April 30, 2012 (Bound4Life.com) - Recently I bought a new (used) car. On Friday I went to the courthouse to register Mercy (the car). Mercy is a bit fancier than her predecessor, Gracie, and has a loud seatbelt beep. Unlike my previous car, it doesn’t just flash a light if the seatbelt isn’t on, but beeps louder. If I dare put her in gear without the seatbelt on, she doesn’t stop beeping for a bit. She gets louder as if yelling at me. I hate beeping a lot, but it’s not too much of an issue because I always wear a seatbelt. I like seatbelts. I believe in them. I think everyone should wear them. That’s my disclaimer, because on Friday I just got annoyed.

You see, seatbelts laws are a big deal in our nation. The law says I have to wear my seat belt, and if I were to be caught without one, I’d be fined. “Click it or Ticket” campaigns exist across the nation. I’ve lived in towns where police officers even did pull-over campaigns to enforce it. And even though I wear seatbelts, the principle of the whole thing has bothered me deeply. These laws are referred to as vehicle “Occupant Protection” laws. The law, therefore, sees it as its duty to protect me, and fine me if I refuse, but the same nation which heralds these laws gives me license to take the life of the occupant in my womb if I’m pregnant.

Wearing a seatbelt should be my choice. It’s a matter of my personal right to privacy. It’s my business what I do. If I don’t wear my seatbelt and get hurt in an accident, that is my decision about my body. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Sound familiar?

The point here isn’t to argue about seatbelts. It’s pretty dumb not to wear one, but I think the laws about seat belts being mandatory in a nation that lets a woman kill her baby because it’s her body display the absurd deception of the abortion industry.

As my car beeped at me, when I was barely moving and still in a closed-off parking lot going about 2 mph, I had one of those moments.

“Oh, honestly! Make me wear a seatbelt but I can KILL my baby!” I yelled to no one in particular, or maybe to the courthouse where I was, because I carry a keen awareness that the courts are where these laws are upheld.

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It suddenly just made me angry.  What a double standard. That I don’t have to right to choose if I will protect my own body when I drive when no one else’s life is in danger if I personally act irresponsibly and don’t wear a seat belt, but I have every right in the world to choose to take a life growing inside me, up until full term in some states, is unreal to me.

Of course the National Transportation Safety Administration lays it out not only as a safety issue but a financial one. It saves money if I wear my seatbelt and have an accident because of medical cost savings. And that’s always the bottom line. Certainly a nation that condones the killing of its unborn at close to 4,000 a day doesn’t care about a few people dying as much as it does the medical costs.

Hear me: I agree with the idea that people should wear set belts (and if I catch you without a car seat for your baby, you will see my bad side), but the point here is choice. I do not have the choice to strap a seatbelt on me but I do have a choice whether to kill my child as long as she hasn’t breathed outside the womb.

I wonder what the high court would say if I tried to challenge the seatbelt laws as my right to choose. Chances are they’d say the government has a right to protect its citizens.

Let the reader understand.

Reprinted with permission from Bound4Life.com