Unborn child has ‘inalienable’ right to life ‘at all stages of development’: Alabama Supreme Court

"We ... grieve for the millions of children who have not been afforded equal value, love, and protection since Roe," wrote the court.


Global majority: Pew poll shows most nations around the world find abortion, homosexuality immoral

Not a single country in the 40 nations surveyed had a majority of citizens willing to say that abortion was morally acceptable.

  • Wed Apr 16 3:15 PM EST
  • Family

Hospital let 22-week preemie die despite mother’s urgent pleas

Mother Tracy Godwin said she was never told about the hospital’s policy that babies born before 23 weeks would be left to die.

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This is not equality

The U.S. State Department is laser-focused on . . . promoting homosexuality.

Alabama Supreme Court doubles down on pro-personhood ruling

This decision marks a major victory for the pro-life cause around the country, as the legal framework of abortion begins to crumble.

Our Risen Lord gives us strength to build a culture of life

We find strength and courage in the promise of the One who destroyed death forever.

There is no law that can contain euthanasia - especially if the criteria is eliminating suffering

No-one wants to suffer and no-one wishes suffering upon another.

‘You must abort!’: Shocking photos show China’s one-child policy in action

Public threats the authorities make against those women who may be pregnant with 'illegal' children.

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