CALGARY, Apr 20 ( - Michael O’Malley, a pro-lifer in Calgary has challenged the abortuary buffer zone injunction put in place supposedly temporarily in 1992 by the courts.  O’Malley sent a news release to police and media before entering the zone.  He was arrested Tuesday carrying a sign reading Abortion Kills Children.  He was charged with contempt of   court and is scheduled to appear in court May 5.

The Calgary Herald reported yesterday that in 1997 Justice Blair Mason refined the buffer zone rules dictating that only four protesters can carry signs and they must be beyond the buffer zone, across the street from the clinic on 5th Avenue near Crowchild Trail N.W.  As well, no more than 20 people can be in a group in the vicinity praying. Protest signs are not   allowed to claim that abortion is killing or murder.

O’Malley said he believes the injunction unduly suppresses three Charter rights—freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly.

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)