By Peter J. Smith

UNITED STATES, November 3, 2010 ( – Pro-life candidates made a massive sweep of U.S. governor’s races on Tuesday’s midterm elections, capitalizing on the GOP wave.

Pro-life-endorsed candidates have so far picked up 12 governorships, and retained control of 9 governorships. At least three races involving pro-life candidates are undecided.

The 13 pro-life pick-ups (winner in bold):

Alabama –Robert Bentley (R) 58 percent vs. Ron Sparks (D) 42 percent.

Florida - Rick Scott (R) 49 percent vs. Alex Sink (D) 48 percent.

Iowa: Terry Branstadt (R) 53 percent vs. Chet Culver (D) 43 percent.

Kansas: Sam Brownback (R) 63 percent vs. Tom Holland (D) 32 percent.

Maine: Paul LePage (R) 38 percent vs. Eliot Cutler (I) 37 percent vs. Libby Mitchell (D) 19 percent.

Michigan: Rick Snyder (R)  58 percent vs. Virg Bernero (D) 40 percent.

New Mexico: Susana Martinez (R) 54 percent vs. Diane Denish (D) 46 percent.

Ohio: John Kasich (R) 49 percent vs. Ed Strickland (D) 47 percent.

Oklahoma: Mary Fallin (R) 60 percent vs. Jari Askins (D) 40 percent.

Pennsylvania: Tom Corbett (R) 55 percent vs. Dan Onorato (D) 45 percent.

Tennessee: Bill Haslam (R) 65 percent vs. Mike McWherter (D) 33 percent.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker (R) 52 percent vs. Tom Barrett (D) 47 percent.

Wyoming: Matt Mead (R) 72 percent vs. Leslie Petersen (D) 25 percent.

The nine (9) retained pro-life seats (winner in bold)

Alaska: Sean Parnell (R) 59 percent vs. Ethan Berkowitz (D) 38 percent.

Arizona: Jan Brewer (R) re-elected. Brewer 55 percent vs. Terry Goddard (D) 42 percent.

Georgia: Nathan Deal (R) replaces Sonny Purdue (R). Deal 53 percent vs. Roy Barnes (D) 43 percent.

Idaho: Butch Otter (R) re-elected. Otter 59 percent v. Keith Allred (D) 33 percent.

Nebraska: Dave Heineman (R) re-elected. Heineman 74 percent vs. Mike Meister (D) 26 percent.

South Carolina: Nikki Haley (R) replaces the disgraced Mark Sanford (R). Haley 51 percent vs. Vincent Sheheen (D) 47 percent.

South Dakota: Dennis Daugaard (R) replaces Mike Rounds (R). Daugaard 62 percent vs. Scott Heidepriem (D) 39 percent.

Texas: Rick Perry (R) re-elected. Perry 55 percent vs. Bill White (D) 42 percent.

Utah: Gary Herbert (R) re-elected. Herbert 64 percent v. Peter Corroon (D) 32 percent.

Undecided races for pro-life candidates: Illinois, Minnesota

Only U.S. State where a pro-abortion Republican has won: Nevada.

Pro-abortion Brian Sandoval (R) 53 percent v. Rory Reid (D) 42 percent.

Undecided races for pro-abortion candidates: Oregon.