LONDON, Aug 11 (LSN) - On Sunday the Electronic Telegraph reported on new evidence revealing that American sex researcher Alfred Kinsey based most of his findings on the accounts of a lone predatory pedophile. The diaries of the pedophile whose identity Kinsey concealed were exposed publicly for the first time yesterday on British television. Rex King, referred to by Kinsey as “Mr. Green” sexually abused at least 800 children and detailed his abuse in diaries which Kinsey used as “scientific research”  supporting his theories on sexuality which sowed the seeds for the sexual revolution with their acceptance of homosexuality and promiscuity.  The publication in 1948 of Alfred Kinsey’s landmark study “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” became the benchmark against which all subsequent sex studies were measured, and its implicit calls for tolerance resonate to this day. In a chapter entitled “Early Sexual Growth and Activity,” Kinsey featured charts in which “trained persons” measured incidences of “orgasm” in children as young as two months.  To Kinsey, the sex between a husband and wife is no different morally, physically or socially from that of sex between the same genders, between children and adults, or even between humans and animals. And to Kinsey, age was not much of a factor. In a volume on Female sexuality he remarks, “It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched.”  See the article at