August 2, 2012 ( - In a letter that would be uproariously hilarious if it wasn’t so ignorant and grotesque, Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada recently wrote to the authorities of the Western Fair District in London, Ontario, demanding that they revoke the right of a pro-life group to set up a booth. Arthur angrily scrawls that, “The exhibit…offends the spirit of a family fair, exploits and manipulates children, negates the right to privacy of parents, abuses the trust of parents, presents one-sided propaganda, and promotes discrimination against women.”

This from a woman who opposes parental notification laws, supports organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which has been definitively exposed as covering up sex slavery and rape, supports the legalization of prostitution, and whose complaints about “one-sided propaganda” are contained within a letter demanding that pro-life views be evicted.

But moving beyond the manifestations of Arthur’s mangled worldview, what is truly offensive to any thinking person about this letter is the fact that she attempts to portray herself as a champion of children. She writes that some materials the pro-lifers have distributed in the past contained graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, and is of course offended that these tiny shattered children will not remain in the dumpster where she thinks they belong. Arthur does not want those children who do survive Canada’s no-holds-barred abortion status quo to be exposed to the fate she champions for their less lucky peers.

Arthur also snivels at length about children obtaining plastic fetal models from the pro-life booth, as apparently being educated about life before birth “exploit[s] the innocence of children.” She continues on to say that “They are not old enough to understand the moral complexities of the abortion debate, and could become upset and alarmed.” Ah, finally some honesty. Arthur does not want children to become “upset and alarmed” by the fact that adults are using suction machines to shred other, smaller children, and therefore would like them to remain in the dark until they can understand the “moral complexities” of the situation. “Moral complexities” such as the fact that Arthur and her ilk deny the personhood (and at times even the humanity) of pre-born human beings in contravention of all scientific evidence, are willing to defend abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and do not consider infanticide to be as morally significant as murder.

The letter closes by listing off a number of court cases in which Canadian judges banned advertising directed at children, and definitively stating that “pro-choice is the law of the land” while affirming the legality of abortion. At no point does Arthur actually state what abortion is, or explain why pro-lifers oppose it beyond claiming that we lie about its ill effects on women. Because at the end of the day, Joyce Arthur knows that we oppose abortion not because of a breast cancer link or psychological ramifications. We oppose abortion because it is age discrimination resulting in the intentional targeting and killing of a human being.

But quiet down, pro-lifers. Joyce doesn’t want to have to explain to children that people are killing children. If too many people become “upset and alarmed,” they might decide to start throwing her worldview in the trash instead of dead babies.

This piece is reprinted with permission from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.