HOUSTON, April 30, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Houston Pro-life groups are planning a huge prayer vigil today (Friday, April 30) in protest of Planned Parenthood's Gala celebration of the completion of the largest abortion facility in the western hemisphere.  The 78,000-square foot facility, which has been constructed to perform late-term abortions, is scheduled to open on May 11. 

In a press release the Houston Coalition for Life notes that the new facility will make Houston "the abortion capital of the southern part of the United States and South America. Viable unborn children will die in this facility with Planned Parenthood performing abortions through 25 weeks gestation (that’s six months). Unborn children as early as 22 weeks gestation have been born and survived."

At 5:45pm on Friday a march will ensue from Annunciation Catholic Church at 1618 Texas St. to The Corinthian at 202 Fannin. Participants will gather around the outside of The Corinthian in prayer and leaders of local pro-life groups will speak about the deadly effects this huge expansion will have on Houston families.

“With the opening of this late-term abortion center in Houston we will see the numbers of innocent unborn children who die through abortion dramatically rise, more mothers will be hurt psychologically, spiritually and physically and more families will be destroyed,” said Christine Melchor the Executive Director of the Houston Coalition for Life.

“We will continue will our campaign to witness to the value and dignity of every human life by having people in prayer and offering of alternatives to abortion outside of Planned Parenthood’s new facility. We will stand witness to our commitment to value those who are most vulnerable in our nation, the unborn,” said Melchor.

Contact Information:

Christine Melchor
Executive Director
Houston Coalition for Life 28 April, 2010
Office: 713.395.1330