By Peter J. Smith

  WASHINGTON, D.C., April 19, 2007 ( – Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton has managed to gain endorsements from the abortion lobby, homosexual activists, and now porn-magnate Hugh Hefner.

  Hefner, founder of the Playboy Enterprises pornography empire, donated $2,300 (the maximum allowed in the primary) to Clinton’s campaign, identifying his occupation on the fundraiser form as “editor-in-chief” of Playboy magazine.

  The Clintons’ embrace of the pornography endorsement comes as no surprise, since during her husband’s administration, Christian family ideals were often impugned, and pornography was made available to staffers. In 1999, a consultant hired to shore up security for the White House’s computer network discovered staffers had downloaded massive pornographic video files during the height of the impeachment crisis.

  With the porn industry behind her, former First Lady and junior New York Senator Hillary Clinton has cornered endorsements from the three most powerful anti-family movements geared to further dramatically American culture.

  The pro-abortion groups, National Organization for Women (NOW) and Emily’s List, have thrown their support behind the former First Lady. Clinton boasts a 100% abortion rating from NARAL and has been infamous for her aggressive promotion of radical abortion policies since the days of the Clinton White House.

  As Senator, Clinton opposed the partial birth abortion ban, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and headed a campaign, including a petition signed by 58 Senators, to expand destructive embryonic stem cell research.

  Clinton has also taken upon herself the mantle of leading homosexual activist saying she “wants a partnership with gays if elected president.”

  At a luncheon for the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign in early March, Clinton delivered the keynote address highlighting her victory and theirs over the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). Clinton spoke warmly of the “agenda we are pursuing” adding "I am proud to stand by your side."