 2012.

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada in its recommendations re HPV prevention states as its first recommendation: “Counselling and other educational activities should stress (a) that abstinence is the most efficient way to prevent HPV infection but must include avoidance of “not only penetration of the vagina or the anus but also any anogenital contact and the sharing of sex toys.”

In Catholic education, we take that very seriously and we seek to teach students about the beauty and nature of human sexuality, marriage and conjugal love, abstinence and chastity, virtues and prudential decision making, including delayed genital sexual activity, in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For Catholics, there is no such thing as a purely “health” issue. All activities proposed for a Catholic school need to be assessed in the light of our faith and doctrine. This is self-evidently necessary in the case of a vaccine against a disease that is transmitted by sexual activity, which impacts not only the physical but also the spiritual, psychological and moral well-being of an individual.

The element of faith is integrated into every instructional plan in every program, to develop its relationship to the world of human culture.

Judgements of what is right or wrong are ethical or moral decisions. The Catholic moral tradition develops through prayer, study reflection and the recognition of the Holy Spirit at work through various sources. Such sources include health and social service providers, the experience of the Christian community, moral theologians, bishops, church teaching and Sacred Scripture. No source of knowledge pertinent to the issue at hand should be neglected.

Pope Benedict XVI recently said that the reduction of the precious and delicate area of education in sexuality to management of “risk”  bereft of any reference to the beauty of conjugal love is particularly disturbing. The reflexive and recurring emphasis on risk-reduction strategies as the frontline of defense, though no doubt well intentioned, takes its cues from contemporary culture and its values- its secularized way of looking at the human person, sexuality, relationships, sacrifice, and commitment.

The argumentation about risk reduction and cost effectiveness reflects utilitarian ethical theory. Although it has many strands, utilitarianism generally disregards moral considerations in evaluating human behavior, and instead shifts codes of conduct to the realm of consequences, e.g. HPV transmission percentages, cost effectiveness of treatment, the number of fatalities due to cervical cancer, etc, all of which are important.

However, utilitarianism,  untethered to objective moral and philosophical truths, advances no internally consistent rationale for delaying sexual activity or limiting sexual partnerships.

It thus yields interventions that should only be considered secondary measures of HPV prevention-use of condoms and/or vaccines. Although the ideal moral standard, abstinence and fidelity, is also the most effective means of primary HPV prevention, it is relegated to the periphery.

If we don’t attempt to change sexual behaviour that is responsible for transmission of the HPV, but attempt to solve the problem by getting a series of shots, then we don’t have to exercise self­ control, nor develop virtue, but can use medicine to palliate our vices. The technological solution requires no change in behaviour. It does not really address the cause but masks it, and actually undermines efforts to achieve the most efficient solution.

Parents, physicians, educators and governing bodies should adopt a holistic health-oriented approach that addresses sexual attitudes and behaviours recommending delayed genital sexual activity.

From the outset, the Government has announced that this is a voluntary program and the Alberta Bishops have made it made it clear that, in the case of minors, parents must decide whether or not their child is to be vaccinated.

To vaccinate is not an inherently evil action but rather a partial prophylaxis. Even on the physical level, there may be unintended and unwanted consequences but, more importantly, it does not address the spiritual, emotional and moral dimensions of a person’s well-being.

A Catholic institution is committed to a more holistic approach as it witnesses to and hands on the teaching and values of Jesus Christ which considers sexuality to be a great and powerful gift, that sexual activity is appropriate only within marriage, that chastity is a virtue, and abstinence leads to spiritual and moral well-being and is the best protection against risks of disease. Words spoken and actions undertaken within a Catholic school must be consistent with this witness.

Accordingly, it will come as no surprise that we will urge all Boards to say “no” to the administration of the HPV vaccination program in Catholic School districts.

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Despite pressure Calgary Bishop insists: No HPV vaccine in Catholic schools

by Patrick B. Craine Wed Jun 27 14:07 EST Comments (100)


CALGARY, Alberta, June 27, 2012 ( – Calgary’s Catholic bishop was under fire Monday as a group of doctors and parents launched a campaign against his decision to block the HPV vaccine from Catholic schools.

But in a statement to LifeSiteNews, Bishop Fred Henry insisted that he will continue to urge Catholic school boards not to administer the vaccine, which prevents certain strands of the sexually transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer.

Bishop Henry says administering the vaccine would undermine the schools’ effort to teach children about abstinence and chastity in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The vaccine has been administered through the province’s schools in grade 5 and 9 with government funding since 2007, but at Bishop Henry’s urging the Calgary Catholic School District has refused to participate in the program.

After failing to win over the schools behind the scenes, a group called HPV Calgary began a public campaign with a press conference Monday morning at Parkdale Community Hall calling on Calgary’s Catholic trustees to defy Bishop Henry. They want the trustees to hold a public meeting to vote on the issue by June 30.

“They’re elected, they report to the people. They have delegated their decision making to a non-elected official without expertise in evidence-based medicine or public health,” said Juliet Guichon, an assistant professor in the University of Calgary’s Department of Community Health Sciences.

“We are coming forward to ask trustees to put children first and to stress that publicly funded schools are owned by the public,” added Guichon, who is Catholic but says she does not direct her taxes to the Catholic schools because of their stand on the HPV vaccine.

The Calgary Catholic School District is now Canada’s only school board in a major city that does not offer the vaccine. It has also been banned by Catholic school boards in eight other districts of Alberta as well as Yellowknife, and Halton in Ontario.

In 2009, health officials in Calgary expressed concern that only 18.9% of grade 5 students in Calgary’s Catholic schools had been vaccinated, compared to about 70 per cent in the public schools.

Ian Mitchell, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Calgary, told Monday’s press conference that Bishop Henry is wrong to suggest that the “vaccine produces promiscuity.”

“That’s something that can be studied. It has been studied and it doesn’t produce promiscuity,” he said. “If the bishop has evidence, then I believe that evidence should be available for us to look at.”

In his statement, Bishop Henry said that the vaccine actually “undermines” efforts to prevent HPV by masking the true causes.

“If we don’t attempt to change sexual behaviour that is responsible for transmission of the HPV, but attempt to solve the problem by getting a series of shots, then we don’t have to exercise self¬ control, nor develop virtue, but can use medicine to palliate our vices,” he wrote. “The technological solution requires no change in behaviour.”

He said the question cannot be reduced to a “health” issue or to a “risk-reduction” strategy, but must be rooted in a deeper understanding of the nature of the human person and human sexuality.

“Pope Benedict XVI recently said that the reduction of the precious and delicate area of education in sexuality to management of ‘risk’ bereft of any reference to the beauty of conjugal love is particularly disturbing,” wrote the bishop.

Said the “risk reduction” approach is rooted in utilitarian ethics that “generally disregards moral considerations in evaluating human behavior, and instead shifts codes of conduct to the realm of consequences, e.g. HPV transmission percentages, cost effectiveness of treatment, the number of fatalities due to cervical cancer, etc”

“It thus yields interventions that should only be considered secondary measures of HPV prevention-use of condoms and/or vaccines. Although the ideal moral standard, abstinence and fidelity, is also the most effective means of primary HPV prevention, it is relegated to the periphery.”

Mary Martin, the chair of the Calgary Catholic School District, said they have given parents direction on where to get the vaccine outside of school and that they will continue to follow Bishop Henry’s lead.

“We continue to have conversations with our bishop and we do know as stewards of our Catholic system, that our parents expect us to deliver an authentic faith-based education,” she told the Calgary Herald. “That includes taking direction from the bishop in areas of moral thought and it does not give us the latitude to be selective in that.”

“At the end of the day, we take our moral direction, our spiritual direction from our Bishop, and his position has not changed,” she added.

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Action-packed high octane pro-life novel tops Amazon Kindle

by Peter Baklinski Wed Jun 27 14:06 EST Comments (5)


PAKENHAM, Ontario, June 27, 2012 ( – Before becoming an award-winning and bestselling novelist, Ellen Gable practically devoured any book she could get her hands on. But the Catholic Mom and faith-filled woman of conviction constantly found herself disconcerted by much of contemporary secular fiction containing plot recipes that often included glamorous depictions of non-marital sex and gratuitous violence.

On the other end of the spectrum, Gable found much of contemporary Christian fiction not “deep enough” for her tastes. A near-death experience from complications of an ectopic pregnancy became the catalyst for Gable’s inspiration to write faith-based fiction with edge-of-your-seat plots that are inseparable from a life-affirming moral perspective.

“I write about what I know,” said Gable in an interview with LifeSiteNews. 

Not only is Gable a wife, homemaker, and mother of five boys ages 12 to 24, but she is also a Natural Family Planning (NFP) instructor, marriage preparation instructor, and pro-life speaker.

“I want my stories to be packed with meaning. And I have found the most meaning within the treasures of my Catholic faith,” she said. Gable says that it “doesn’t matter” to her whether her readers are Catholic, Christian, or secular. “I want them to know and love the characters. I want to entertain them, but I also want them to come away with an important life-affirming message.”

Gable’s latest novel, Stealing Jenny, currently sits at number one in the Religious & Liturgical Drama category on Amazon Kindle. The ebook is approaching 62,000 downloads since its release in September.

Readers of Stealing Jenny say that from the first page they cannot put the book down.

Stealing Jenny is a gripping novel filled with engaging characters, a compelling mystery and a message which underscored the precious dignity of life. I literally couldn’t put it down,” said Lisa Hendey, founder of

Sarah Reinhard, who writes a blog at, said that the novel will “keep you on the edge of your seat and probably destroy your sleep pattern as you stay up to find out what happens.”

Therese Heckenkamp, a book reviewer at, called the novel a “chilling tale of gripping suspense” with “terrifying moments and heart-wrenching moments”.

The storyline revolves around Jenny and Tom Callahan and their five children who are plunged into a horrifying intrigue when a mentally deranged woman kidnaps the pregnant Jenny as part of a sinister plan to steal Jenny’s yet-to-be born baby.

Gable explained to LifeSiteNews how she wrote the piece of pro-life fiction to appeal to people caught-up in a culture that views human life as ‘choice’.

“With Stealing Jenny, I tried to create characters who weren’t perfect, who had made mistakes and lived with them. My female protagonists tend to be a lot like me in that regard. And, of course, even if your message does turn people off, at least you’ve turned them. In other words, you’ve had an effect on them and you don’t know where that will lead in the future or what seed has been planted.”

One important ingredient that Gable weaves into all her stories is her belief that “life is a gift”.

“Life is a gift. Sometimes God gives gifts that are ‘not planned’. Sometimes God gives gifts that aren’t what we would consider to be perfect. But our culture needs to trust God more.”

“Our current culture of death, I believe, originates from fear: fear of ‘getting pregnant,’ fear of how much work it will be to take care of a child, fear of having a child change one’s life, fear of dealing with a handicapped child, fear that one would have to give up supposed goals and dreams if they had a child, fear of not having enough money.”

“God calls everyone to ‘be not afraid’ and to trust that he will assist you in dealing with these fears.”

Gable related how one of her own struggles became the inspiration for Stealing Jenny.

“Years ago, I was watching the news about Laci Peterson’s disappearance and the police suspecting that she had been kidnapped (she was found dead months later and her husband was eventually found guilty of two counts of murder). I remember thinking, ‘Gosh, I’d be in trouble if I were kidnapped at eight months pregnant because I wouldn’t be able to give birth naturally.’ My own obstetric history includes five C-Sections. I then got the idea for a story of a mother who is kidnapped and not able to have her baby naturally.”

Gable hopes that readers of her novel will come away with new insight into the beauty of the gift of life. “Babies are not a commodity,” she says, adding that they are “always a gift from God, from the moment of conception, whether planned or unplanned, perfect or not so perfect.”

Stealing Jenny along with Gable’s other novels are available from

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Man rips away abortion images, assaults pro-life witness

by Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 27 13:45 EST Comments (58)


BREMERTON, Washington, June 27, 2012 ( - A camera captured a dramatic scene last month when an infuriated man stormed up cursing to a pro-life protester holding images of an aborted child by the roadside, tore the signs out of his hands and threw them away before assaulting him in an apparent attempt to destroy video evidence.


The conflict began when Kenrick Bradley approached Anti-Choice Project co-founder Andrew St.Hilaire during a protest in front of Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, on May 2, 2012.  Bradley complained that the images were traumatizing to his girlfriend, who had apparently miscarried.

“My girl lost her f****** baby, and we’re driving past this s*** and she has to see this s***,” said Bradley. “I’m very sorry about that that,” said St. Hilaire. “You guys are standing out here with f****** cameras like this s***‘s OK?” Bradley continued.

Bradley eventually grabs the large images, which showed the tiny body parts of children lost to abortion, and threw them over a fence. He later returns to St. Hilaire, who is already on the phone with police and grabs at his camera as a second camera across the street captures the action.

“Hi, I’m being assaulted. I’m being assaulted!” St. Hilaire says into the phone as the struggle ensues.

The Anti-Choice Project reports that Bradley pled guilty on May 23 to charges of malicious mischief, and was ordered to pay $388 for damages to equipment as well as court fees.

“Like many Americans, Mr. Bradley finds the sight of abortion intolerable. But this only raises the question: If abortion is too terrible to look at, why are we tolerating it?” the group asked on its blog.

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Florida Bishop Dewane: The HHS mandate is ‘identity theft’

While many have focused on the so-called “contraception issue” of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate, still many others have realized that this federal law attacks the very identity of the Catholic Church and other faith-based groups in this country. At its root, the HHS Mandate is guilty of “identity theft.” The Mandate is an attempt to strip religious institutions and individuals of their identity and thus force them to act against their conscience and core beliefs.

Religious liberty in our nation has always involved more than merely the “freedom to attend a religious service.” For Catholics, faith integrally informs and gives life to all of our actions, including various charitable outreaches, such as Catholic social services, healthcare, and education. Faith motivates and, in fact, is the underlying inspiration for all of our works. This is an important truth of the Catholic Church which contradicts those who claim that they only, ‘do their religion on Sunday, in church.’

In this country, the Catholic Church and others have long enjoyed the freedom to live out their religious faith without unnecessary government intrusion. However, the HHS Mandate demands that religious organizations and individuals provide abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception, which are contrary to both our core beliefs and our identities as religious individuals. Specifically, for an institution to know whether it is religious enough to meet the government’s exemption standard, it must submit to an investigation whereby federal employees determine whether the institution hires and serves “primarily” those of the same belief.

Part of “living out” our Catholic Faith is to serve all people in need. However, in order to be exempt from the Mandate, Catholic organizations will be forced to stop serving non-Catholics and fire non-Catholic employees (even though Catholic schools and social services are open to all). Catholic organizations would no longer simply ask, “are you hungry?,” but instead, “are you Catholic?” before extending services.

Helping all people in need is rooted in our Faith, it is who we are—our very identity. This identity and way of living out our Faith, however, will soon be outlawed. Since the poor and those in need have always been the primary recipients of Catholic charity, they too have much to lose as a result of this governmental decision.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has announced that the federal government is now “at war” with those who disagree with the HHS. We did not choose or desire such a war: but our government has unilaterally imposed war on all citizens who disagree with this Mandate, including Catholics who strive to help others.

This violation of our religious liberty and freedom of conscience has been deemed “necessary,” so as to ensure that every citizen has access to abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. Even if these “services” were necessary, coercing individuals to betray their conscience and religious identity would not be the prudent or humane course of action.

The issue is clearly not about whether people have a “right”, or “access to”, abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. In a most profound way, the Mandate is “identity theft.” The government is attempting to coerce Catholics, and other religious organizations, into violating their conscience and core beliefs. This is an attack on who we are as Catholics, as well as the faith-imbued manner in which we have always served both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. 

-Most Rev. Frank J. Dewane is the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida

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As New Abortion Caravan heads to Toronto, activist vandalized pro-life truck with coat hanger

by Patrick B. Craine Wed Jun 27 12:29 EST Comments (5)


TORONTO, Ontario, June 27, 2012 ( – The New Abortion Caravan has arrived in Toronto, it’s second last stop before heading to Ottawa on Canada Day.

Bloody images of aborted fetuses are being circulated around the city of Toronto today and Thursday by the Caravan’s trucks.

This activity of the New Abortion Caravan comes on the heels of the group’s presence in London Monday, where the Canadian Auto Workers Union organized a rally opposing the pro-lifers.  One of the speakers at the CAW rally, a representative from Occupy London, jumped up onto the back of the pro-lifers’ truck, vandalized their images and assaulted one of their team members.

The pro-lifers say they remain undeterred, even with a scheduled protest by CAW of their presentation on Thursday.

Stephanie Gray, spokesperson for The New Abortion Caravan said, “If people are so horrified that they can’t stand to look at abortion, then why are they tolerating abortion?  We will make the killing visible so that it becomes intolerable.”

“Right now, it is invisible and tragically it is considered very tolerable.  But a civil society should never tolerate dismembering, decapitating, and disemboweling the bodies of babies,” she added.

The group of young people travelling with Gray, mostly in their 20s, will be hitting the streets of Toronto with handheld signs, graphic abortion posters, as well as with trucks with billboard-size images.

The anti-abortion group’s activity has raised the ire of abortion supporters, like Joyce Arthur of Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada who said calling the New Abortion Caravan by its name is a “sacrilege.”  Margot Dunn, one of the original caravaners from 1970 said the New Abortion Caravan was “horrifying.”

In 1970, a group of self-described “furious women” drove from Vancouver to Ottawa with 2 goals: repeal the abortion laws and secure free abortion on demand.  They achieved their goals 18 years later with the Supreme Court’s Morgentaler decision.

The New Abortion Caravan is controversial because it is retracing the old caravan’s steps with an 18 year plan to, Gray said, redeem Canadian history.  The campaign began in Vancouver on May 29 with Canuck’s hockey singer, Mark Donnelly, singing O Canada at their event.

The New Abortion Caravan’s presentation in Toronto will take place Thursday June 28 at 7:30 at St. Vincent de Paul Church, 268 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto.

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‘Rape is God’s will’: Pro-life MP smeared with fake quote

by Patrick B. Craine Wed Jun 27 12:04 EST Comments (22)

Marijuana activist Russell Barth

KITCHENER, Ontario, June 27, 2012 ( – As pro-life MP Stephen Woodworth tends his ailing mother, he was forced Tuesday to spend much of the day defending himself over Twitter from a fake quote attributed to him that “rape is God’s will.”

In a post that was retweeted at least 10,000 times, marijuana activist and pro-abortion blogger Russell Barth put up a picture of Woodworth with a quote stating: “Rape is God’s will. Abortion is not. It’s in The Bible.”

But questioned on it by a Guelph newspaper columnist Luisa D’Amato, Barth “crumpled up like a used tissue,” in D’Amato’s words, and claimed it was a “paraphrase” meant as “satire.”

“That’s just satire,” he said. “I’m paraphrasing. I can take it down. It’s called satire. He hasn’t contacted me … I apologize for putting it up but I want him to know that it’s just satire … I will issue an apology on my blog.”  D’Amato notes that while they were still speaking Barth was attempting to take down the post.

Barth claimed his attack on Woodworth is “part of the perils of being in public life.”

After Barth’s post, Woodworth was bombarded with tweets attacking him over the false quotes, with some denouncing him as a “rabid dog” and a “prick”. Among the retweeters was Alberta NDP candidate Aditya Rao.

Woodworth defended himself to tweeters dozens of times on Tuesday, writing, “It is a bald-faced lie. Some of my opponents have no shame!”

The same day he issued a press release calling the claims “entirely fictitious.”

“My record as a long-time supporter of The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region and Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region speaks for itself,” said Woodworth. “Those who know me know that this fictitious quote is utter nonsense.”

“It is a challenge of public policy discussion that opponents can misrepresent your views, and some of my opponents have no shame,” he added.  “It is one reason why I strongly urge people to stick to the merits of specific policy proposals rather than getting distracted by personality politics, which lends itself to such slander.”

Barth did win support from pro-abortion blogger Fern Hill, who claimed the quote, though false, “seems to reflect [Woodworth’s] view of the issue.” She made the charge by claiming that pro-lifers’ opposition to abortion in cases of rape is tantamount to support for rape.

Woodworth has been under constant attack in recent months over his private members motion to examine the humanity of the unborn child.

M-312 asks for a special committee to study section 223 of the Criminal Code, which states that a child only becomes a “human being” once he or she has fully proceeded from the womb.

The motion was scheduled for a crucial vote on June 13th, but Woodworth delayed it to the fall when his mother fell seriously ill.

“What a waste of his precious time this Twitter attack was. And what a senseless aggravation at a difficult point in his life,” writes D’Amato.

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ACLU threatens Utah school for requiring parental consent to check out homosexual book

by Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 27 12:01 EST Comments (84)


FARMINGTON, Utah, June 27, 2012 ( - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has threatened a Utah school district for ensuring parents consent to their children reading a homosexual advocacy book, prompting pro-family lawyers to respond in their defense.

The book was first noticed in January when a mother complained that her kindergarten-age son child brought home “In Our Mothers’ House” from Windridge Elementary School, sparking a petition signed by 25 parents in protest. The book, which tells a story about children who are being raised by a lesbian couple, was placed behind the library counter after an April parent-teacher committee decided the book didn’t comport with state law barring homosexual advocacy in the school curriculum.

A spokesperson for the district, Chris Williams, said the school librarian had purchased the book in part to foster inclusion of one student who is being raised by a lesbian couple, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Click “like” if you want to defend true marriage.

In a June 12 letter to the Davis School District superintendent, ACLU of Utah legal director John Mejia criticized the consent policy, saying the group had “serious concerns about whether these actions comport with the First Amendment rights of the students in the district.” Mejia cited U.S. district court opinions that interpreted Supreme Court precedent as disallowing school libraries from having “unfettered discretion” in removing materials promoting homosexuality from their shelves.

The letter also disagreed that the book violated state law, saying the law applied only to health curriculum. Even so, Mejia said, “it would be a stretch to say that it ‘advocates homosexuality.’”

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sent a letter Friday in support of the school’s policy, pointing out that officials had not actually removed the book, but only ensured parental consent.

“Parents have the ‘fundamental right’ to ‘direct the upbringing and education of children under their control.’ The District is right to leave such decisions to them,” states the ADF letter. “It is ‘established beyond debate’ that ‘parents have the primary role…in the upbringing of their children.’”

“Public schools should not surrender to ACLU intimidation when it asks them to expose children to sexual content without parental knowledge,” said ADF Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco in a statement Tuesday.

“The law clearly upholds the right and duty of schools to protect children and respect the role of their parents.”

Tags: aclu, homosexuality

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Leading California gay rights leader arrested over child porn possession

by Jean McCarthy Wed Jun 27 11:09 EST Comments (92)

Larry Brinkin

June 27, 2012 ( – A prominent leader in the gay-rights movement in California headed to jail on June 22 after police say they caught him in possession of graphic images of toddlers engaged in lewd acts of sodomy and oral sex.

Larry Brinkin was released on bail the following morning. According to the district attorney’s spokeswoman Stephanie Ong Stillman, the DA’s office “is still reviewing the case,” and does not yet know if it will file charges. 

San Francisco police say Brinkin had pictures of children as young as one performing sexual acts on adult males.  These images were found in the email, which was linked to Brinkin’s IP address.  The AOL account was also paid for with Brinkin’s credit card. 

Brinkin’s email also allegedly contained graphic and racist comments on the pornography, including: “I loved especially the n**ger 2-year old getting nailed.  Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b**ch is going to get.  White Power!  White Supremacy!  White d**k rules!”

Click “like” if you want to defend true marriage.

Brinkin, a San Francisco native, retired from a 22-year tenure at the Human Rights Commission in 2010.  On the occasion, the Board of Supervisors publicly stated that Brinkin’s “dedication to advance the civil rights of all people has never stopped,” referring to his focus of gay and lesbian equality.  The Board of Supervisors also designated the first week of February as “Larry Brinkin Week”. 

Brinkin was instrumental in crafting San Francisco’s Equal Benefits Ordinance.  According to the ordinance, if an employee’s spouse receives benefits, then an employee’s domestic partner must receive the same coverage.

This followed from his 1982 lawsuit, which was the first ever to contain the term “domestic partnership.”  Brinkin sued Southern Pacific Railway following the suicide of his partner of 11 years.  He claimed to deserve the privilege of the customary bereavement leave given to married employees.  At the time Brinkin worked as a clerk for the company.  The judge ruled against his case. 

In 1993, Brinkin participated in interviews for Marc Huestis’ documentary, “Sex Is”.  The thesis, according to IMBd’s plot summary, is that “sex is going to be with us, so how best do we embrace it?”  In it, homosexuals talk about “their first sexual experience, the gay scene in San Francisco…, the pall cast by AIDS, [and] the safe-sex movement.”  The film includes clips of pornography and archival footage. 

Brinkin lives with his partner and has a teenaged son.  The homosexual community is stunned by the recent arrest.

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Would Development and Peace be willing to fund a racist group?

by John-Henry Westen Wed Jun 27 10:50 EST Comments (3)

Georges Buscemi

MONTREAL, June 26, 2012 ( — In “The Development and Peace Controversy: Towards a Real Solution”, Georges Buscemi, president of the Quebec arm of Campaign Life Coalition, engages in a thought experiment which brings the controversy into sharp focus.  Imagine if the international development arm of the Canadian Bishops Conference were to fund racist groups rather than pro-abortion groups. Can’t imagine that? – neither can Buscemi – and that’s the point.

The ‘thought experiment’ section of the essay is reproduced below, however the full document is well worth the read. It outlines the process that is to be followed according to Catholic moral teaching when making difficult decisions like those faced by Development and Peace.  Buscemi admits that the solution to the Development and Peace scandal is difficult since it will likely have financial consequences.  However, he concludes it comes down to a choice between “God and Money.”

Thought Experiment : The pro-union organisation that promotes racial segregation

Imagine for a moment that a Honduran pro-union organisation, besides being a union organiser, was also known to promote black racial segregation, proudly displaying their “white power” banners in their meeting rooms, lobbying their government and holding round-table discussions on the legalization of racial segregation in their country, etc.

Now is there any doubt that D&P would never have even considered funding such an organisation, that they would have “smelled a rat” from the initial stages of their investigation into this potential partner, and that they would have without hesitation decided against giving any money to “those people”?

Moreover, should it ever have been pointed out to them (say, by a website called or something of the sort) that one of the groups they had partnered with were promoting racial segregation, would they have spent months and months denying the allegations and shooting the messengers? Would they not instead have been grateful to those who had discovered the problem, and righted the wrong that had been occurring without their knowledge?

Would they not promptly have issued a press release apologizing for the mistake and promising changes, perhaps something along the lines of “In the past D&P has partnered with a group which engages in activities that violate universal ethical norms. We therefore have ceased our partnership with this group. We thank the concerned citizens who pointed out this problem for their vigilance, and we hope never to repeat the same mistake again, having implemented a new set of guidelines for determining partnerships. This new set of guidelines can be found at”

Truth be told, racial segregation, evil as it is, is less evil than abortion. Whereas the denial of basic human rights on the basis of race is an affront to a human being’s inalienable dignity, abortion deprives an innocent human being of his life, rendering the question of dignity moot. For the thought experiment above to be more accurate, we would have had to substitute “genocide” for abortion, since advocating for abortion is more equivalent to advocating for genocide, that is, the indiscriminate killing of innocent human beings based on their membership in a certain pariah class.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that D&P, far from denying well-documented accusations of supporting groups that advocate genocide, far from smearing those who made the accusations, would immediately rectify the situation and thank those involved in uncovering it? But why then were they not so quick and thankful for being called out on supporting groups that advocate for abortion, an “abominable crime” similar to genocide?

The problem, most probably, is that the management at D&P, much less the regular employees at D&P, DO NOT believe that abortion is anywhere near equivalent to genocide; and that, I argue, is one of the major problems which D&P must resolve if this controversy is ever to conclude in a satisfactory manner. So long as the denunciation of abortion and other wrongs is dismissed by D&P as merely “catholic idiosyncrasies” unrelated to the “real problems”, the controversy surrounding D&P will NEVER die off.

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Kraft defends rainbow-stuffed gay pride Oreo as ‘reflection of our values’

by Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 27 10:06 EST Comments (139)


June 27, 2012 ( - Kraft Foods, the company behind the Oreo cookie, has defended a promotional image of the cookie stuffed with rainbow filling as “a fun reflection of our values,” even as the gay rights endorsement triggered boycott threats within hours of appearing on the Internet.

The Photoshopped image of “America’s favorite cookie” caused a stir on the brand’s Facebook page Monday evening when it appeared with the caption, “Proudly support love!”

The image had garnered nearly 220,000 Facebook “likes” by Wednesday morning, 66,600 shares, and 35,850 comments fueling an unending flame war over the cookie’s stand in favor of the homosexual movement.

Click “like” if you want to defend true marriage.

“LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Good job Oreo!” wrote one commenter, while another said, “I will not purchase another Nabisco/Kraft product. I am fairly ambivalent about the homosexual marraige/union issue but I will not go along with using an Iconic Children’s snack to promote one side of it.” While most comments praised the image, a large number were dedicated to retaliating against those objecting on Biblical grounds.

“Anyone who still believes in Christianity and the bible is as thick as two short planks and needs to get an education as they were clearly raised by idiots,” wrote one commenter. “What a gaggle of hateful retards,” said another. “All you who are bashing Christians is that fair?? What if they put a cross on there I bet you all would be complaining as well….Just saying,” responded a third.

Kraft spokesperson Basil Maglaris said in a statement that the rainbow cookie, which won’t have a variant for sale, was created to honor the celebration of LGBT Pride Month in June.

“We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way,” said Maglaris in an email to ABC News. “As a company, Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness.  We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values.”

Kraft Foods owns a number of brands, including Capri Sun, Nabisco, Philadelphia cream cheese, Ritz, Baker’s chocolate, Triscuit, Cool Whip, Grey Poupon, and Wheat Thins.

The Oreo endorsement is not the only gay pride endorsement to come out from a major brand in tandem with LGBT Pride Month. Earlier, Minnesota-based General Mills’ publicly endorsed same-sex ‘marriage’ in response to the state’s ballot initiative to protect the definition of marriage. In addition, Target stores this Spring sparked a boycott from pro-family leaders after it launched a line of gay pride t-shirts at the end of May.

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Gay marriage and homosexuality were part of moral landscape in Ancient Rome

by Benjamin Wiker Wed Jun 27 05:23 EST Comments (25)


June 26, 2012 ( - Given that the gay marriage agenda will be increasingly pressed upon Catholics by the state, we should be much more aware of what history has to teach us about gay marriage—given that we don’t want to be among those who, ignorant of history, blithely condemned themselves to repeat it.

Contrary to the popular view—both among proponents and opponents—gay marriage is not a new issue. It cannot be couched (by proponents) as a seamless advance on the civil rights movement, nor should it be understood (by opponents) as something that’s evil merely because it appears to them to be morally unprecedented.

Gay marriage was—surprise!—alive and well in Rome, celebrated even and especially by select emperors, a spin-off of the general cultural affirmation of Roman homosexuality. Gay marriage was, along with homosexuality, something the first Christians faced as part of the pagan moral darkness of their time.

What Christians are fighting against today, then, is not yet another sexual innovation peculiar to our “enlightened age,” but the return to pre-Christian, pagan sexual morality.

So, what was happening in ancient Rome? Homosexuality was just as widespread among the Romans as it was among the Greeks (a sign of which is that it was condoned even by the stolid Stoics). The Romans had adopted the pederasty of the Greeks (aimed, generally, at boys between the ages of 12 to 18). There was nothing shameful about such sexual relations among Romans, if the boy was not freeborn. Slaves, both male and female, were considered property, and that included sexual property.

But the Romans also extended homosexuality to adult men, even adult free men. And it is likely that this crossing of the line from child to adult, unfree to free—not homosexuality as such—was what affronted the more austere of the Roman moralists.

And so we hear from Tacitus (56-117 AD), the great Roman historian, of the shameful sexual exploits of a string of Roman emperors from Tiberius to Nero. Nero was the first imperial persecutor of the Christians. His tutor and then advisor was the great Stoic moralist Seneca himself. Unfortunately, Seneca’s lessons must have bounced right off the future emperor. When he took the imperial seat, complete with its aura of self-proclaimed divinity, no trace of Stoic austerity remained.

In Nero, Tacitus tells the reader, tyrannical passion, the hubris of proclaimed divinity, the corruption of power, and “every filthy depraved act, licit or illicit” seemed to reach an imperial peak. He not only had a passion for “free-born boys” but also for quite literally marrying other men and even a boy, sometimes playing the part of the woman in the union and sometimes the man.

As Tacitus relates one incident (Grant’s translation): “Nero was already corrupted by every lust, natural and unnatural. But he now refuted any surmises that no further degradation was possible for him. For…he went through a formal wedding ceremony with one of the perverted gang called Pythagoras. The emperor, in the presence of witnesses, put on the bridal veil. Dowry, marriage bed, wedding torches, all were there. Indeed everything was public which even in a natural union is veiled by night.”

Such was only one instance. We also have from historian Seutonius, a contemporary of Tacitus, a report of Nero’s marriage to Doryphorus (who was himself married to another man, Sporus).

Martial, the first-century A.D. Roman poet, reports incidences of male-male marriage as kinds of perversions, but not uncommon perversions, speaking in one epigram (I.24) of a man who “played the bride yesterday.” In another (12.42) he says mockingly, “Bearded Callistratus gave himself in marriage to…Afer, in the manner in which a virgin usually gives herself in marriage to a male. The torches shone in front, the bridal veils covered his face, and wedding toasts were not absent, either. A dowry was also named. Does that not seem enough yet for you, Rome? Are you waiting for him to give birth?”

In Juvenal’s Second Satire (117), we hear of one Gracchus, “arraying himself in the flounces and train and veil of a bride,” now a “new-made bride reclining on the bosom of her husband.” Such seems to have been the usual way of male-male nuptials among the Romans, one of the men actually dressing up as a woman and playing the part of a woman.

The notoriously debauched emperor Elagabalus (ruled 218-222) married and then divorced five women. But he considered his male chariot driver to be his “husband,” and he also married one Zoticus, an athlete. Elagabalus loved to dress up as a queen, quite literally.

Our reports of homosexual marriage from Rome give us, I hope, a clearer understanding of what is at stake. As is the case today, it appears that the incidence of male-male marriage followed upon the widespread acceptance of homosexuality; that is, the practice of homosexuality led to the notion that, somehow, homosexual unions should share in the same status as heterosexual unions.

We must also add that heterosexuality among the Romans was also in a sad state. Both concubinage and prostitution were completely acceptable; pornography and sexually explicit entertainment and speech were entirely normalized; the provision of sex by both male and female slaves was considered a duty by masters. Paeans to the glory of marriage were made, not because the Romans had some proto-Christian notion of the sanctity of marriage, but because Rome needed more citizen-soldiers just when the Romans were depopulating themselves by doing anything to avoid having children.

The heterosexual moral disrepair in Rome therefore formed the social basis for the Roman slide into homosexual marriage rites. We hear of them from critics bent on satirizing such unions. The problem for the Romans wasn’t homosexuality as such, but that a Roman man would debase himself and play the part of a woman in matrimony.

Christians had a problem with the whole Roman sexual scene. We are, of course, not surprised to find that the first Christians accepted and carried forward the strict rejection of homosexuality inherent in Judaism, but this was part of its more encompassing rejection of any sexuality outside of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. Christians are not to be lauded for affirming that marriage must be defined as a union of a man and a woman, because that is the natural default of any people intent on not disappearing in a single generation. What was peculiar to Christianity (again, not just following Judaism, but intensifying it) was the restriction of sexuality only to monogamous, heterosexual marriage.

The Christians found themselves in a pagan culture where there were few restrictions on sexuality at all, other than the imagination—a culture that, to note the obvious but exceedingly important, looks suspiciously like ours.

The first-century A.D. catechetical manual, the Didache, makes refreshingly clear what pagans will have to give up, in regard to Roman sexuality, once they entered the Church. It begins with the ominous words, “There are two ways: one of life and one of death—and there is a great difference between the two ways.” The pagan converts are then confronted with a list of commands. Some of which would have been quite familiar and reasonable to Romans, such as, “You will not murder” and, “You will not commit adultery” (although for Romans, abortion wasn’t murder, and a husband having sex with slaves or prostitutes was not considered adulterous).

But then followed strange commands (at least to the Romans), “You will not corrupt boys”; “You will not have illicit sex” (ou porneuseis); “You will not murder offspring by means of abortion [and] you will not kill one having been born.” Against the norm in Rome, Christians must reject pedophilia, fornication and homosexuality, abortion, and infanticide. The list also commands, “You will not make potions” (ou pharmakeuseis), a prohibition against widespread practices in the Roman Empire which included potions that stopped conception or caused abortion.

I include the prohibitions against sexual practices heartily affirmed by the Romans alongside prohibitions against contraception, abortion, and infanticide for a very important reason. Christians defined the goal of sexuality in terms of the natural ability to procreate. What was different, again, was not recognizing the obvious need for a man and a woman to make a child—Stoics argued along the same lines. What was peculiar to Christianity was removing all other expressions of sexuality from legitimacy (many Stoic men had male paramours). The Roman elevation of sexual pleasure above procreation, and hence outside this tightly-defined area of sexual legitimacy defined by Christianity, led to the desire for contraceptive potions, abortifacients, and infanticide.

It also led to seeing marriage as nothing but an arena for sexual pleasure, which in turn allowed for an equivalency of heterosexual and homosexual marriage.

The Theodosian Code, drawn up by Christian emperors in the fifth century, A.D. made same-sex marriage illegal (referring, as precedent, to edicts published under fourth-century emperors Constantius II and Constans).

We can see, then, that Christians face nothing new in regard to the push for gay marriage. In fact, it is something quite old, and represents a return to the pagan views of sexuality that dominated the Roman Empire into which Christianity was born.

[Editor’s note: The years for the reign of Elagabalus were incorrect in the original posting; his reign ended in AD 222, not AD 212.)

This article originally appeared in Catholic World Report and is re-published with permission.

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Gov’t ‘anti-bullying’ phone app to ‘mobilize children into homosexual activism’, warns critic

by Peter Baklinski Tue Jun 26 20:38 EST Comments (65)

BC Premier Christy Clark

SURREY, British Columbia, June 26, 2012 ( - Premier Christy Clark has promised to empower B.C.‘s school children this fall with a whistle-blowing phone app designed to “report bullying anonymously”. But critics say that the move effectively turns children into “homosexual activists”.

“Clark’s strategy effectively mobilizes children into the ranks of homosexual activists to do the dirty work of spying on and reporting those who dissent from the sex activist political agenda,” said Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard, to LifeSiteNews.

A press release from the premier’s office earlier this month stated how the anti-bulling strategy aims to “help prevent, identify and stop harmful behaviours by children and adults - whether online, at school, or in the community.”

The phone app is part of a province-wide 10-point anti-bullying strategy, dubbed ERASE - Expect Respect And a Safe Education, that seeks to “help ensure every child feels safe, accepted and respected, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion, or sexual orientation”. Clark has pledged $2 million for the initiative.

But Simpson told LifeSiteNews that the anti-bulling strategy has a different purpose than the alleged protection of children.

“Parents should be aware of the political propaganda behind this initiative. It has nothing to do with protecting children, even though it is being implemented under the guise of ‘anti-bullying.’ On the contrary, it is a very strategic and dangerous agenda that seeks to deconstruct the traditional family unit.”

Simpson pointed to a 2008 article that appeared in the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy that she says maps out the strategy used by B.C. homosexuals and other sex activists to use schools as a springboard to transform the culture into accepting the homosexual lifestyle.

Catherine McGregor, University of Victoria, wrote in the article titled “Norming and reforming: Challenging Heteronormativity in Educational Policy Discourses” that the “challenge for educators is to dismantle such heteronormative frames through anti-homophobic or anti-oppressive pedagogies and practices”.

For McGregor, the “heteronormative social norms” that must be dismantled are defined as “those practices and discourses that privilege heterosexuality, both explicitly and implicitly in their day to day usage, ?normalizing processes which support heterosexuality as the elemental form of human association, as the very model of inter-gender relations, as the indivisible basis of all community, and as the means of reproduction without which society wouldn’t exist.”

McGregor wrote at the time that while advocacy groups were the ones “[leading] the fight to create more inclusive school environments and an end to the homophobic practices and cultures of schools”, legislative and/or policy tools must become “central practices by which such systemic wide measures can be implemented”.

Simpson called the strategy to normalize homosexuality “misguided”.

“Children need to be educated in the realities associated with homosexuality instead of ‘celebrating’ it. Maybe it’s time we informed students about the billions of dollars of costs to our healthcare system that result from men having sex with men and the costs associated with sexual promiscuity. Let’s be honest and tell the kids the truth.”

As premier Clark unveiled the ERASE Bullying initiative at a Surrey YMCA on June 1 donning a pink t-shirt, she spoke about the need to “change our culture”.

“Homophobic bullying is wrong and will not be tolerated,” she said. “That’s part of what we’re doing.”

The new app for reporting incidents of bulling as well as a new website with anti-bulling resources called is expected to be ready for the new school year beginning in September.

Pro-family leaders have noted how pro-homosexual crusaders are turning to a generation of tech-savvy kids to help implement their cultural revolution.

Last week a Quebec homosexual activist group launched a “registry of homophobic acts” with support and funding from the Quebec Government’s Justice Department. Included in the definition of actions classified as “homophobic” and deemed worthy of reporting to the registry were “any negative word or act toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general” including “physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, offensive graffiti, abuse, injurious mockery, inappropriate media coverage and discrimination.”

Georges Buscemi, president of Campagne Quebec Vie, told LifeSiteNews that the move “instill[s] a climate of oppression and fear to anyone who disagrees with any of the opinions of the homosexualist movement”.

Simpson pointed out that it is “time for Canadians to wake up and realize that there is a very well-organized, well-funded political movement that is working around the clock to destroy the traditional family unit.”

“The public education system is their prime political recruitment centre. In effect, school children are being rigorously recruited for homosexual activism under the guise of anti-bullying.”

“Strong family units protect a free and democratic society”, she said. “Any effort, campaign or program that works to undermine the natural family unit should be resisted, including nice sounding, warm fuzzy-feeling ‘anti-bullying’ programs that falsely claim to be designed to create a school environment of tolerance.”

See related story
Government-funded ‘registry of homophobic acts’ launched today in Quebec

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Aussie Communists: ‘Strike blows’ against the Church and capitalism with same-sex ‘marriage’

by Ben Johnson Tue Jun 26 20:22 EST Comments (27)

Karl Marx, the founder of Communism
Karl Marx, the founder of Communism

SURRY HILLS, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 26, 2012, ( -  The Communist Party of Australia has weighed in on that nation’s debate over marriage, stating that redefining the age-old institution is a vital pillar of the Marxist war against capitalism and the Church.

An editorial in The Guardian, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia, states that marriage arose out of private ownership, especially the need to inherit great estates.  Since the priesthood is “a pillar of capitalism,” the “church sees marriage - as it defines it - as an institution vital to its continued power, indeed to capitalism itself.”

“If you strike blows against that pillar, challenging that power, there will be a reaction, as there is, from the Vatican,” and other “pious hypocrites,” the editorial declares.

Click “like” if you want to defend true marriage.

Dr. Paul Kengor, a of political science at Grove City College, wrote in a recent column, “The root of the [Communists’ support for redefining marriage], once again, is the Marxist/communist assault on marriage.”

“The communist priority is not gay rights but a continued assault on the family,” he wrote.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote in The Communist Manifesto of their plan to implement the “abolition of the family,” “replace home education by social,” and introduce “an openly legalized community of women” (sharing women in common). 

Historians have long noted collectivists’ opposition to the nuclear family

In a recent manifestation of this war, Mariela Castro, the niece of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro and daughter of reigning Cuban president Raul Castro, visited the United States to advocate for same-sex “marriage.”

Her visit was facilitated by the International ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front group for the Workers World Party’s International Action Center, which led most of the early rallies opposing the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. She and actor Danny Glover spoke at a rally organized by one of IAC’s affiliates.
The younger Castro, who deems herself a “sexologist,” has said if she could vote in this election, she would vote for Barack Obama.

The Australian Communist Party’s editorial comes as parliament is debating a motion to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. Although the bill’s supporters are calling for a vote to go forward, many of its backers believe it lacks the vote after the nation’s Roman Catholic, Anglican, evangelical, and Eastern Orthodox churches roused heavy opposition.

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