The healing hold of a baby

“I was raped at 16 and had an abortion." That’s not what you normally hear from someone you met just a few minutes prior; but I’ve gotten used to it.

Planned Parenthood routinely performs vaginal ultrasounds: why are pro-aborts calling them ‘rape’?

Last year abortion proponents attempted to make ultrasound legislation radioactive by portraying the method used for early pregnancies, transvaginal ultrasound, as “rape.” “Vaginal probes,” as the other side menacingly tagged them, are “a very invasive procedure,” according to NBC’s David Gregory. Never mind that Planned Parenthood usually requires a mother to get an ultrasound before her abortion – which may be transvaginal, as you can see in PP’s screen shot above. And in a survey of its members in 2003, the National Abortion Federation found 83% always performed vaginal ultrasounds before early abortions. Only 1% never did… And never mind that the abortion itself is much more invasive. If a mother can’t endure a transvaginal ultrasound, […]