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Over 2 million unique users visit our site every month, over 4 million pages viewed every month.


  • Location
    • US: 71%
    • Canada: 11%
    • UK: 3.75%
    • Australia: 2.7%
  • Gender
    • Women: 67.58%
    • Men: 32.42%
  • Age
    • 18-24: 16.91%
    • 25-34: 24.5%
    • 35-44: 19.29%
    • 45-54: 14.90%
    • 55-64: 14.04%
    • 65+: 10.36%


  Size (in pixels) Rate (CPM)
Spot 1 300x250 $9
Spot 2 300x250 $10
Spot 3 300x250 $6
Spot 4 (Mobile only) 300x250 $8


Our system allows us to accept the following file formats:

  • Third party: any custom HTML and JavaScript snippets as well as tags from a third-party ad server.
  • Flash: Requires a Flash (.swf) file.
  • Image: Requires a .gif, .jpg, or .png le. CMYK color format is not supported for .jpg les. Maximum size is 1 MB.
  • DoubleClick tag: A creative hosted by either DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)/DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) or DART for Publishers.

You are welcome to use as many creatives as you’d like. If you are using more than one creative, you may choose different rotation options.

  • Evenly: Creatives rotate evenly
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Website Banner Advertising

Our list has over 500,000 opt-in emails. Our email list can be filtered by countries and interests including Catholic, pro-life, and pro-family. Our email lists have high open and click-through rates. adheres to the highest email best practices. will distribute email messages to its members on behalf of advertisers using its own email service. It does not directly provide the email addresses. Advertisers must submit the complete email in HTML format, including image files, to [email protected]. reserves the right to decline email advertising based on advertising content or the frequency of e-mail distribution requests

We highly suggest testing the subject line. The advertiser may provide up to three subject lines, which must be approved by

Content and links are subject to approval. Copy is due three business days prior to send date. Cancellations may incur a 25% cancellation fee if canceled within three days of run date. The minimum order for this service is $1500. 



List List Size Rate per 1,000 emails Total
Entire List 549,923 $20 $10,980
U.S. Subscribers 376,440 $30 $11,280
Canadian Subscribers 38,402 $40 $1,520
Catholic 61,955 $40 $2,440
Pro-Family 321,508 $30 $9,630
Pro-Life 126,312 $40 $5,040


The ad can be submitted as a fully-built html le or a plain-text le. Max size is 1 MB, with a max width of 600 pixels.

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Native Advertising

  • Location
    • US: 58.8%
    • Canada: 7.7%
    • Other: 8.5%
  • Technology
    • Desktop: 40.8%
    • Mobile: 59.2%
  • Native advertising is paid content that resembles a news article. The ad will be placed on the homepage and will be labeled as ‘sponsored.’


Article Only $3,000
Article with headline featured in "Trending" section $3,500
Article and Twitter promotion $3,500
Article and Twitter promotion $5,000

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Email Banner Advertising


  • Top banner: 428x60
  • Editor’s picks: 300x250
  • Bottom banner: 428x60

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Faithful Insight

Faithful Insight is a publication of LifeSiteNews. Dedicated to the service of Christ through Our Lady, this magazine, unlike LifeSiteNews, is specifically intended for Catholics, but like LifeSiteNews, hopes to strengthen faith, life, the natural family, and freedom, by arming readers with truthful news and views and many inspiring stories from a faithfully Catholic perspective.

No matter the topic, Faithful Insight’s in-depth content offers Truth with clarity. With love for the Church, Faithful Insight covers news from around the globe – news of those suffering the weight of persecution for their faith, news of those faithfully proclaiming the Truth with love, features to help strengthen your own spiritual walk, and everything in between.

Faithful Insight is published ten times a year, with special double issues for Summer and Christmas/New Year.

The format for the ads are 4 colour frequency high resolution

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