Funding of Pro-Abortion Groups 2009-12  
Updated March 6, 2012

LSN: Do you have a policy about not giving to pro-life groups?

D&P's Brunelli: No. We don't. As I was saying, we do not have a particular policy on abortion

LSN: So, your organization has no policy for or against abortion at all?

Brunelli: No, we don't. We never were asked and again because we understand that statements on the sanctity and the taking of life is not our role, that's the role of our bishops...

Quotes excerpted from LifeSiteNews interview with Gilio Brunelli, Director of International Programs of the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development and Peace (CCODP) organization, the official international development arm of the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops'

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NOTABLE LSN REPORTS (Click on dates to see reports)

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LifeSiteNews' Detailed Response to Canadian Bishops' Whitewash Report on Development and Peace June 30/09
Toronto Archbishop Will Only Allow D&P Funds to go to Groups Approved by Local Bishops   Calls for a "Thorough Review" and "Profound Renewal" of Development and Peace July 23/09
Many priests, laity and some bishops misled by Development and Peace misinformation   August 13/09
Bishop Says D&P Funds to 'Pro-Choice' Groups Okay if Restricted to Good Projects   Insists Jesus would not have 'litmus test' of asking 'What is your stance on abortion?' October 13/09
LSN Video: Development & Peace Funded Group vs Philippines Bishops October 20/09
Bishop Co-Author of D&P Investigation Admits: "I Just Should Have Followed Up more October 23/09
Ottawa Archbishop: D&P partner acts against ‘right to life,’ speaker cancelled April 1/11
Catholic Register: D&P ‘guilty of either appallingly poor judgment or blatant incompetence’ April 8/11
Archbishop: D&P co-wrote the CCCB report exonerating pro-abort partners, slamming LSN April 21/11

Evident to anyone with ‘a minimum of wisdom’ that pro-life is social justice: Vatican bishop (VIDEO) Jan. 28
Pro-abort ex-Bloc Quebecois leader drops support for D&P Jan. 24
Pope to charities: Refuse partnerships that even indirectly support acts opposed to the faith Jan. 22
Canadian Bishops plan to study Pope’s new requirements for Catholic charities Dec. 8
Pro-life leaders praise Pope for ‘huge move’ of ordering Catholic Church charities to be Catholic Dec. 4
Pope decrees: Catholic charities must always act in accordance with Catholic teaching Dec. 2
Development and Peace in ‘agony’ says Quebec media Nov. 28
Development and Peace supporter bashes Vancouver Archdiocese for evangelizing instead of funding D&P Nov. 15
Canadian bishops’ development arm rocked by internal divisions Nov. 14
Canadian bishops’ agency caught funding yet another pro-abortion group Sept. 21
Where’s the money going? A question for Canada’s bishops as they prepare to meet Sept. 20
Unprecedented: Cdn Bishops block D&P’s fall campaign as dioceses refuse to distribute materials Sept. 19
Would Development and Peace be willing to fund a racist group? June 27
Caught on tape: Canadian bishops-backed group doles out free contraception March 5
This Lent, Development & Peace teaches 10% of the world is homosexual March 10
After low financial management rating Canada cuts funding to Development and Peace by 64% March 19
Canadian bishops offer opposing views on funding pro-abortion groups March 22
Pembroke diocese once again withholds Lenten alms from D&P March 26
Opinion: Canadian gov’t cleaning up Catholic bishops’ Development and Peace mess March 27
Top priest-commentator hopes D&P financial crisis will spark needed reforms March 28
D&P must be ‘less political and more Catholic’: Catholic Register March 29
Canadian Bishops Conference reports ongoing work with Development & Peace June 22
Mexican bishop condemns pro-abortion group listed as ‘partner’ by Development and Peace January 14
Development & Peace silent on groups it funds as ‘Share Lent’ campaign begins February 28
Development and Peace invites leader of pro-abortion partner group to speak in Canada March 29
Controversial D&P partner removes article from website following LSN exposé March 29
Ottawa Archbishop: D&P partner acts against ‘right to life,’ speaker cancelled April 1
In the end, facts win over statements of denial April 1
D&P parish rep slams Harper Conservatives during appeal at Mass April 4
Ontario bishops maintain funding restrictions on Development & Peace April 5
Catholic Register: D&P ‘guilty of either appallingly poor judgment or blatant incompetence’ April 8
Archbishop: D&P co-wrote the CCCB report exonerating pro-abort partners, slamming LSN April 21
In the heart of Quebec: pro-life conference focusing on family, Development and Peace May 3
Opinion: Development and Peace deceives its members—again May 26
Fr. Arriaga, leader of pro-abortion D&P grant recipient, leaves office following scandal May 30
Jesuit leadership defends pro-abortion organization denounced by Mexican cardinal June 6
Dissident D&P supporters demand bishops back off from their development agency June 10
Ottawa Archbishop calls on D&P to show ‘unquestioned support of the right to life’ June 22
Head of former D&P partner said pro-life stand is ‘a violation of basic human rights’: report June 24
D&P ranks last for ‘overall charity efficiency’ July 14
Cardinal Ambrozic 1930-2011: a LifeSiteNews donor, and a complex relationship August 26
D&P ex-directors slam bishops over pro-life reforms October 12
D&P supporters rally funds for Fr. Gravel in $500,000 lawsuit against LifeSiteNews October 14
‘Reform D&P from top to bottom’ says Quebec petition to Canadian bishops October 14
LifeSiteNews banned from public sessions of Canadian bishops’ meeting October 17
Quebec pro-life group presents petition demanding reform of D&P October 18
D&P could fund foreign partners without permission of local bishop: Calgary bishop October 20
‘Occupy LifeSite,’ says D&P October 25
New CCCB president: ‘Simply trust the bishops and the leadership of D&P to move forward on this’ October 26
Toronto Archdiocese Renews Funding Restrictions on Development and Peace February 10
D&P Accuses LifeSitenews of Association with Groups that Use Violence; “Far Right Wing Fringe” March 17
Interview: Development & Peace South African Partner Freely Admits Abortion Advocacy March 16
LifeSiteNews is Under Attack - Zenit declines LSN ad March 22
Development & Peace Sending Canadian Youth to Work with Pro-Abort Group in Philippines March 23
Catholic Register Editorial Denounces D&P's "Bizarre" Document against CLC, LifeSiteNews March 26
Campaign Life Coalition Says D&P Letter Exposed its "Tolerance of Abortion"   D&P's Casey finally admits the organization partners with groups that advocate for abortion March 29
Development & Peace Admits Concern over Diocese Funding Restrictions April 20
Archdiocese of Toronto Releases Funds to D&P Partners Approved by Bishops   April 27
Development and Peace Attacks Pro-life Movement: Catholic Insight May 12
Distortions Continue in Debate over Development and Peace   June 11
Development & Peace Apologizes to Pro-Life Group after Legal Threat July 8
Development & Peace Apology to CLC Published in Catholic Register July 30
D&P Sending Haiti Earthquake Funds to Pro-Abort Group August 18
Canadian Bishops’ Agency Goes to Court to Conceal Info on Groups they Fund October 4
Canadian Bishops Plenary Addresses Development and Peace Question October 29
Editorial: Bishops’ Development and Peace report encouraging, but only the beginning Nov. 15
Editorial: Canadian Bishops Finally Admit Development and Peace Funded Problematic Groups Nov. 16
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Letters to the Editor re: LifeSiteNews Under Attack March 25
Letters to the Editor - Development & Peace South African Partner Freely Admits Abortion Advocacy April 7