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📹 Every day, we bury innocent Christians: Fr. Innocent tells about his parish, attacks from Boko Haram

Donate now to support this heroic priest: Fr. Innocent Sunu is facing some of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists on earth. Every day gun shots ring around his parish of Madagali in northern Nigeria, as more innocent Christians are martyred, and more widows and orphans created for Fr. Innocent to look after. His parish is located right beside the notorious Sambisa forest that Boko Haram launches attacks from, and where they held almost 300 schoolgirls whom they infamously kidnapped in 2014. Fr Innocent needs our help to pay for desperately needed food, water, and medicine for the 600 widows […]

‘God made from one every nation of men’: Exploding the evolutionary myth of creation-based racism, Pt 5

If a Westerner takes the trouble to listen to black Africans, especially in Africa, as they reflect on their present and future in the light of their past, he will doubtless be amazed to discover how deeply religious and traditional Africans remain, in spite of the relentless promotion of Western secular humanist ideas through foreign NGO’s and the mass media