“Terrorists”: What Late Term Abortionists Leroy Carhart and Warren Hern Call the Pro-Life Movement

By Alex Bush

June 19, 2009 ( - PBS recently conducted interviews with notorious late-term abortionists Leroy Carhart and Warren Hern, in which both men labeled the pro-life movement a "terrorist movement."

"This is domestic terrorism, this is a terrorist movement," said Hern.

"The anti-abortion people have no decency. They will stop at nothing," Hern said. "They'll hurt people that you love in order to hurt you and they do not believe that other people have the right to be left alone."

He continued, saying that the pro-life message is "designed to kill."

"It's part of the message that it's ok to kill a doctor who does abortions. That's the message, that's what [they] want to happen. That's what happened to Dr. Tiller," he said.

"This is not an abortion debate, there's no debate," Hern then stated. "This is a civil war. The anti-abortion people are using bombs and bullets, and they've been doing this for thirty years."

"The message from the anti-abortion movement is 'do what we tell you or we'll kill you,' and that's what they do."

Carhart also commented that he believes the debate about abortion "is a war."

Joe Scheidler from the Pro-Life Action League commented to LSN that he "couldn't help but think how silly their arguments about conspiracy sounded in the face of several dozen prayerful pro-lifers singing outside an abortion mill, and yet are each and every one of them is a terrorist at heart!"

"I wonder that the abortionists don't stop long enough to take a good look at what they are doing, and see it as the worst kind of terrorism imaginable—terrorism against helpless children—and mothers," he said.

"Pro-life groups, as such, don't condone the murdering of abortionists, and always regret that it happens," said Scheidler.

In the aftermath of George Tiller's murder, every mainstream pro-life group in North America condemned the murder, saying that violence is not the answer to the abortion issue. Both abortionists, however, still accused the pro-life movement of being complicit in the murder of Tiller.

Carhart said that the pro-life movement may "claim innocence, and they may be, technically under the law, innocent but their heart was certainly with Scott Roeder the day he shot Dr. Tiller."

Hern said he believes that the murder is "what they wanted to happen and it happened."

Hern also accused the pro-life movement of making him a target of this so-called terrorism, "Being a target is not my fault. I am a physician, I'm practicing medicine. I am offering an important service for women who need it. This is what we do."

"It's not unusual for them to have pictures of all our vehicles, and have pictures of all our license plates, preying on the fact that somebody somewhere that's a little bit off will take this information and use it to hurt someone," Carhart said, calling it an "invitation for somebody to do harm."

"There's no reason in the world why I should have to fear for my life or the women should have to be subject to the harassment and intimidation of the anti-abortion protesters in front of my office, just for walking in the door," Hern said.

"This is a whole movement to make abortion unavailable to women," Carhart said, noting that the murder of Tiller was "just one step."

"You don't have to make abortion illegal if you make it impossible, and the point is that if you kill enough doctors then nobody's going to be doing the abortions," said Hern, "so this is part of the anti-abortion doctors, terrorize them and make them afraid to do this."

Scheidler, however, defended the tactics of the mainstream pro-life movement, including pointing out that the intentional taking the life of unborn children constitutes murder. "We who are doing it the right way will continue doing it that way, and if that entails calling a baby-killer a baby-killers once in a while, so be it. That isn't what leads some righteous misfit waiting in the wings to bump off an abortionist."

"While the PBS program was supposed to elicit sympathy for so-called caretakers, I think it failed miserably," Scheidler said, "What most people are asking is, if it's so dangerous to be an abortionist, why do you do it? And softly in the background there is the jingle of coins. It's business."

"I suspect these guys would kill three-years-olds for enough cash, and they'd make up a plausible excuse for doing it," he said. "The whole sob story stinks."

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Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent


Abortion group targets pro-life doctors, nurses with new website: New Zealand

Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent
By Michelle Kaufman

Pro-life health practitioners and crisis pregnancy centres in New Zealand are the target of a new website designed to intimidate those who choose not to refer for abortion or prescribe contraception.

The website, My Decision, is created by the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ). 

The site lists health practitioners and crisis pregnancy centres which they believe women should avoid.  The incomplete list includes the names of individuals or organisations, the region and town, and whether they are a doctor, nurse or other provider. 

Women are asked to submit their stories of “hostile or unhelpful health professionals.”  The stories are non-identifying and can be edited for length or clarity.  At the time of writing only two stories had been posted.

In an earlier blog post, ALRANZ mentioned that the new website, which was still under construction at the time, is “aimed at shining the light on ‘conscientious objectors’… who deny people the reproductive healthcare they want or need.”

Right to Life NZ says they believe the site is “denigrating the good name and reputations of health professionals who believe that abortion is a harmful choice.”

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Under New Zealand law, health practitioners can object to providing reproductive health services according to their conscience.  However, there is one caveat – they “must inform the person who requests the service that he or she can obtain the service from another health practitioner or from a family planning clinic.”

 “Sonscientious objection is a fundamental right and one that must be preserved if we are to continue to live in a free and civil society,” said Chris O’Brien, Vice President of Right to Life NZ. “We risk tyranny if this right is taken away.”

“There are very good doctors that appear on that website” said Dame Colleen Bayer, whose Dunedin Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre is also named.  “These doctors speak truthfully and have real care and concern for their patients.  Women do themselves a disservice to discount them based on this information.”

The resource section on the My Decision website links to ALRANZ, Family Planning (an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation and an abortion provider), and the website Abortion Services in New Zealand. 

The Abortion Services website is sponsored by ISTAR Ltd, a registered Charitable Trust which is the sole importer of mifepristone into New Zealand.  ISTAR also provides Manual Vacuum Aspiration equipment for early surgical abortions.

ALRANZ, was instrumental in the writing of the Greens abortion policy, which was unveiled earlier this year.  That policy aims to take abortion out of the Crimes Act making it more accessible.  The policy also targets health professionals who may conscientiously object to ensure they refer patients on to a “neutral practitioner”.

More information about freedom of conscience in healthcare 

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The government is proposing allowing the killing of pre-born babies suspected of being disabled and those conceived through rape or incest.
Thaddeus Baklinski Thaddeus Baklinski Follow Thaddeus

Northern Ireland considers allowing killing disabled unborn babies: pro-lifers condemn

Thaddeus Baklinski Thaddeus Baklinski Follow Thaddeus
By Thaddeus Baklinski

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group, Precious Life, has condemned this week's announcement by Justice Minister David Ford that a consultation on changing the abortion law will be "ready by autumn." The government is considering allowing the killing of pre-born babies suspected of being disabled and those conceived through rape or incest.

“Abortion is a serious criminal offence in Northern Ireland,” said the director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth. “The law here protects unborn babies, and David Ford as Minister for Justice must ensure that all children are legally protected."

Last December, Ford revealed he would be undertaking a consultation to consider changes to the law after he heard the stories of two women, who complained that they had not been allowed to abort their babies who had been diagnosed with anencephaly. Instead, they said, they had traveled to Britain for abortions.

Abortion was refused under Northern Ireland’s laws because the diagnosis of anencephaly for the child poses no medical threat to the mother.

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On Monday Ford told the BBC that the Department of Justice would bring forward its consultation paper on changing Northern Ireland's abortion laws by the fall.

However, Smyth warned that “the core ethical principle which must underpin this discussion is that every child deserves the right to life regardless of how short their life may be, and regardless of the circumstances of their conception."

She vowed that Precious Life will launch a public campaign in support of the life of all unborn babies.

“We all feel enormous sympathy for parents in these traumatic and distressing cases," Precious Life stressed in a statement. "But parents in these difficult situations deserve much more than our sympathy – they need a professional support system in place, which will provide them with help, support and resources.

"Precious Life are resolved to work towards a solution that loves and protects both mother and baby. Once again we call on the Health Minister to immediately establish perinatal hospice services for parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis for their baby,” said Smyth.



Justice Minister David Ford
Department of Justice
Stormont Estate
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Phone:(028) 9076 3000
Email: via website (

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80% of parents who have an unborn child with spina bifida choose abortion. But Chad Judice (pictured with Eli) knows that life is worth it.
Dustin Siggins Dustin Siggins Follow Dustin

Abortion? No way. Dad says son with spina bifida is a ‘gift’ to the family.

Dustin Siggins Dustin Siggins Follow Dustin
By Dustin Siggins

What is the most pro-life, pro-God influence in your life? According to Catholic author and speaker Chad Judice, his five-year old, disabled son has been a tremendous source of happiness and faith for even the hardest of hearts.

In an op-ed published in The New York Post, Judice writes that when he and his wife found out their unborn son Elijah had spina bifida, they were offered the option of abortion. While they chose life, it didn't stop them from fearing the worst for their careers, eldest child, and Eli.

"That evening...Ashley cried as she read to me from the literature we’d been given," writes Judice. "It said 80 percent of parents who receive a spina bifida diagnosis choose abortion."

"And it told us that our son might have learning disabilities and be paralyzed from the waist down, unable to ever walk."

According to, the two most common forms of spina bifida have few, if any effects, on those who have them. However, the most rare and most aggressive form of the disability can result in significant problems for life:

  • Little or no feeling in their legs, feet, or arms, so they may not be able to move those parts of the body.
  • Bladder or bowel problems, such as leaking urine or having a hard time passing stools.
  • Fluid buildup in the brain (hydrocephalus). Even when it is treated, this may cause seizures, learning problems, or vision problems.
  • A curve in their spine, such as scoliosis.

Eli's form of spina bifida was severe, but -- as it turned out -- manageable, writes Judice. Despite surgeries and "medical challenges," he was out of the hospital within thirty days, though seizures and surgeries would continue to challenge the family. At five-and-a-half, he is entering kindergarten, learning to walk with modern technology, and "his intelligence is at or above average, and he's very talkative."

But perhaps the greatest miracle of all, Judice says, is the effect Eli has had on those who are outside of the family. His story has helped "some pregnant reject abortion," and "rekindle the dormant faith of some...drawing them into a life with more room for God and family."

One of those rekindled Christians was a man who, after years in prison, prayed for Eli "as he recited The Lord's Prayer." According to Judice, "it was the first time he’d prayed in 30 years."

Since Eli's birth, Judice has written two books about his son and their family. "Waiting for Eli: A Father's Journey from Fear to Faith" was the first, and has received praise from Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. According to Pavone, it is "an inspiring story of faith, hope, love, and the power of prayer."

"The world judges the value of human life by physical perfection, but God sees things differently. To Him, we are perfectly lovable in our imperfection. Uplifting in its reverence for human life in its most fragile stages, WAITING FOR ELI will encourage pro-life activists everywhere, from the most seasoned to the newly initiated."

Also unstinting in praise was the Chair of the Committee for Pro-Life Activities, Archbishop Daniel Cardinal Dinardo, who writes for Judice's website that the book "chronicles [Judice's] spiritual journey from fear of one’s personal limitations to self-abandonment to the divine mercy of God’s providence."

The second book, "Eli's Reach: On the Value of Human Life and the Power of Prayer," received the "Best Book by Small Publisher" award in 2013 by the Catholic Press Association.

"I think of Eli as God’s special gift to my family," Judice wrote in the Post. "And as I share about him, Eli’s story softens hearts and brings people to a greater appreciation of the beauty and sacredness of life."


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