June 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Westen,

My interest in the Equity and Inclusive Education Policy (EIE) is to be expected, as I was a trustee on the Board some years ago while rector at St. Michael’s Cathedral.

Recently, while preaching at one of our local parishes, I was moved to witness to the growing parental concern on the subject of the Equity policy in our schools. The parents at a recent meeting strongly expressed their concern about a gay agenda embedded in the policy now being considered by the trustees.

In my opinion, parents and Catholic electors are justified in objecting to the government mandate, and we equally support the right of the parents to seek through their trustees, policy amendments protecting the faith and morals of children in our schools.

My language has deliberately used the word our, indicating Catholic people’s responsibility, with Archbishop Collins and the Toronto Bishops.

Warm regards,

+ M. Pearse Lacey
Retired auxiliary bishop of Toronto