CANADA, Sept 29 (LSN) - Canadian Television Networks commence this week with a rating system for TV shows similar to that of the US. Viewers will be warned as to content of the program by a symbol appearing on the screen. Most Canadian shows will open with one of six ratings symbols. A “C” symbol means the program is supposedly suitable for all ages.

American pro-life and pro-family associations have warned that parents should not trust the rating systems and should be responsible themselves to guard their children from harmful influences in various shows. Further, they note that these ratings have opened the flood gates of vice on TV since viewers have been warned.

Please remember that the Canadian government was sorrowfully lacking in their estimation of need for ratings of TV shows. The March 27, 1996 issue of the Globe and Mail quoted CRTC head Mr. Spicer as saying, ‘‘Violence in programming is considered a matter affecting the mental health of children… the CRTC decided to disregard the language and sexuality issues because it did not want to become involved in religious or moral questions, he added.”