Editor’s note: Susanna joined LifeSiteNews this summer as a southeast U.S. correspondent, writing from Atlanta, Georgia.  She earned her degree in Literature and had been blogging for many years prior to writing for LifeSiteNews.  Born and raised in Canada and now married with three children (and one on the way!) and living in the U.S., Susanna has brought a valuable perspective to our team.

When I was a little girl, I happily joined my mother at the crisis pregnancy center in Toronto where she volunteered.  Plopping myself down on a chair in front of a small T.V., I ‘d watch a video of children playing, running, and laughing while in the background played Pat Boone’s song, “Let Me Live!”: 

“Let me live, let me walk into the sunshine, let me live!  Feel my mother’s arms around me, feel my father’s love surround me, be a part of God’s creation, let me live!”  Over and over again, I watched.

Along with recollections of these joyous children and their celebration of life was also an early knowledge instilled in me by my parents of Canada’s most “acclaimed” abortion doctor, Henry Morgentaler.

His crusade to end life has spanned more than forty years. 

At six years of age, I viewed this former holocaust survivor turned baby slayer as a true force for darkness in my safe little world.  How could a man who faced a cruel, inhumane mass genocide in his youth grow up to passionately contribute to the ongoing mass genocide of the unborn?

As their five children grew, it was the desire of my parents that not only would each of us be pro-life but that we would desire to actively live out this belief. 

They knew knowledge without action is useless, and even destructive, for there is nothing more dangerous than indifference.

It is an honor then to be writing for LifeSiteNews, a place dedicated to fearlessly telling those stories which need to be read. 

These stories may not always be pretty.  They’re not often “politically correct,” but they spread the truth - truth even a child can latch onto and care passionately about for a life time. 

Parents, and all who want to establish in this generation an abiding passion for protecting life, please consider supporting our site. 

Your encouragement, prayers and financial giving are invaluable to our cause!

May our stories be sounding boards for discussion in the car, and around the dinner table so families would immerse themselves in the issues which truly matter, the most fundamental of which is the right of each human being to LIFE!

Have a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ and a blessed New Year!

Susanna Rose