Google reverses itself, won’t block porn on Blogger from public searches after all

February 27, 2015 ( – Just days after tech giant Google announced its plan to remove pornographic blogs from public search results on its Blogger platform, the company has reversed course, responding to cries of censorship from users who insist the change would negatively impact their ability to “express their identities” through sexually explicit media. Currently, Google bans commercial pornographers from using its free Blogger platform to share content, but individual users can post pornographic content, provided it stays behind a warning page requiring would-be readers to check a box affirming they are at least 18 years old. Earlier this […]

Dr. Jack Willke, R.I.P.

Dr. Willke’s impact went well beyond the numerous books he wrote and the presentations he made. He was a father figure to many and inspired countless people to become pro-life activists.

We are not ‘equal’

Predictably, liberals demand that we’re all 'equal' yet their pro-abortion, anti-religious-liberty, anti-free-speech actions often prove that certain human beings should not be treated equally.

Where is the church on abortion?

If we, as Christians, truly believe that God is the author of all life then we need to stand boldly against abortion and be the Church that Christ has called us to be – reaching the lost and saving souls.