By Peter J. Smith

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, May 21, 2010 ( - Human Life International, the world's largest international pro-life organization, has launched a new initiative within the United States dedicated to explaining the connection between contraception and abortion in the United States, as well as educating men and women on viable healthy alternatives to contraception and artificial fertility treatments.

"This new American initiative highlights what is true in both our personal lives and on the world stage—namely that 'protecting life begins at home,'" said HLI president Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer of the initiative, called HLI America.

He added, "HLI America will bring Americans the truth about human life, the beauty of children and the devastating and harmful effects of contraception in America." 

The new initiative is being led by Jenn Giroux, HLI America's new Executive Director. Giroux, a registered nurse for over twenty-four years, was the president and founder of the conservative organization Women Influencing the Nation (WIN).

"Americans have lost sight of our greatest resource: our children," said Giroux. "After 50 years of misinformation and lies concerning birth control and abortion, we aim to present the truth to the upcoming generation about the assaults that have taken place on new life and motherhood.

"That is why we will both highlight the beauty of children and expose the 'post contraceptive regret' that is prevalent among women today who mourn everyday for the children they chose to prevent or abort."

HLI America says they are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date materials showing not only the link between contraception and abortion, but also the health risks of contraception, and the often unseen effects contraception produces in women and their families. 

The website for HLI America provides visitors with medical and statistical evidence linking use of the pill and other contraceptives to an increase in breast cancer, as well as other negative side effects, STD rates, marital infidelity, and failed marriages. It also educates about natural family planning as a beneficial and moral alternative to contraception.

In addition, the program will provide information and testimonials on "Post Contraceptive Regret" in men and women who wish they had opted for larger families instead of resorting to the pill, and will also help put in perspective the joy many married couples have in raising large families. HLI America highlights the Association of Large Families website to help combat the media stereotype that puts larger families in a negative light.

HLI America also intends to educate women and couples struggling with infertility about a counter-solution to in vitro fertilization (IVF). The program will highlight NaProTechnology in addition to other fertility treatments that aim to cooperate with nature, rather than IVF treatments, which have a low success rate and almost invariably result in the destruction of leftover human embryos.

Go here to learn more about HLI America.