Newsweek Exposes Real Population Crisis: Mass World Depopulation

Newsweek Exposes Real Population Crisis: Mass World Depopulation by NEW YORK, September 22, 2004 ( – In his exposé, Birth Dearth, Newsweek International author Michael Meyer paints a bleak picture for the future, as the world population plummets in an historically unparalleled decline. Citing U.N. population statistics and projections, Meyer brings to light the reality that plummeting birth rates will result in cataclysmic consequences for future generations. “Fertility rates have dropped by half since 1972, from six children per woman to 2.9,” he says. “And demographers say they’re still falling, faster than ever.” Meyer cites the European example of […]

Healing hearts: An open letter to the pro-life movement

To some of the finest people I’ve been privileged to know: For decades I heard the call in prayer to stand up against the monstrous evil that has been unfolding in this nation since Roe v. Wade, which was handed down when I was twelve years old. For years I blinded myself to the horror welling up all about me. In part, the taunts of people outside of abortion clinics (long since replaced by the loving witness and support of sidewalk counsellors) served to confuse my discernment. How could God be in such harsh and terrible language hurled at women about […]