Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech video has been viewed 12 million times. I can see why.

So my blog post from last week highlighting the couple who took photos of the wife every day during her pregnancy and stitched them together into a beautiful video was viewed by…well…a LOT of people: 2,680,800 of them to be exact. That doubled the past record number of times any one item has been viewed on LifeSiteNews. The blogpost was also shared 384,000 times.  Not bad. It turns out that the husband in that video happens to be Tom Fletcher of the English pop band McFly. I didn't know that at the time (not that it would have meant much […]

UK bishop responds to pro-abort Catholic MPs: If you don’t believe the faith, don’t go to Communion

PORTSMOUTH, England, March 26, 2014 ( – A UK bishop is not backing down after incensing some Catholic MPs in Britain when he said political proponents of abortion and same-sex “marriage” should not present themselves to receive Communion. “My basic point was a simple one: that those who do not believe in and/or do not practice the main doctrines of our Catholic faith should not go forward to receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church. They are not in communion with the Catholic Church,” said Bishop of Portsmouth Philip Egan to LifeSiteNews. “Politicians have many complex decisions to take, but […]