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Bishops have caused ‘scandal in the Church’ by allowing pro-abortion Biden to receive Communion

In today's episode, Mother Miriam discusses how Church clergy have been complicit in promoting error by continuing to allow anti-Catholic politicians to receive Jesus in the Real Presence.   To help keep this and other programs on the air, please donate:   You can tune in daily at 10 am EST/7 am PST on our Facebook Page:   Subscribe to Mother Miriam Live at:

Beware the remaking of the parish by glib marketing experts

What this means in practice — and we know this because these things are have been happening, to some extent, for years — is 'lay-led' parishes, lay-led 'Communion services,' lay parish catechists wholly ignorant of or (or hostile to) the Faith being put in charge of sacramental preparation, and selling off church buildings.