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US bishops urge caution in dealing with Girl Scouts

“Some families are disappointed that the USCCB did not address in more detail the concerns with troublesome role models and organizations that Girl Scouts routinely promotes to girls," said a Girl Scouts critic.

Another Catholic school embroiled in battle over Church teaching on sexuality

A Catholic school in Rhode Island is in an uproar after Relevant Radio's Fr. Rocky Hoffman presented Church teaching on marriage and homosexuality.

Hospital let 22-week preemie die despite mother’s urgent pleas

Mother Tracy Godwin said she was never told about the hospital’s policy that babies born before 23 weeks would be left to die.


Pro-abortion Wendy Davis losing among women voters in Texas: new poll

Although Davis promotes herself proudly as a candidate who cares about “women’s issues," it seems women in Texas aren’t interested in what she’s selling.

Colorado State Senate to vote on abortion bill tonight after one-day delay

Denver's archbishop organized a prayer rally at the legislature to oppose the bill, saying it is "certain to involve some Holy Week sacrifices."


Italian court rules that Tuscan city must accept gay ‘marriage’ contracted in New York

It's the first time a same-sex "marriage" has been given juridical recognition in Italy.

Philippines population control law gets judicial green light

A so-called reproductive health law is “not unconstitutional” says the Supreme Court. But the new contraceptive era could easily become so.


Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic drops funding lawsuit against New Brunswick gvmt

The abortion facility announced last week it was closing in July.

Judge rejects Morgentaler abortion center’s application to intervene in Linda Gibbons appeals

The judge found that the Morgentaler facility's arguments "are in substance indistinguishable" from the Crown's.