Breaking: Ad exposing Obama on infanticide support to air during his speech tonight

Wow. The Susan B. Anthony List has just announced that its ad calling out Barack Obama for his opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protect Act will air tonight during the time frame of his acceptance speech for renomination as president at the Democratic National Convention. The ad, featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, will run on all major networks in the Charlotte, North Carolina, media market, where the convention is being held, at a cost of $42,000. Here, again, is that ad… CLICK ‘LIKE’ IF YOU ARE PRO-LIFE!   SBA List points out in its press […]

Study Finds Death of Parent Less Harmful Than Divorce

Study Finds Death of Parent Less Harmful Than Divorce by DUBLIN, Ireland, February 10, 2004 ( – A new study from University College Dublin has revealed that the effects of divorce are even more damaging than the death of a parent. The new research reveals that children of divorced or separated parents are more likely to develop depression, do worse in school, and have poor social skills compared to other children. The study also revealed that the sense of loss experienced as a result of divorce is greater than that experienced when a parent dies. In an interview with […]