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Don Cherry laments: It’s ‘open season’ on Christians

The 81-year-old ex-NHL hockey player, coach, and commentator is a devout Anglican.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 4:11 pm EST
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By Lianne Laurence

November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Don Cherry, the flamboyant sports broadcaster known for his bizarre sartorial style, love of roughhouse hockey and blunt putdowns, recently tweeted his disgust at the Seth Rogen movie that opened November 20, which he saw as evidence that “It’s open season on Christianity.”

The 81-year-old ex-NHL hockey player, coach and star of Coaches Corner for over three decades, is a devout Anglican.

According to a 2013 profile in the Anglican Journal, Cherry reveres the language of his church’s original Book of Common Prayer as “almost Shakespearian,” can recite its Confession by heart, and tells people in public life, “Don’t be afraid to say you are Christian. Be proud of it.”

As for Rogen’s “The Night Before,” it is, by all accounts, a modern buddy movie, replete with the non-stop profanity, sex, drugs and alcohol references, ribald scenes and flashes of nudity requisite for that genre.

But what drew Cherry’s ire was, he observed, a darker dimension.

In a tweetalogue deriding the movie, Cherry noted that: “…the actor vomited in the aisle of the church. Great fun.”

“It showed Jesus crucified on the cross with nails driven into his hands and feet, obviously dead. The actor said something like ‘hey who’s the guy hanging there?’ Really clever.”

“You see you must realize that this day and age you can ridicule say anything you want as long as it’s about Christians or Christianity,” tweeted Cherry.

“But woe betide… the person if he makes fun or ridicules any other religion. Editorials to the papers, tv news, radio, the left wingers would be in an… uproar.”

“Grapes,” a.k.a. Cherry, did end on an upbeat note: “Like I said earlier, in this day and age, Christianity is open season but we will survive.”

Cherry is well known for controversial comments, one of the more recent of which occurred in 2013, after a Chicago Blackhawks player apparently made a sexist remark to a woman reporter during a post-game interview in the mens’ locker room. “I don’t believe women should be in the male dressing room,” Cherry said.

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New policy would force Princeton schools not to tell parents if kids identify as ‘transgender’

Public school teachers must call boys 'girls,' if they so identify, it says.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 4:01 pm EST
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Fr. Mark Hodges Fr. Mark Hodges
By Fr. Mark Hodges

PRINCETON, New Jersey, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Princeton public school teachers must call boys "girls," if they so "identify," and may not even tell their parents what sex the child is, or wants to be, if a new proposal is implemented.

The city Board of Education is considering a policy which forces Princeton Public Schools to withhold a student's gender identity to anyone, including parents.

The policy proposal states that a high school, junior high, elementary, or kindergarten student's chosen sex is up to the student, or, up to the parents of young students.  The policy says that schoolteachers, staff, and administrators may not determine a student's gender.

The proposed policy accepts as established fact that a student may choose to "identify" as a man, a woman, or as "gender non-conforming."

Perhaps most significantly, the proposal would force teachers and staff to accept a student's gender confusion, and approvingly use whatever pronoun ("his," "her") the student prefers.  

Penalties are not enumerated, but the policy states that teachers and staff will be held "accountable" for conforming to students’ chosen gender.  Furthermore, the proposal says the district must "investigate" any claim of "discrimination" against anyone over gender identity.

“We are very concerned by this policy, because we see a government organization usurping the authority of parents,” stated Len Deo, President of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, a group that stands for parental rights and family integrity.

Deo told LifeSiteNews, “We are most concerned (that)…if the policy were implemented, it would prevent school staff from revealing a student's gender identity to anyone, including the student's parents.”

“Once again, we see the state attempting to reach into the family, and assert they are better suited to handle these situations than the child’s parents,” Deo concluded.  “That is just wrong.”

Additionally, "students shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity."  The same would apply to locker rooms, which will accommodate both girls and boys-identifying-as-girls in women's showers, and boys with girls-identifying-as-boys in men's showers.

Earlier this year, Princeton University switched campus single-stall bathrooms to "gender-neutral" bathrooms.

The next board meeting will be held next month.

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Judge mandates destruction of divorced couple’s frozen embryos

The ex-husband did not want the ex-wife to use children to get child support payments.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 3:56 pm EST
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By Dustin Siggins

SAN FRANCISCO, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A California woman must adhere to a contract to destroy five frozen embryos because she and her husband divorced.

On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo wrote that while "it is a disturbing consequence of modern biological technology that the fate of nascent human life, which the embryos in this case represent, must be determined in a court by reference to cold legal principles," Mimi Lee cannot break an agreement she made with Stephen Findley to destroy embryos they froze in 2010.

After their 2013 divorce, Lee said she wanted to use the embryos to have children because her age and a bout with cancer made bearing children difficult. However, Findley said he wanted the agreement upheld because he feared that Lee would use children to get child support payments.

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Judge was wrong to ax statutory rape ban over ‘age discrimination’: Ontario’s top court

'It speaks to the madness of today’s judges that they would throw out this protection as a kind of discrimination.'
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 3:36 pm EST
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Steve Weatherbe
By Steve Weatherbe

TORONTO, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A law criminalizing sex with minors has been upheld on appeal by the federal government, but one defender of the traditional family expressed dismay that a lower court judge initially ruled the law unconstitutional.

“The appeal court decision is reasonable in that it protects minors under 16 from sexual exploitation by adults five years or more older,” Gwen Landolt, a lawyer and national vice president of REAL Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews. “But it speaks to the madness of today’s judges that they would throw out this protection as a kind of discrimination.”

The case involved a 15-year-old girl who allegedly pressed a 21-year-old male friend for sex. After a year, he claims, he gave in to her. The resulting pregnancy and abortion let the cat out of the bag and he was charged with violating the Criminal Code Section 150.1, which prohibits anyone having sex with a minor who is five years or more younger, whether or not the minor consented: what used to be called statutory rape.

But in 2011 Judge Lisa Cameron bought the defence’s argument that the law was a form of age discrimination against the accused man, and instead of throwing the book at him, she threw out the law as a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  She found the girl “loving and respectful,” and mature for her age, and therefore did not need the protection the law provided against exploitation by a much older person.

The prosecution appealed and the Superior Court found Cameron had erred and sent it back for her to reconsider. This time she accepted his conviction and gave the man a conditional discharge; this time he appealed.

But this month the Ontario Court of Appeal supported his conviction and found the law itself to be constitutional. It found the age discrimination built into the law was a reasonable protection against exploitation, and therefore defensible under the Charter. The girl, moreover, was living alone, estranged from her only parent and had otherwise demonstrated her lack of maturity and need of protection by her decision to go off birth control and to have an abortion.

“Although the appellant may not have intended to exploit the complainant, she clearly suffered emotional and psychological harm from engaging in a sexual relationship with him,” the court found.

Landolt applauded the appeal court but told LifeSiteNews Cameron’s decision was a good example of the ill effects of “judicial activism.” “Cameron’s ruling was a crazy decision based on the liberal agenda. She can’t say this young girl didn’t really need protection.”

Landolt said the young girls were often pressured into having sex by older men who then pressure the girls to have abortions to cover up their activities. “When you put the law into the hands of judges like this,” she said,  “we all become vulnerable to personal views of people who feel free to indulge their liberal biases and bend the law.”

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BREAKING: Europe’s top human rights court slaps down German ban on pro-life leafletting

The ruling is a 'moral victory' for pro-life activists, says the European Center for Law and Justice.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 1:49 pm EST
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Building of the European Court of Human Rights.
Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne
By Lianne Laurence

STRASBOURG, France, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday that a German regional court violated a pro-life activist’s freedom of expression when it barred him from leafleting in front of an abortion center.

It further ruled the German court’s order that Klaus Gunter Annen not list the names of two abortion doctors on his website likewise violated the 64-year-old pro-life advocate’s right to freedom of expression.

The court’s November 26 decision is “a real moral victory,” says Gregor Puppinck, director of the Strasbourg-based European Center for Law and Justice, which intervened in Annen’s case. “It really upholds the freedom of speech for pro-life activists in Europe.”

Annen, a father of two from Weinam, a mid-sized city in the Rhine-Neckar triangle, has appealed to the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights at least two times before, Puppinck told LifeSiteNews.

“This is the first time he made it,” he said, noting that this time around, Annen had support from the ECLJ and Alliance Defense Fund and the German Pro-life Federation (BVL). “I think he got more support, better arguments and so I think this helped.”

The court also ordered the German government to pay Annen costs of 13,696.87 EUR, or 14,530 USD.

Annen started distributing pamphlets outside a German abortion center ten years ago, ECLJ stated in a press release.

His leaflets contained the names and addresses of the two abortionists at the center, declared they were doing “unlawful abortions,” and stated in smaller print that, “the abortions were allowed by the German legislators and were not subject to criminal liability.”

Annen’s leaflets also stated that, “The murder of human beings in Auschwitz was unlawful, but the morally degraded NS State allowed the murder of innocent people and did not make it subject to criminal liability.” They referred to Annen’s website,, which listed a number of abortionists, including the two at the site he was leafleting.

In 2007, a German regional court barred Annen from pamphleteering in the vicinity of the abortion center, and ordered him to drop the name of the two abortion doctors from his website.

But the European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday that the German courts had "failed to strike a fair balance between [Annen’s] right to freedom of expression and the doctor’s personality rights.”

The Court stated that, “there can be no doubt as to the acute sensitivity of the moral and ethical issues raised by the question of abortion or as to the importance of the public interest at stake.”

That means, stated ECLJ, that “freedom of expression in regard to abortion shall enjoy a full protection.”

ECLJ stated that the court noted Annen’s leaflets “made clear that the abortions performed in the clinic were not subject to criminal liability. Therefore, the statement that ‘unlawful abortions’ were being performed in the clinic was correct from a legal point of view.”

As for the Holocaust reference, the court stated that, “the applicant did not – at least not explicitly – equate abortion with the Holocaust.”  Rather, the reference was “a way of creating awareness of the more general fact that law might diverge from morality.”

The November 26 decision “is a quite good level of protection of freedom of speech for pro-life people,” observed Puppinck.

First, the European Court of Human Rights has permitted leafleting “in the direct proximate vicinity of the clinic, so there is no issue of zoning,” he told LifeSiteNews. “And second, the leaflets were mentioning the names of the doctors, and moreover, were mentioning the issue of the Holocaust, which made them quite strong leaflets.”

“And the court protected that.”

Annen has persevered in his pro-life awareness campaign through the years despite the restraints on his freedom.

“He did continue, and he did adapt,” Puppinck told LifeSiteNews. “He kept his freedom of speech as much as he could, but he continued to be sanctioned by the German authorities, and each time he went to the court of human rights. And this time, he won.”

ECLJ’s statement notes that “any party” has three months to appeal the November 26 decision.

However, as it stands, the European Court of Human Rights’s ruling affects “all the national courts,” noted Puppinck, and these will now “have to protect freedom of speech, recognize the freedom of speech for pro-lifers.”

“In the past, the courts have not always been very supportive of the freedom of speech of pro-life,” he said, so the ruling is “significant.”

As for Annen’s pro-life ministry, Pubbinck added: “He can continue to go and do, and I’m sure that he does, because he always did.”  

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‘Soft racism’: German Bishops’ website attributes African Catholics’ strong faith to simplemindedness

Such 'lazy slander' is utterly unbecoming of a bishops' conference, said one commentator.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 1:03 pm EST
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Pete Baklinski Pete Baklinski Follow Pete
By Pete Baklinski

GERMANY, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) --  The only reason the Catholic Church is growing in Africa is because the people have a “rather low level” of education and accept “simple answers to difficult questions” involving marriage and sexuality, posited an article on the official website of the German Bishops' Conference posted yesterday. The article targeted particularly Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea, the Vatican's prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and ardent defender of Catholic tradition.

First Things blogger Leroy Huizenga, who translated a portion of the article, criticized the article's view as “soft racism.”

In his article, titled “The Romantic, Poor Church,” editor Björn Odendahl writes: 

So also in Africa. Of course the Church is growing there. It grows because the people are socially dependent and often have nothing else but their faith. It grows because the educational situation there is on average at a rather low level and the people accept simple answers to difficult questions (of faith) [sic]. Answers like those that Cardinal Sarah of Guinea provides. And even the growing number of priests is a result not only of missionary power but also a result of the fact that the priesthood is one of the few possibilities for social security on the dark continent.

Huizenga said that such an article has no place on a bishops’ conference website. 

“We all know that the German Bishops' Conference is one of the most progressive in the world. But it nevertheless beggars belief that such a statement would appear on the Conference's official website, with its lazy slander of African Christians and priests as poor and uneducated (Odendahl might as well have added ‘easy to command’) and its gratuitous swipe at Cardinal Sarah,” he wrote. 

“Natürlich progressives could never be guilty of such a sin and crime, but these words sure do suggest soft racism, the racism of elite white Western paternalism,” he added. 

African prelates have gained a solid reputation for being strong defenders of Catholic sexual morality because of their unwavering orthodox input into the recently concluded Synod on the Family in Rome. 

At one point during the Synod, Cardinal Robert Sarah urged Catholic leaders to recognize as the greatest modern enemies of the family what he called the twin “demonic” “apocalyptic beasts” of “the idolatry of Western freedom” and “Islamic fundamentalism.”

STORY: Cardinal Danneels warns African bishops to avoid ‘triumphalism’

“What Nazi-Fascism and Communism were in the 20th century, Western homosexual and abortion ideologies and Islamic fanaticism are today,” he said during his speech at the Synod last month. 

But African prelates’ adherence to orthodoxy has earned them enemies, especially from the camp of Western prelates bent on forming the Catholic Church in their own image and likeness, not according to Scripture, tradition, and the teaching magisterium of the Church. 

During last year’s Synod, German Cardinal Walter Kasper went as far as stating that the voice of African Catholics in the area of Church teaching on homosexuality should simply be dismissed.

African cardinals “should not tell us too much what we have to do,” he said in an October 2014 interview with ZENIT, adding that African countries are "very different, especially about gays.” 

Earlier this month Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, instead of praising Africa for its vibrant and flourishing Catholicism, said that African prelates will one day have to look to Europe to get what he called “useful tips” on how to deal with “secularization” and “individualism.” 

The statement was criticized by one pro-family advocate as “patronizing of the worst kind” in light of the facts that numerous European churches are practically empty, vocations to the priesthood and religious life are stagnant, and the Catholic faith in Europe, especially in Belgium, is overall in decline.

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Law school dismisses threat against pro-life student. Scolds her instead.

Former Miss Ohio USA winner Madison Gesiotto has also been accused of racism.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 11:56 am EST
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Steve Weatherbe
By Steve Weatherbe

COLUMBUS, Ohio, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – An Ohio law school student says she has been threatened by a fellow student for writing a pro-life column, yet when she informed the school, they dismissed her complaint and proceeded to scold her for the article.

Madison Gesiotto, a 23-year-old former beauty queen turned conservative commentator, ran afoul of her law school profs and peers at Ohio State for a Washington Times column in which she called abortion “The Number One Killer of Black Americans.”

When the column triggered a threat from a fellow law student, Gesiotto went to her dean. Instead of getting support from him, she claims, she found herself facing criticism about her article from him and two other administrators from the university’s Moritz School of Law.

For more than an hour, she alleges, the trio picked apart the piece for both its journalistic and legal content. In it she argued that abortion targets Black Americans, a view widely held by social conservatives.

“This is my freedom of speech,” she told the Drudge Report, “but they kept going on and on about how, ‘This is a flawed article, it’s not a good legal piece, it’s not a good journalistic piece, either.’”

“They asked me to explain to them why I would put that [line] in, what that means, and how I should have followed that up by saying other things to support these black women,” she continued.

“I’m a very tough person. I very rarely get upset or sensitive about things,”  Gesiotto added. “But I was crying in that meeting for about 30 minutes, I was so shocked. I’ve never been in a situation with people I respected and looked up to and felt so violated.”

She said the trio questioned the bio the Times ran with her article identifying her as editor of a law school journal, which might, they said, lead readers to think her position was also the university’s.

They also urged that she participate in a “facilitated discussion” with her critics as a way to reduce the threat to her safety.

She later heard back from one of three who said she had talked with the Black Law Students Association and concluded, “I am satisfied from those discussions that there was not an intent to threaten you with physical harm.”

But Gesiotto says she never said the BLSA was behind the threat. In fact the student was white. His comment on her Facebook page was, “The government cannot take action against you for your offensive and racist article. But your colleagues can.”

“What bothered me is that I don’t know who this person is, I don’t know what type of action they were talking about,” said Ms. Gesiotto. “I just wanted the school to make sure it wasn’t anything physically dangerous to me.” As far as she knows, administrators never talked to the student who made the threat.

The BLSA did, however, write a critical, but threat-free, letter to the student newspaper, the Lantern, insisting its members took offence “at the racist undertones of the opinion piece and question its journalistic integrity. By making such sweeping and irresponsible statements regarding Black women’s reproductive health, the opinion piece fails to address a myriad of factors that may influence a Black woman’s decision to exercise her reproductive rights.”

But the Rev. Glenard Childress, a Black pastor whose organization Black Genocide campaigns actively against abortion, told LifeSiteNews, “I applaud the young woman for her courage.The students who attacked her need to get their facts right before pointing fingers. The data is quite clear. Her position is well justified.”

Childress said abortion marketing was aimed at the African American community with “disdain for people of colour and the intent of reducing their numbers. The abortion industry is the most racist institution in America.”

The University of Ohio said privacy laws prevented it from discussing Gesiotto’s case, but insisted it “takes any alleged threat against its students very seriously.  The university and the college of law each have procedures for assessing alleged threats and for responding appropriately.  These procedures are used for each such allegation received.”

Typical of American pro-life organizations, Abort73 runs this on its website: “Whatever the intent of the abortion industry may be, by functional standards, abortion is a racist institution. In the United States, black children are aborted at nearly four times the rate as white children and Hispanic children don't fare much better.”

Gesiotto writes a web column, “Millennial Times,” for the Washington Times and heads Young Concerned Women for America.  Penny Nance, president of the parent organization, Concerned Women for America, condemned U Ohio’s “bullying” of Gesiotto, which she said was “emblematic of the left’s campaign to squelch the First Amendment rights of conservative students on campuses across America.”

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Pro-life victory as Peruvian Congress abandons bill to legalize abortion

The pro-life opposition has been led forcefully by Lima's Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 11:36 am EST
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Peru's Congress Building in Lima kccullenPhoto /
Gualberto Garcia Jones Gualberto Garcia Jones Follow Gualberto
By Gualberto Garcia Jones

LIMA, Peru, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A majority of the Peruvian Congress' Commission on the Constitution decided yesterday to abandon a law that would have legalized abortion in cases of rape.

The Peruvian Constitution provides in article 1 that the state has the obligation to protect every "human person" and article 2 specifically mandates that the conceived child is vested with legal personhood in every respect in which it is necessary for his or her protection.

Cardinal Cipriani: "If you want to continue killing children through the tragedy of abortion, then a great hell awaits you."

The death of the bill, which had the high profile support of the Peruvian first lady, Nadine Heredia, marks a major setback to the pro-abortion tidal wave sweeping through South America.

The key player in the Peruvian resistance to the abortion tidal wave has been Lima's outspoken archbishop, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, who has not been afraid to publicly and personally participate in pro-life events like the March for Life and to condemn abortion forcefully and categorically. With his leadership the pro-life movement in Peru has been able to succeed where other South American nations have not.  In March, LifeSiteNews reported the Peruvian capital hosted its largest ever March for Life with an estimated participation of 500,000 people. 

At the march, Cardinal Cipriani served as the keynote speaker, framing the battle for life as a fight “to defend the lives of the most vulnerable, the unborn, of those who have no voice."  The primate of the Catholic Church in Peru also read a message that Pope Francis sent to the participants, encouraging them to defend the right to life of the unborn because "all life is sacred."

Story: Cardinal rebukes culture of death as Peru considers abortion, homosexual legislation

Just two weeks ago, during the homily for a special Mass at the end of October, which is an entire month dedicated to Our Lord of Miracles and is a special devotion for all Peruvian Catholics, Cardinal Cipriani stated boldly that: "Heaven and hell exists.  We go to heaven because God invites us to join him.  We go to heaven because God blesses us, forgives us and welcomes us, but he also warns us, you are free.  If you want to continue lying, if you want to continue to be a person who harms others, if you want to continue killing children through the tragedy of abortion, then a great hell awaits you."

Peruvian pro-lifers tell LifeSiteNews that the pro-life movement remains vigilant and expects pro-abortion forces to continue their push to legalize abortion no matter the constitutional prohibition and the repeated rejection of the Peruvian Congress to do so.

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Spanish artist steals 242 consecrated hosts, uses them to write ‘pederasty’

After a concerned citizen retrieved some of the hosts, the 'artist' is pressing charges for theft.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 10:32 am EST
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Spanish performance artist steals a host from a Catholic Mass. Abel Azcona / Facebook
Sofia Vazquez-Mellado
By Sofia Vazquez-Mellado

PAMPLONA, Spain, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Spanish performance artist Abel Azcona has stolen 242 Communion hosts from Catholic churches and used them to write the word “pederasty” on the floor as part of his latest show. Azcona has admitted to stealing the hosts while pretending to receive Holy Communion during different masses.

“I attended 242 eucharists (sic), and with the hosts I made the word pederasty,” wrote Azcona on his Twitter account. Pictures of the moments he took the hosts out of his mouth are posted on Azcona’s Facebook profile.

Spanish citizens respond to Azcona's desecration by praying. SOURCE: Abel Azcona / Facebook

During opening night last Friday, a crowd of faithful Catholics entered the building where this piece was being shown and kneeled down to pray the Rosary in front of it. They ended the prayer by chanting “Viva Cristo Rey (Long live Christ King).” Azcona called it a “fantastic performance.”

“If this is not a performance, may God come and see it,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The “art piece” consists of pictures showing the process the artist went through: stealing the hosts during Mass, using them to form a word on the floor and then sitting naked next to them. A cup full of some of the consecrated hosts is also in exhibition.

Azcona desecrates the Eucharist by spelling out the word 'pederasty' with consecrated hosts.

As Azcona’s exhibition is being shown in a government venue,, an online platform for religious freedom in Spain, started a petition addressing Pamplona’s mayor. “You have not been elected by the citizens of Pamplona so that the money of those who put you in charge for a few years may be used to attack their own rights,” it reads.

On November 23, crowds summoned by gathered outside City Council to peacefully protest. In the end, the mayor gave a public speech in which he addressed Azcona and asked him to “reconsider” the inclusion of “some of the contents” in his exhibition as “they have provoked the rejection of part of the population,” and in order to “favor a climate of harmony and not hurt any sensitivities.”

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers also started started an online petition on, asking Pamplona’s City Council to withdraw the “art piece” from the show and charge the artist with “explicit desecration” and an attack on “religious sentiments,” which in Spain carries a penalty of 12 to 18 months in prison.  The petition has reached over 100,000 signatures in less than a week.


Pamplona Archbishop Mons. Francisco Perez has called for reparation Masses throughout his diocese. “It is blasphemous sacrilege,” he said in interview with Alfa y Omega. “He has disdained, devaluated and ridiculed the Eucharist, which is the real presence of Jesus Christ in the sacred host and the most holy thing for a Catholic.”

Azcona mocked the archbishop’s proceedings by writing on Facebook: “We can all rest peacefully now (…), masses in reparation and against my sacrilegious exhibition. Everything is solved. Praise be to God.”

Reports indicate that an unknown citizen has now stolen the consecrated hosts from the show and taken them to a nearby parish. “They have stolen part of an art piece,” Azcona wrote on his Facebook page, “which will be replaced with more consecrated hosts, as only 12 of the 242 stolen where there,” referring to the cup holding the hosts.

According to the daily Diario de Navarra, Azcona is pressing charges for theft.

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Today’s chuckle: Rubio, Fiorina and Carson pardon a Thanksgiving turkey

A little bit of humour now and then is a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 3:03 pm EST
Steve Jalsevac Steve Jalsevac Follow Steve
By Steve Jalsevac

A little bit of humour now and then is a good thing.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers.

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The Pulse

Naomi was so premature doctors said she had no chance. Last week, she went home!

'We got on our knees, and we begged [God],' says Naomi's mom.
Thu Nov 26, 2015 - 1:16 pm EST
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Dave Andrusko
By Dave Andrusko

Dec. 26, 2015 (NRLN) - We carry some very tragic news today. Here’s some of the best kind of news to help balance it out.

When a child is born 15 weeks early; when she weighs less than 13 ounces; when she can fit in the palm of your hand; and when Naomi Joy Bakker’s hands were the size of her dad’s thumbs, it’s easy to understand why some doctors told her parents “ Naomi’s chances of survival without health complications were less than one percent.” Or at all!

But in the less than five months she spent in the Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Naomi has met so many milestones. “Naomi is healthy and ready to graduate from the NICU with few complications,” according to Fox 28 reporter Elizabeth Faugl.

That’s a long way from the moment they learned of Naomi’s situation before she was born. “We got on our knees, and we begged,” Mrs. Bakker told Faugl. “And we said we would take her however he gave it. If she was blind, or whatever, we just wanted our baby.”

On July 1 Joy and Michael Bakker’s little one was born at only 25 weeks gestation. “Her eyes were still sealed and her organs underdeveloped,” Faugl explained. “Doctors across the country said she had no chance, but she’s proven them wrong.”

“She’s one of the littlest babies around. They told us there was no hope for her,” said Angela Bakker. “The first time I held her was so scary. So frightening. She was so tiny.”

But her nurses told Faugl:

her parents always came in to hold her. Even though Naomi was fragile, the skin-to-skin contact was important. And most of all, Naomi always had a feisty spirit.

“Strong, from day one, you could tell she was a fighter and she had it in her,” says Carrie Archie, one of Naomi’s primary nurses.

“We just gave her what she needed, she did all the hard work,” adds Nichol Alvaraez, another one of Naomi’s primary nurses.

It’s made all the difference. Naomi will go home to meet her big brother, who has only been able to Facetime with her. He’s only two-years-old and cannot go to the NICU.

Last Thursday, the “baton” was handed off. Naomi is now home from the Reno, Nevada, hospital.

Here’s what Michael and Angela wrote today:

At the hand off, a local channel did a story on Naomi and the NICU. Something happened we never planned on happened. This little blog to update friends and family went a little extra crazy and more people are following Naomi’s story. To all you who have just started on this journey with us, we have this to say – Thanks for all the encouraging posts and messages. It’s hard to find the time to respond to each and every one – but we have read them. This journey is a work in progress and we never know from one day to the next where it will lead. We hope you find encouragement through this story as we update family and friends on what is going on – with a moment of reflection here and there.

Enjoy the ride. I hope it’s not nearly as “dramatic” as the first leg.

Michael & Angela

You can share the Bakkers’ story on Facebook all the way back to July.

Reprinted with permission from National Right to Life News

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