VIDEO: Merry Christmas to LifeSiteNews fans from our friends in Austria

“Sound of Music”-Style Video to “Welcome Baby Jesus“ The fact that Jesus is the reason for the season is no longer self-evident: Politically correct “seasonal greetings” often replace the traditional “Merry Christmas“. Not with us, says Austria-based children singing group “KISI – God’s Singing Kids” who created this heart-warming music video. In “sound of music” settings, children bring to light the meaning of Christmas and the joy of life, friendship and of faith. An outstanding contribution to the culture of life, filmed in the snow of the Austrian mountains and dedicated to the children all over the world. The song […]

Why we’re such beggars

If we just stuck to reporting on abortion and what is normally considered to be “pro-life” there is no doubt LifeSiteNews would have been far easier to grow. But our consciences would not allow us to take that relatively safe or institutionally acceptable road