TINLEY PARK, Illinois, March 16, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A national coalition of organizations committed to preserving parental rights in public education is urging parents to keep their children at home from schools that are complying with the Day of Silence endorsing homosexuality.

The Day of Silence on April 16 is a political protest sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that encourages acceptance of homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder by asking students to refuse to speak in class, in honor of homosexual victims of bullying.

While GLSEN's purported goals are to end bullying related to such conditions, the Day of Silence Walkout (DSW) coalition alleges that GLSEN fails to admit that its modus operandi compels public affirmation of homosexual acts and cross-dressing as normal and moral behaviors.

According to the Day of Silence website, "Hundreds of thousands of students at more than 8,000 schools" participate, including increasing numbers of middle schools.

"Although the Day of Silence Walkout coalition supports the goal of ending all bullying, we do not support any effort to end bullying that involves normalizing disordered and dangerous behaviors," stated the pro-family group.

DSW called the Day of Silence "just one of many contexts in which students are exposed to homosexuality-affirming ideas in public schools."

"And while public schools expose students to resources that affirm homosexuality, they engage in absolute censorship of all resources that espouse dissenting views," said the group.

"The Day of Silence Walkout is one of the few efforts parents have available to express their unequivocal opposition to both the means and the message of the Day of Silence."

The coalition urges parents to call their children out of school if the school administration complies with the Day of Silence.

For more information and a list of coalition members, visit www.doswalkout.net.