By Kathleen Gilbert

COLUMBUS, Ohio, October 7, 2010 ( - An Ohio man has been charged with kidnapping after police say he tried to force his girlfriend into having her unborn child killed through abortion after she had resisted undergoing the procedure.

Columbus police say that Dominic L. Holt-Reid drove his girlfriend, Yolanda Burgess, to Founder's Women's Health Center Wednesday morning while holding her at gunpoint. Holt-Reid allegedly became angry with Burgess after she refused to go through with the procedure scheduled for 9 a.m. that morning.

According to police, after Holt-Reid and Burgess dropped off their 4-year-old son at school, Hold-Reid pulled the handgun from the glove compartment of Burgess' vehicle. Police were notified by an abortion clinic worker to whom Burgess had slipped a note indicating her distress.

Holt-Reid, who was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon, is being detained in the Franklin County jail and is scheduled to appear in Franklin County Municipal Court Thursday morning.