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Catholic Relief Services pro-abortion grantee wins UN Population Fund Award

Catholic Relief Services gave Jhpiego $282,356 in 2012.

True marriage supporters ‘not welcome’ in New York: councilman

“We don’t need bigoted people even keeping their opinions to themselves,” the councilman said. “They need to wake up and see reality.”

Extreme abortion-on-demand bill killed in Colorado Senate

A prayer vigil and protest led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila brought hundreds to the steps of the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon.


Obama-appointed federal judge says Ohio must recognize out-of-state same-sex ‘marriages’

Judge Timothy Black called the state’s marriage amendment “unconstitutional” and “unenforceable," but his did not overturn the state’s gay “marriage” ban.

Illinois rejects ban on reparative therapy for minors with same-sex attraction

“Legislatures around the country are now waking up to the reality that ex-gays are a fact and gay activists’ stories of ‘therapy torture’ are fiction,” says an ex-gay activist.


Hospital let 22-week preemie die despite mother’s urgent pleas

Mother Tracy Godwin said she was never told about the hospital’s policy that babies born before 23 weeks would be left to die.

Italian court rules that Tuscan city must accept gay ‘marriage’ contracted in New York

It's the first time a same-sex "marriage" has been given juridical recognition in Italy.


Conservative pro-life MP Vellacott supports NDP palliative care motion

“Support for human dignity and quality of life, with investments in pain management and other palliative tools, is where the Canadian conversation should go,” said Vellacott.

Health Canada decision on RU-486 stalled until 2015: report

Health Canada told in March that if the drug receives a negative decision, Health Canada will not “publically [sic] disclose when or why the decision is issued.”