By Elizabeth O’Brien

  BOGOTA, Colombia May 30, 2007 ( - On May 10th, hundreds of young people gathered in Bogota, Colombia before the national Constitutional Court in order to protest the legalization of abortion. Abortion was legalized on May 10, 2006, when the court decided to allow abortion in cases of rape and in case of any risk to the mother’s health. The ambiguity of the ruling effectively made room for abortion in almost any situation.

  Colombia was the first country in Latin America to allow abortion, opening the door for many other Catholic countries to follow its example. (See coverage:
  At the demonstration, groups of young protestors repeatedly cried out the word, "Shame!" before the courthouse. 

  Various organizations participated in the march, including Centro de atención a la mujer, Cultura de la Vida Humana-affilated with Human Life Internation, Ciudadanos por la Vida, Red Futuro Colombia, Vive, Movimiento de Juventudes  S., and the Instituto de Política Familiar.

  For coverage of last year’s march, "Hundreds of Thousands march in Bogota prior to the legalization of Abortion", visit