August 20, 2010 ( - The Catholic League has for months been on a campaign to have the Empire State Building light its towers to honor the centenary of the late Mother Teresa on August 26.  While the owners of the Building have done so for other anniversaries, including the 60th anniversary of the Chinese communist regime, they have refused to honor Mother Teresa by lighting its towers.  Several pro-abortion groups which refer to themselves as Catholic have signed on to a statement affirming the decision by officials from the Empire State Building.

The organizations include:
Catholics for Choice
Call to Action
Chicago Women-Choice
National Coalition of American Nuns
New Ways Ministry
Roman Catholic Womenpriests—USA
Take Back Our Church
Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
Women's Ordination Conference
Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded saying, “these ex-Catholics are so pro-abortion that they are now on record of wanting to deny Mother Teresa a tribute on the 100th anniversary of her birthday.”

The Catholic League will lead a rally on behalf of Mother Teresa on August 26, right outside the Empire State Building.

“We have the support of people from all over the world, and from all the world's religions,” said Donohue.  “Even those who are not pro-life are on our side, which just goes to show how extreme the dissenters are. But as long as they remain marginalized, they are of no historic moment.”