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Virginians furious after large health system mandates coronavirus vaccine for employees

On July 26, 2021 residents of Front Royal, Winchester, and the broader Shenandoah Valley region appeared at the Front Royal Town Council meeting to express their outrage at Valley Health, which has a “monopoly” over the region’s hospitals and urgent care facilities, mandating the experimental coronavirus vaccine for employees. Residents of the area, which has a heavily Catholic and conservative population – and is where LifeSite’s U.S. office is located – have warned that Valley Health may find itself severely understaffed if it fires all employees who refuse the dangerous injection.

The moral peril of taking most COVID-19 vaccines

We must reject, on moral grounds, all COVID-19 vaccines that have any connection to aborted preborn baby cells (especially those babies who were 'kept alive' long enough for scientists to extract the kidneys or retinas from which they derived the desired 'material.') Time and distance are irrelevant to profiteering from such abominations for any reason, even life-saving in the present or future.
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Building community: it’s hard but worth it

In this week’s episode, Madeleine, Rebekah, and Clare talk about the beauty and importance of having a community and the struggles of building one. We would LOVE to hear from you. How did you build your community? What are some tips you have for finding friends and keeping up friendships?  Send us your stories and wisdom! We’ll be sharing it in future episodes.  Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]  Also, would you consider letting us know what you want to hear and from whom? Take our quick survey. We’ll keep it open for another week. Click […]